There Are Leggings For Dogs Now And We're Screaming

Image via Walkee Paws

There are leggings for dogs and we may never stop laughing

Remember a few years ago, when people started wearing leggings as pants — just a few people at first, and then more and more and more? And you were like, Not me! I will never cross the leggings-as-pants line! And now, such a small amount of time later, you’re reading this while wearing leggings, and you wear leggings every day, and have a closet filled with leggings and the closest thing you own to jeans are jeggings.

Well, now there are leggings for dogs. And you might think it’s silly, but who knows what the future holds? Maybe in a few years, putting your dog’s leggings on will just be another normal part of your day, along with brushing your teeth and putting on your own leggings.

Here’s what you need to know: these canine stretchy pants are called Walkee Paws, and they’re leggings for dogs — but they go beyond being fashionable. They cover their paws and are waterproof, protecting your dog from the elements and protecting your house from the elements your dog drags in.

Here’a video so that you can start accepting dog leggings into your worldview. (Warning: there’s a dog legging jingle that might get stuck in your head.)

As you can see, the leggings are reportedly easier to get on and off than booties, and the four tops of the leggings tubes tie together and attach to the dog’s collar. The leggings are waterproof and washable, ideal for putting on your pet before walks in adverse weather conditions, like rain, snow, ice, and mud.

They come in three different sizes (which will fit most breeds of dog), range in price from $19.99 to $29.99, and come in four different colors and patterns. Are you ready for some pictures? We thought so.

Here’s the classic houndstooth (see what they did there?), for your sophisticated pupper.

Walkee Paws

We honestly cannot handle ourselves right now because the paw end looks like little doggie tap shoes. Dying.

Image via Walkee Paws

And, if your dog is less sophisticated, or if you want to embarrass her, there are these whimsical polka dots.

Walkee Paws

And here’s a solid cocoa, for when your dog just wants to take a quick yoga class and then get a mocha and read a novel afterward.

Walkee Paws

Finally, for the rural chic crowd, or for bird dogs, they’ve got fun camo Walkee Paws.

Walkee Paws

We know you probably have a few questions. We have, well, some answers. They come in If you want to know if your dog will poop or pee on the leggings, the website says that their toilet habits won’t be affected by the leggings. Even if they do get dirty, they’re machine washable (though you have to hang them to dry). Yes, the website says, your dog might need a little while to get use to these things, and honestly, so do we.