Lester Holt Plays 'Sexy' Bass On Kelly Clarkson Show & We Love Him For It

by Erica Gerald Mason
The Kelly Clarkson Show/Youtube and NBC

“The NBC Nightly News anchor told Clarkson, I’m not nervous doing the news but right now, I am terrified”

Your parents can be surprising, yo. They can be closer to your kiddo than you are, sometimes. Or they can be infuriating in their refusal to realize it’s no longer the 1950s.

In the case of grandfather Lester Holt, it’s picking up a bass and jamming on a national talk show.

The bespectacled newsman showed off his skills Tuesday on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” by playing with the show’s band as they closed the segment and faded out to commercial break.

As he grabbed the instrument, Lester confessed that he was panicked. “I’m not nervous doing the news,” he said to Clarkson. “But right now, I am terrified.”

Clarkson appreciated Holt’s skills. “Lester Holt jamming with my band, y’all!” she said as the show returned from commercial break. “Looking all sexy on that bass, what!”

This isn’t the first time Holt showed off his musical ability. Holt is the bass player for a band called Lester Holt and the Rough Cuts – prior to the pandemic, the group played a few gigs around New York City.

“After a long day’s work, a late-night rehearsal with the coolest co-workers and bandmates ever. @lesterholtandtheroughcuts #5NewSongsBySunday #RockingOut”

Holt also played for Clarkson last May.

“Lester, at some point in life when we can be within six feet of each other, we gotta do something together,” Clarkson exclaimed. “I love it… Few people know this but actually — they always think it’s the drummer — but it’s actually the bass and the drums that really hold down the rhythm of a set.

The anchor, whose grandchildren call him ‘Granddude’, explained to Clarkson in his most recent interview why he chose the moniker.

“She said, ‘Well, what do you guys want to be called?’ And I said, ‘I think I want to be ‘Granddude’ because ‘grand,’ it bows to the fact that I’m older. But ‘dude’ says, ‘I still got a little bit. I still got a little,’ you know?

Holt shared an adorable video of his grandson recognizing him on the news program. “When a so so day becomes the best day ever. My 21 mo old grandson spotting me on TV tonight and finally able to clearly say “Grandude”

In another post, the doting grandfather posted about family time. “Any weekend with the grandsons is a great weekend! #babysitting #familytime”

One fan took to Twitter to praise Holt’s relatability. “Lester Holt’s grandson calls him ‘Granddude,’ and the reason is so relatable,” the post reads.

“Even in times of great stress & uncertainty I watch Lester Holt Nightly News. Mr. Holt is an Excellent Broadcaster & a Warm & ❤ Man who makes you feel better even when the Earth is going crazy. Thank you!”

Dude. Same.