Let’s End The Party Favor Tradition


Enough with stale Tootsie Rolls and broken bird whistles.

Enough with half-opened Hershey’s Kisses and misshapen Slinkys.

Enough with erasers that crumble and rubber ducks that emit fumes.

Enough with the plastic.

Enough with the small.

Enough with the cheap.

Enough with the crap.

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Sometimes nothing is better than something.

So goodbye, party favors. I’m over you.

And I want to know: who’s with me?

I know my friend, writer Nina Badzin, is with me. Or I’m with her. She wrote about favors last year in Brain, Child Magazine: “Why in the name of all that’s sensible are we parents perpetuating this worthless tradition of handing out junk at the end of a party?”

Why indeed?

We no longer smoke on airplanes or perm our hair or let people drive with open Budweisers. So why in the world are we still giving out bags filled with shit to thank kids for coming to our children’s birthday parties?

Thank them for coming? Because why?

Because decades ago some overachiever decided that throwing a party, serving cake, and entertaining a horde of loud, sticky children wasn’t enough?

No! The party is more than enough! I’m putting my foot down. (And then I’m picking my foot back up. And then I’m putting it back down again. I’m actually stomping my foot because I feel really strongly about this.)

Unless there’s a need to rid the world of all its old Jolly Ranchers, there is no possible explanation for why we’re still giving out goodie bags.

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Enough with the stuff.

Let’s cut the crap.

So goodbye goodie bags. Goodbye, party favors. Goodbye, crap.

I don’t want to get them.

And I don’t want to give them.

A few years ago, at the end of a birthday party that I had thrown for my son, a little boy came to find me. His mom watched.

I thought he was going to thank me.

Silly me.

He wasn’t.

He was asking for his party favor.

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He was demanding it, actually.

He held out his hand.

Part of me wanted to reprimand him. Part of me wanted to high-five his outstretched hand. I did neither.

But looking back on it, since I hate party favors so incredibly much, I know exactly what I should have done.

I should have given him two.

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Erin 1 week ago

Jessica, it’s totally about showing off, or you wouldn’t have felt the need to go on and on about it. Oh, and your backhanded slight at the “underprivileged” girls, or however you TRIED to spell it, yeah, I’m sure they loved being treated like shit.

B 1 week ago

Bunches of helium balloons on the tables, kids get to take a balloon home. No broken junk, no food that some kids might be allergic to, and it deflates and is thrown away after a few days. Done.

Jessicaemang@gmail.com 1 week ago

You OBVIOUSLY are a slacker! And I have attended parties like yours. Snoozefest alert! I bent over backwards to give an exciting, amazing fun party every year not just for my only child but for all of her wonderful yet underpriveledged friends. Her parties were so popular with the kids that when she was 17 we had a girls only Pirate Party complete with a scavenger treasure hunt, and swag bags, and EVERY teenage girl invited also attended and sent a thank you. It was a kickass night for underage kids that didnt involve drugs or alcohol and they all had a fun. In fact they wrote her parties up in the yearbook. Yes. They were that good. Goodie bag Schmoodie bag!! I gave out SWAG BAGS! Nail polish, cute emery boards, mini acetone, nail decals with a pirate theme, and a pedicure kit. I do even more for my houseguests, because its not about showing off, its about hospitality.

Amanda 1 week ago

I hate getting them as much as i hate giving them, because i know others feel the same. Alot of what we get are to small or too messy for my kids to have free rage over. So i have to confiscate it to play with supervised and then everyone forgets about it. We dont ask for gifts at parties because we want kids to come and have fun, not force the parents to buy our kid something. The kids do really like the junk they get, so be it.

Sarah 1 week ago

You sound pretentious and I wouldn’t invite you and your child to my party anyways. I will give out “Crap” party favors if I want to. The kids love them and I don’t have to spend $500 at Party City either. Your article is terribly written by the way.

Miriam 10 months ago

I don’t even have birthday parties! My sons know that we have a family celebration with cake and a nice dinner and instead of wasting the money on a party they can get a nice gift (or some gifts). Because i don’t like the idea of my sons wanting a party only because they expect to get a lot of gifts from their friends. Maybe i’m a bad mom but i really think that a big birthday party is more about a parent desire to show how splendid and amazing they can be and for the kid is more about how many gifts they can get… both are a bad thing for me. My opinion.

Wendy 10 months ago

Soooo tired of the party favours as well. I had a child once say to me after receiving their party favour… That’s it! I couldn’t believe it. I said, yes it is. It’s about the birthday child and not about you. It’s NOT your birthday today. You are a guest. I have no interest in catering to other children who are spoiled and so those children are never invited again. As for thank you cards, I think it’s your choice whether to send them or not.

Beth 1 year ago

People say that kids are ungrateful and entitled these days. It’s because they aren’t being taught gratitude at home. Thanking people for coming to your party and for taking the time to purchase and wrap your gift is just one small way to teach gratitude. Thank you notes are essential.

andy 1 year ago

To add for our last birthday party I toil pictured of the kids with their friends ice skating and having a good time. I gave each kid a bag filled with funny large glasses and other cute things to make the pics fun. I sent the pics home as favors with the silly props and attached a thank you card to the bag for when the kids went home that basically said you made the party fun thank you so much for coming.

andy 1 year ago

Thank you cards are only proper. The parents took time out to bring their kids to celebrate with your child. They bought your child a gift and made the day what it was. Our friends spend sometimes over $30 on a gift and deserve a sign of appreciation. I see why kids feel so entitled now when parents think a $.50 card is to much to ask. As for favors we do a fun craft and the kids take that as home a favor.

K’s mom 1 year ago

ok first I agree that I hate the junky dollar store stuff in gift bags, but I am still doing it because my mother told me the reason she gave out gift bags was so the kids knew when the party was over and it was time to go home. It bridges the transition from fun party to home time and makes good byes less tramatic. One of my kids is special needs, so only has one friend and no ability to accept gifts gracefully. We have worked on this, but she has so many allergies that most gifts have to be given away or trashed and she cannot process the disappointment. So we have a big party with both kids friends, games and cake, tell people no gifts, then give the gift bag as a thank you for coming and to ease the transition and it works for our family.

Kylie 1 year ago

Party favours are a nice way to say thank you for coming to my party and thank you for the gift. Party favours do not have to be filled with plastic, crappy toys that break as soon as you get them home. For my daughter’s recent party we filled a bag with a snack size popcorn, a snack size packet of rice cakes, a packet of sultanas, a small packet of smarties, a super ball, a proper whistle and a book of stickers. One party my daughter attended recently gave a small canvas with little paint pots. We had a great time at home painting the picture and it’s now hung in her room.

Tara McGovern Medhurst 1 year ago

When they were little I gave books with maybe a small candy as a favor. As they growing it’s a child’s movie pass or book store gift card. Hate the junk that ends up in the landfill.

JK 1 year ago

Ok, I was not a mom who threw big birthday parties. My son was in kindergarten when we threw the first big one. All his classmates were invited. The Thank-you cards were almost as fun as the party! Helping him write them with all the misspelled words! These are memories that will remain with me forever, and it taught him that a special thank-you makes people happy! ( and the Scooby Doo thank-you cards were cute!)

Eric 1 year ago

I agree they’re a pain, but also that’s not about that. I LOVED getting them when I was a kid, and my kids LOVE getting them now. When I was little they were stuffed with candy. Now it’s usually only a little candy and mostly cheep crap from China. My wife made bags with some really nice plantable seed kits (which she got at a library sale), coloring books, and rainbow pencils and the kids seemed to love them. So maybe we need not eliminate then, just improve the quality of the contents…?

Alison 1 year ago

My 5 year old loves receiving them. It’s usually complete crap, but when you have 10-15 kids you do treat bags for (and you have to invite the whole class to be fair) it would cost too much other wise. My son does not expect them, but says ” wow that’s a nice treat mom”. Children new to learn it’s ok to share the spotlight. It’s fun to help celebrate your friends birthday as they will with you. Am thank you cards? I wasn’t aware people still did that. That’s great, for those who have the time. I think a ” thank you for coming to my party” will survice. It’s getting harder as parents are not allowing “junk food” like they use too. I limit what my kid gets, so when we do treat bags we try and do somthing they can play with. Like a previous poster said, go to the dollar store and get a kite. What kid wouldn’t want a kite?

Elliott 1 year ago

So just because some woman hates something, we should stop it? Give be a break. The fact that you don’t like it, doesn’t make it any less fun for the kids… Which is the whole point of a birthday party. For the kid(s). Not the adults. This is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

Raquel Sonnier 1 year ago

I agree.

Iuliana@hip2thrift 1 year ago

I usually have some cute bags that people can put leftover dessert in and take home. I’ll put a cupcake in a plastic cup and other stuff in cellophane bags stapled with a small thank you note. This way my family menu for the next few days after the party will not consist of cake. I know parents like to bring some dessert home for other siblings or husbands. Win win!

Allie Braddy 1 year ago

I really like favors. Kids love them. But I hate junk also. I always fill the goody bags with things I would like my girls to receive.

connie 1 year ago

Ladies, ladies. It’s a birthday party for you and you know it. So you should give the favors that will most impress the other sanctimommies. Ya know…a bottle of OPI, some Skinnygirl Water Enhancer, maybe a Adderall or two.

ganzalo 1 year ago

We always give out those little airplane size bottles of booze. Parents thank us every year and tell us their children nap like it’s their job after the big party. We always let our little Bella choose the beverage. She went with Absolut Citron this year. The kids without sensory sensitivities or gluten intolerance loved it. Big hit! We’re did get some complaints from the Paleo crowd. Hey, you can’t please everyone.

mavis 1 year ago

A friend posted this on FB and I was curious about it since I’m baffled by what children’s birthday parties have morphed into over the years. I can’t imagine being caught up in a world where people put so much energy into an event that most children won’t even remember. The fact that there is so much judgement about whether or not you gave out some crap from Oriental Trading is mindblowing to me. There are children being abused, neglected and sold into various trades all over the world everyday, including in the U.S., yet we’re worried about a child being denied a plastic kazoo and some Laughy Taffy. Instead of giving favors, maybe do someone a favor. Donate to a children’s cause in your guests’ names. The kids and some of their parents will hate you, but someone else who doesn’t even know what a birthday is, let alone a party, will benefit. People do this in lieu of wedding favors all the time. It just seems like such a waste considering all of the comments about people throwing the favors away when they get home. We don’t need to be thanked for attending a party. We need to be greatful for being invited.

Nicole Camp 1 year ago

I get all the kids together for a group picture and while the party is going on, I print out the pics and put them in a frame to give to each child as their favor/thank u gift. The kids and the parents love it.

Kim McConnell Newton 1 year ago

i think it is an easy and small gesture to say thanks for coming and especially thanks for the gift.

Sogo Creation 1 year ago

No joke!! Let this be the wave of the future-say bye bye to silly goody bags!!

Emma Eaton 1 year ago

My son is an early summer birthday. Typically we give a small sand bucket as the favor’s vessel and put in bubbles, a snack, and sidewalk chalk or something like that. Things that people buy every year for their small children anyway and that are not annoying or destined for a trash can.

Kelly Warden- Flynn 1 year ago

Party pooper?

Abigail’s Mommy 1 year ago

Kites or coloring books and crayons are always good choices.

Shannon 1 year ago

Completely agree!

Elizabeth Farley Jenkins 1 year ago

I like giving out something decent. Last bday my daughter had we had a spa party sleep over. They each went home with a spa robe, the lip gloss and soap they made. It wasn’t junk and it was useful. I don’t buy junk anymore.

Pearl Prince 1 year ago

I usually agree, but my son and I had a blast putting his goody bags together. His theme was Minions. We found a minion paper craft that I could print out along with a bunch of free minion coloring sheets. We made minion cookies. We added Minion stickers and a few minion pins. It didn’t cost a lot and the kids really enjoyed the crafts.

Tresa Bolin 1 year ago

For your info I have thin bodiless hair so I still get perms!!! On the favor subject when I was a kid all you got for attending was cake & ice cream so I always thought it was a southern thing since I was raised in the north!

Shannon 1 year ago

I find this article ridiculous. Once again a holier than thou mommy preaching to the masses on the correct way to parent. Please, goodie bags are for the kids not the parents, let them live a little.

lee 1 year ago

I did water bottles one year. Handed them out at the beginning of the party wrote names on them and that was theirs during the party and to keep. Failed a bit this year, we did a scavenger hunt and the kids were “awarded” at each stop, tried to keep it reasonable though, fruit leather and granola bars, very limited junk.

Sara Ervin 1 year ago

I hate party favors!!! Just encouraging sweatshops to make more cheap crap! Seriously though, those toys are like cat toys or dog’s chew toys… you will continue to find them all over your house for decades after the children have left…

Amy Taylor 1 year ago

Haha, YESSS!!!

Melissa Aylward 1 year ago

Yeah! I didn’t give out party favors for my son’s birthday party last year for the same reason. When my son goes go home from a birthday with the junk stuff, first thing I do is to throw it out in the recycle bin bc he has enough junk in his toy bin as it is! Plus, he forgets about it as soon as he leaves the party anyway.

ducks 1 year ago

er hang on it’s about the kids not the moaning mothers , forget the me ,me ,me of the grown ups, half the time they only have the parties to either compete or show off or turn it into an adult thing .

Anna 1 year ago

Or switch it up I know allot of moms around here have been giving out theme related reusable cups. The kids then go home and love using the cup at home that’s theirs. And it can be filled with some snacks to eat at the party.

Jennifer Silva-Sadder 1 year ago

How could you not like a party favor?! boooo!

Holly 1 year ago

Agreed!! Don’t like cheap stuff? Then put good stuff in them!! Can’t afford that? Well don’t throw your kid a huge, expensive party every year! I got parties on big Birthdays, 1, 5, 10, 13, 16 and I was only allowed to invite a certain number of kids – I turned out just fine! Don’t invite the entire neighbourhood! Parents are going way overboard with all these Pinterest idea parties lately! Goody bags are a way to say Thank You for coming. Fill them with things you would like YOUR kid to receive in a goody bag!

Megan 1 year ago

I’m all about the Thank You cards! It’s always nice to send a quick note to let the person know you appreciate that they took the time to buy your child something.

Megan 1 year ago

How about sending the kiddies home with a cupcake? The craft stores now carry little cupcake boxes. Or maybe send the cake home with the children? That way you don’t have a house full of ankle-biters hyped up on the sugar from the cake!!

Michelle Frittitta Adams 1 year ago

We give nice prizes. Stop the cheap crap! You know the stuff I mean. The stuff that doesn’t even bother to stamp “Made in China” on it.

vic 1 year ago

I totally agree with you Michelle! It is proper etiquette. If your child is too young to understand or write one, then it is Parents duty to do so..um, I am Catholic and go to Mass.. There actually are still some people that wear gloves and hats.

Eleni Kacoyianni-Pletcher 1 year ago

the kids love them for two seconds and then they forget about that junk in a plastic (yeah for the environment!) bag! Just one more form of instant gratification, awarding kids for just showing up, oh and frustrating the heck out of parents trying very hard to keep their 1st world kids from becoming all consuming capitalistic mongrels! Take that money you waste on favors and do something that makes a difference in your community!!

Phyllis 1 year ago

Favors are a wonderful way to show gratitude for coming to a party ! It’s all about using the moment as a teachable one. Yes it’s gotten out of hand. And the motivation has changed. But it does not mean stop an opportunity to show someone that you have gratitude and appreciation.

Tersia Bothma Gouws 1 year ago

And it can be done whilst being environmentally friendly…

Tersia Bothma Gouws 1 year ago

This crap was posted on Huffington earlier this week. Seriously? Why did you have children if you want to take all the fun of childhood from them? Why not just adopt an adult?

Theresa Lemky-Ward 1 year ago

For my dds goodie bags we use reusable cups with a pencil stickers note pad bouncy ball and straw. It was great

kelly 1 year ago

“But looking back on it, since I hate party favors so incredibly much, I know exactly what I should have done. I should have given him two.”

WHY? Two favors? I don’t get it. Can someone explain?

Sammy 1 year ago

I don’t mind giving party favors, at my daughters last birthday I gave the kids little pots and had dirt and seeds to plant their own flowers, the kids had fun with it and it wasn’t a bunch of useless toys.
Also, I’ve never received a thank you card from any birthday party I’ve went to, it’s never bothered me as the child has always told me thank you at the party.

Kim Weston Schenkelberg 1 year ago


Shannon 1 year ago

I would suggest you put that on the invitation rather than expecting everybody else to stop buying birthday gifts all together. A nice idea is bringing a can of food for the food bank or a small donation for an animal shelter. But my child still enjoys and plays with toys so I am ok with birthday gifts.

Shannon 1 year ago

Well said and I second all of it! And I have no plans to quit making favor bags. I enjoy it and the kids are always excited to get them.

Lame Idea 1 year ago

Let’s get rid of Christmas, too. What the heck, does the author remembering BEING a child–I loved favor bags and I will ALWAYS hand them out at my parties. ALWAYS! And guess what, the kids love them. I guess some people would just prefer to suck any and all fun out of life even if it costs 2 bucks.

Eve Martin 1 year ago

I put so much thought into my thank you gifts at parties. I often make things or give something useful like a new colouring book or nice hair clips. Last party I made everyone a snow globe

Cindy Monaco 1 year ago


Mandy Paal Rucker 1 year ago

I ended it last year or two. All party favors my children receive end up on floor of my car and would be left there if I allowed it!

Suzanne Rimmer 1 year ago


Erin Kathleen Alice 1 year ago

Yes. Yes, we can agree to this. Absolutely. Thank-you.

Jocelyne Miller 1 year ago

Nope. I disagree and think it much be nice to have a life where this issue is worth an article.

Jen West 1 year ago

I agree that party favors generally suck! I’ve done them and not done them. My friend sells Papparrazzi jewelry, so one year I had her set up a display and each child got to pick one thing, which I paid for. Costed as much as buying a bunch of that junk! (It also gave her an opportunity to introduce her products to some potential customers.)

I had my kids write thank you notes up until last year. They were the only kids who wrote them and gave them out at school and they felt like such dorks doing it. Since no one else seemed to be doing it, I gave up! I hope the lesson of writing them sunk in at least.

Lisa Painter Starkey 1 year ago

Yes PLEASE!!! And stop the birthday presents. My sons need NOTHING. The gesture is sweet but they usually get gifts that are just silly toys that don’t get played with.

Shanda Estrada 1 year ago

I always write thank you cards! When my daughter is old enough she will help do so but for now she ” sees” what I am doing as helps to pass them out.. Teaching graciousness is never a bad thing..

Shanda Estrada 1 year ago

Honestly, I do not see the need for anyone to take a stand for or against this… Who cares? If you do not want to do favor bags, don’t!!!! However, some moms truly enjoy doing all the little ” extras” in which case, get over it and accept the fact that ” junk” is on it’s way to your home! I think nowadays people get worked up over nothing.. The fact is that you will ALWAYS encounter people that are lacking in manners that truthfully has nothing to do with the ” tradition” of handing out favor bags, so “nixing” this tradition will NOT make this go away..

Maxine Quinnell 1 year ago

I can’t stand them, usually full of sweets that get lost under the couch and bubbles that get poured on the floor and whistles you want o accidentally on purpose step on. The last two parties i have thrown for my daughter the party favour’s was personalized bracelets and the other was a reading book, i bought a huge box, so each child chose their own book and got their cake in a cellophane bag! This was 6 months ago, and mothers still tell me how much their child love their book! Best favour EVER!

Tina Hernandez 1 year ago

I save my party favor crap bags from other parties, toss them in a box, and use them as “prizes” for games i have for my kids parties. Haha. If they love them so much, they can win them back! :)

Candace Chang Fong 1 year ago


Lacey Cox 1 year ago

I literally just made party favor bags filled with cheap little trinkets. And you know what the kids will love them, and that’s what it’s about. The kids, not the parents.

Krys 1 year ago

Yes! We take family trips ( zoo, resteraunt they chose, etc) and/or have cake and ice cream with close family instead. :) family bonding presents and cake = perfect fun and easy!

Caroline McCrea 1 year ago

I could not agree more! It is also very unsustainable. It is just a bunch crap that no one needs.

Michelle Webber Peterson 1 year ago

For our boys last birthday party we had a piñata filled with crayons markers etc and gave out colouring books as the party favour. Kids LOVED it. Fun for them and not a bunch of tiny things. Parents were happy too. Most kids love to colour.

Tia Taylor 1 year ago

My Daughter is approaching her 16th Birthday, so “goody bags”, or party favors, are now a thing of the distant past. But, I was all for them! I never gave old, stale, pinata filler candy…I never gave small toys that her Friends younger siblings could choke on…I never gave just random stuff. Every party had a theme, as did the favors. I tried to give things the girls could use for a while…whether it be a reusable cup, chalk, coloring books/crayons…etc. The only thing I didn’t like about giving out favors was the fact that there was ALWAYS going to be that ONE KID that would damn near DEMAND one. One year, I caught “this kid” going through ALL of them…building the one that SHE wanted. That was beyond irritating.

Christy Standfield 1 year ago

Wow! let’s put all our kids in a bubble. My kids have allergies, and I do throw away all the junk toys as they brake, But when your children are little they don’t fully understand why only one child gets all the gifts. So the goody bags are a way to make to make the children feel apart of the party. Also the parents feel good to give a gift the friends ( like a charity) it make the parents feel good to see a smile on the children’s face when they get a goody bag. When my children are allergic to something I taught them at a young age what would make them sick and the would politely take the bag and to be grateful for the thought of the gift then I would make or get them a special treat for them at home. What happened to letting your children be children.

Heidi Elstub 1 year ago

Party favours can be fine, a nice little thank you for coming. IF they are thoughtful and small. I believe that to do my job as a parent effectively my children DO NOT need to be happy all the time. They DO NOT need constant rewarding and cheering and presents. They need to deal with disappointment, unfairness and unhappiness. They also do not need juvenile diabetes or chemical and lead poisoning from crap shipped from China. So, I appreciate that some parents believe they need to make my children smile and that this is “all for the kids” but my children are happy to spend time with friends and have some fun so… save your money.

Christina Azzinaro-Rapolas 1 year ago

Why do you need to give a gift to people for coming to a party?

LuAnn 1 year ago

I would also love to give up favors, thankfulky I only have one child so it isn’t that big of a deal and i do try to give something that might be worn,played with or eaten. One MAJOR peeve I have are the parties where the gifts are not opened. Those poor kids are not be taught to be gracious, what to say if they get something they already have, dont like, etc. People take time to shop and wrap a gift, if you arent going to open it in front of the person then a thank you should be sent and it should reference what was given. My daughter is at the age where she wants the GOH to open her gift. She also enjoys getting mail and receiving a thank you brings the whole gift giving process full circle.

Tonya Kyarnbug Berry 1 year ago

PS this author is a bitch.

Melanie Chenier 1 year ago

Kids enjoy party bags but as a mom with a type one diabetic / celiac child I don’t like party bags .m my child can only eat gluten free and everything she puts in her mouth I have to count the carbs and punch it in to her insulin pump ..
If the candies have gluten she can’t have it and if it doesn’t say the carb factors she can’t have it either . How do u tell a child she can’t have a party bag when all the others are getting one ??

Tonya Kyarnbug Berry 1 year ago

If I were a kid and I got something useful for a party favor, I’d be pissed. Bring on the crap and the sugar. It’s a freakin’ party, after all.

Kayla Muncie Luckie 1 year ago

The kids love it. I wait until they get bored with it and throw it away. Our whole family has had SO much fun playing with party poppers or the things you blow in and make a loud noise as they roll out. Or the stupid little frogs that have the tab to make them jump. Cheap junk is fun :)

Katherine Levin 1 year ago

Bah humbug. Sometimes I find the perfect favor that ties into the party, sometimes I don’t – then we do a craft and take. Sometimes we get the perfect favor. Sometimes we get a bag of crap that the kids LOVE digging through for treasure on the way home. Sometimes, a mother chooses to save the planet and the sanity of her fellow mothers. It’s all from love. All good.

Samantha Marie Blake 1 year ago

Can we let children be children??? Why do we need to take away their hour o fun because its “annoying”?

genie 1 year ago

I do give out party favors – however I have been trying more and more to make them mean something, during the party decorate: a magnet, a light switch cover, a pic frame…..
I love doing this because it is something to keep the kids busy yet its a party favor – with a use. What I hate are things the kids get as just an activity to keep busy and then it means nothing – and so while your saying how great it is, your thinking “now how long do I have to keep this before I can get rid of it”.
Also I am with others that a kid doesnt need a party every year. We do ages – 1, 5, (7 a surprise party), 10, 15, 16, 18, 21 (our kids are less than 10 so some of the older party ages might be changed).

Samantha Riley 1 year ago

I vote for the demise of all the dogooders.

Alicia 1 year ago

No keep them coming. It’s what I put in my daughters birthday piñata that your child then takes back home as their favor. seriously,

Andrea 1 year ago

I hate party favors for sure-for my sons birthday I have out bubbles, play dough, candy, stamps and bouncy balls. I have some bad karma coming to me from whoever probably went home and at some point in the next week tripped over a bouncy ball just to stumble into a wad of play do causing it to smush into the carpet. But for the child who asked for the party favor, just benefit of the doubt here-maybe the kid said to his mom (parent, maybe it was the dad) “I want my party favor!” And in a moment of weak exhaustion said “well then go and ask for it!” Maybe…

Katie 1 year ago

We do thank you cards (usually has a recent cute picture & a message about helping to celebrate his birthday) as favors, after presents are done my son gives one to each guest with a hug/high five kill two birds with one stone.

Julia Daria 1 year ago

Donate the money instead to some hungry kids! There are plenty of them in the world.

Mary 1 year ago

I think the easiest party favor I ever gave was when my youngest had a pool party at a local hotel ($5 per kid!) and they each received their own pool noodle. $2 apiece and can be used many times.

Heidi Elstub 1 year ago

Party favours can be fine, a nice little thank you for coming. Do me a favour tho keep your cheap shit from China and crappy junk food. I throw that stuff out in front of my kids telling them that this garbage is either bad for them or the environment.

Julia Daria 1 year ago

I just had an idea to donate to a children’s charity on the guests’ behalf, and give thank you notes instead with the donation details. I’m doing it!

Wendy Pomales 1 year ago

Jesus take the wheel… Can some of y’all chill and change to decaf?!? Have favors don’t have favors who cares it’s not keeping one another from living. People can so petty.

Tammy Rae 1 year ago

When did this start?

eli 1 year ago

and he can understand a party ? please. the party’s for you, and the thank-you notes are for your friends, who gave up an afternoon to hang out with a bunch of strung-out-on-sugar toddlers. and they brought a gift! so, yeah, a thank-you note is in order.

April Dawn Watt 1 year ago

I think trying to make the party gift be part of the fun and then take home I’d great.. Like pool noodles… Beach balls for pool parties.. Or tiaras and wands for the princess parties… Etc.

Marybdephilly 1 year ago

Here’s my thing about favors. My oldest has a hard time understanding things sometimes, one of them is why he doesn’t get to play with the presents at bday parties. He’s been known to throw a fit a time or two when I tell him it’s time to go after opening the presents. The favors always calm him. They are ridiculous no doubt. I throw that crap out usually the next day but for social sanity, they save me every time.

Karen Mayer 1 year ago

I’ve done both in the past. In my experience, the kids all had a great time whether I gave out goodie bags or not. Maybe I’ll do them this year, maybe I won’t. It’ll depend on my mood and budget. Reading all the comments, I’m realizing this is more of an issue with parents than it is with the kids. I’ve never judged another mom for not giving out goodie bags or for giving them out but it’s not handmade or better than dollar store stuff. Some people expect too much and it’s sad.

Pamela Beatty Forbes 1 year ago

It usually ends up in the landfill & that’s not ok with me…

Pamela Beatty Forbes 1 year ago


Megan Minges Hoock 1 year ago

It sounds like many of the reasons NOT to are for the mothers’ sake…the hostess and the guests. That is strange to me. Isn’t it all about the kids? I wouldn’t expect them from someone else’s party but they will always be a part of ours! Come on moms, is it really that hard to get rid of the annoying knick knacky favors you don’t want your kid to have?

Jennifer 1 year ago

To each their own. I absolutely love making party favors for my kids’ parties. We usually make homemade goodie bags and have so much fun doing it. My kids get so excited about being able to give their friends a small gift…what is wrong with that? For an angry bird party we have out slingshots and homemade bird beanbags for the slingshot. For a firehouse party we made firetruck crayons. For my family, it is one of our favor parts about party planning because my boys get to give to our friends instead of just getting and are able to be creative! I don’t think you should bash parents who want and have fun doing it.

Niki Jones Smith 1 year ago

Never have done it and never will. This is just another example of how we teach our kids to expect something for nothing. I’m just happy that my daughters birthday falls in the summer so I don’t have to invite the entire class, invites are not allowed unless everybody gets one and I’m sorry but I think that’s rude, my child doesn’t like ALL her classmates and I’m sure there’s some that don’t like her!

Shelby Parker 1 year ago

Nope not going to happen…we will always give out little gifts for the friends that come!! Not to mention it helps kids be OK with leaving the party so less goodbye tears!

Bobbi Rasmussen 1 year ago

I’m sure there’s other moms like me that don’t like that junk all over the house after the kids have been to someone else’s party……I don’t give them out either.

sarcastaspen 1 year ago

1000x yes. And please, the homemade, while nicer- please just stop. We don’t need any of it. It is a lovely gesture but it is all just stuff- or more candy- or cookies- the party was fab. Thank you much!
And for the record, especially with children, a verbal thank you is perfectly appropriate. Miss Manners says so. Look it up. When the gift is received in person- no note is required. Bless you Miss Manners:)

Melanie Tong 1 year ago

Totally agree. Stopped four years ago. We call them party packs or goody bags in my country. Last party pack I gave out were children magazines. Some mothers called to thank me! Subsequently, I actually stated in invites that there will be NO party packs given out. There were no objections. And no kid came to ask. The party was a hit anyway cos it was in an outdoor adventure park. As if that is not effort enough

Lara Palles 1 year ago

Ummm, just a thought: Who cares? I agree that this is a major first world problem. If my child receives a goody bag. I am grateful for the thought that went into it. If my child does not receive a goody bag, I am grateful that we were invited to the party and honored to be part of the celebration. If I give a gift, I do not EXPECT a thank you card. I gave the gift because I wanted to. How about we all do what is right for ourselves and respect that other people do what is right for themselves? How about we all just teach our children to be GRATEFUL for whatever they have and whatever they are given- even if you personally believe its a bunch of crap. And how about we all just be grateful that we have the time and luxury to ponder the relevance of party favors.

One more thing- did anyone notice that the above responses indicate those in favor of party favors are opposed to thank you notes and those in favor of thank you notes are opposed to party favors? Does anyone see the irony in that?

April 1 year ago

I agree! I don’t recall getting a big birthday party every year. I got a party for “big” milestones: 10, 13, 16. When did the tradition start to have a huge expensive party every freakin’ year?

Danielle Du’Prey Sullivan 1 year ago

My mom created bags that looked like sesame characters and they filled them with their game prizes and party favors. Whatever be the parent you want to be but don’t bash the parents who actually like giving goodie bags

Danielle Du’Prey Sullivan 1 year ago

Creating a fun party favor is fun for me. Giving a thank you gift to the guests. We made robots out of a juice box and apple sauce it was adorable.

Lara Palles 1 year ago

I totally agree with you. I think party favors are a way to thank the attendees for coming and celebrating with you.

Sarah Blanco Folger 1 year ago

Totally, have skipped many

Kelly Chartrand 1 year ago

EXCELLENT comment Crissy! Couldn’t have said it better! :)

Rebecca Madsen Seikel 1 year ago

Well call the party police on me because I have fun coming up with creative favors!! It’s a personal choice just like the rest of the party. It’s hardly something to get riled up over.

Dawn Stewart 1 year ago

I’m surprised to hear any mom say that it’s rude not to give goodie bags to guests invited to a birthday party. Parties are expensive. The kids come and have fun. No one should expect presents for coming to a birthday party.

Ana 1 year ago

We do this as adults too. We give out wedding favors. And at baby showers we give out favors.

Jenny Marie 1 year ago

Who wants their kids to bring home more stuff to clutter the house?

Cindy Olson-Klemm 1 year ago

To all you young mothers…..Save the stress, time, and money spent on party favors! Set a trend and just stop!!

Christine Schwarz-Villabon 1 year ago

I’m down

Marisa Zansler 1 year ago

The party favors are for the kids. The kids like receiving them. When they’re over the excitement of playing with the plastic junk, we throw it in the recycling bin. I would never ask for the favor bag, however, if the host chose not to hand them out.

Vanessa Frohwirth Sophir 1 year ago

I don’t mind party favors so much. They usually keep the kids entertained on the ride home from the party at least! I enjoy coming up with something creative to give out. What I hate is when people have pinatas full of totally inappropriate candy – I don’t know how many fireball candies and gum balls I’ve had to throw out over the years. Hmmm…how many choking hazards can you fit in that piñata?!

Katie McLean Rocca 1 year ago

I think giving is great… I do however have my kids pick a charity to donate to instead of receiving gifts from guests.. We have done food pantry, buddy dog, cradles to crayons, give a birthday to a child in a shelter, heifer international… Our core values are giving to the world and celebrating our gifts of friendships!

Lori McManus 1 year ago

What a grouch! Don’t buy crap. Simple as that. Kids LOVE loot bags, that’s why we give them.

Karen Mayer 1 year ago

I don’t think either is wrong. Give them or don’t give them. It is, however, rude to expect a gift at someone else’s birthday party.

Mandee Wilde 1 year ago

I don’t like this. At all. I agree giving crap to kids is dumb. I think a $5 well though out thank you gift is a great gesture. Last party we gave out a book which was our theme. I think giving nothing is rude. It’s a childhood thank you card. A thank you that is understood by parents and children…

Enid Javalera 1 year ago

I agree ^^

Melissa Owens 1 year ago

No way! I love party favors – it’s one of my favorite parts!

Amanda Weller 1 year ago

I recently told someone I wasn’t giving favors and they looked a little horrified that I would do such a thing!

Emily Perry Dillmann 1 year ago

I don’t like getting or giving the goody bags personally

Amber Jones Bosher 1 year ago

She’ll probably want to ban trick-or-treating next!

Sarah Banks Sudduth 1 year ago

Yes!! Thank u!

Brynne Freedman 1 year ago

I always do a piñata. It’s a fun activity for the kids ( and the piñata is recyclable) I give them paper lunch bags to fill with the goodies. That’s their favor to take home. I fill it with some candy but also granola bars and organic fruit smacks and lollipops. It’s been a hit so far.

Jennifer Osso 1 year ago

I don’t mind goody bags just hate the horns and whistles. Give my kids those and next play date at your house their coming over to play marching band. ( I’ll make sure it’s a drop off one) :)

Marc 1 year ago

Don’t like small, cheap crap? Spend a little more. My goody bags are usually $5 a kid and they kick ass. Other parents try to best me and always fail.

Estrella Fraser Sandoval 1 year ago

I like sending home all the leftovers with the kids! Lol!!!

Teresa Capen 1 year ago

Crazy. We didn’t even do this when I was a kid. A birthday party, cake, and a game. That was it.

Naomi Crager 1 year ago

I disagree but understand her pov. But then I think I give great favor bags. In the past my children’s party favors included home made rainbow playdoh, colouring in pages and crayons, school supplies, note books, home made pom poms(the cheerleading type). Note everyone put crap in those bags.

Brad-Angela Ryan 1 year ago

I agree with avoiding the cheap plastic junk that is sold as”party favors”. I For one love creating themed parties for Leah year. .. And usually there is an element of dress up involved and that is what the kids take home (cowboy hat and bandana) This year I did a small gift bag that had coloring sheets to match our theme (cowgirls) bubbles, a small toy horse and a tootsie pop. We put the Thank you note in the bag. Leah helped to assemble it all which I thought was a good thing for her to do. Yes some think our parties are a little over the top but for me it’s about creating some awesome childhood memories. :) but yes people if you are just going to hand out junk and crappy candy, save it your $. A verbal “Thank You” is good enough!

Phoenix Fourleaf 1 year ago

Yes! A voice of reason!

Stephenie Casner 1 year ago

We gave out $5 gift cards for five below at my daughter’s party last weekend, easier on me and much more associated that all the junk they usually get. A party my daughter attend last year they sent home “science experiment kits” because it wad a mac scientist party.

Kelly 1 year ago

Kids like junk. I don’t mind my kid having that stuff for a while then it gets tossed. Big deal. She likes it when she gets it. At her birthday we did a candy table and gave empty “favor” bags to fill with the candy and treats they wanted. Sorry, here’s one mom who isn’t giving up on favors. I do hate those little hard candies filled with gooey stuff in the middle though. Those have GOT TO GO!

Kayla 1 year ago

Because my 2 year old can totally comprehend the idea of writing a thank you note for his birthday gift. My bad, I thought he wasn’t able to even grasp the idea of gratitude yet, or compose a thoughtful thank you. He must be smarter than I thought!

Cassidi Click 1 year ago


Nicole Berkowitz Nathenson 1 year ago

To avoid the landfill, try giving out pretty soaps or seeds that can be planted. There are lots of options for soap that comes without any packaging too!

Brittney Holland 1 year ago

I would just do a goody bag of candy but of course you got parents that would complain about that too. I guess you can’t please everybody.

Cindi Simmons 1 year ago

I do not give out favors and parents have thanked me for it. You want a favor? stop at Mcdonalds on the way home and get a happy meal. My house is full enough, thank you.

Megan Sinagoga 1 year ago

We don’t always do favors, but every bday party is a pajama fundraiser for the Pajama Project (folks are asked to bring donations instead of gifts). This year we had a pinata, so candy in the bags and picking out tattoos if they wanted to put in the bag. It’s our way of thanking them for their generosity. Some years we can do more and some we can’t.

Mandy Atkinson 1 year ago

I always try to leave before the host hands them out! :)

Anna Vikse 1 year ago

Yes, yes, yes!!! I. Hate. Party favors!!!!!!!

Sara Gabriela Ugalde 1 year ago

I am not too worried about this. My kids love goodie bags.. I think it is a nice gesture. I prefer to do something small, like a jar of bubbles, stickers, or even a little puzzle in a box, It is inexpensive and fun. If other parents decide not to give party favors it is absolutely fine with me too.

Mary Gesino 1 year ago

She was just interviewed on abc news

oompa 1 year ago

I think enviting the lil bastards to begin with is enough. If you are coming over to eat and drink my stuff while making a mess why the hell should I thank you or give you something for it? But seriously though I would rather do the favors than thank you notes. I mean you want me to keep track of who gave my kid what while he is frantically opening all his stuff just to right a thank you note. I like to thank everyone in person before they leave for coming and helpinf make it special. Honestly I didnt do thank you notes this year. Maybe when my son can do something other than scribble on them we will.

Tina Roberson 1 year ago

I make extra cupcakes and offer each kid one on the way out, so they can smear it all over their parents and their parents’ car seats. I like to share the thrill of the party!

Carly Bonderud 1 year ago

The fanciest thing in my closet is a Guess top I got for my birthday with a $50 gift card. I don’t drink and would never smoke. The assumption that I’m cheap because I’m not going to spend an additional $5 or more on each freaking party guest when they should be happy just to celebrate the day with us is just what I mean by entitlement. Whatever. If other moms want to think I’m cheap then so be it, but if someone wants to bitch about how my son got a goodie bag and their kid didn’t, then I will happily return the bag of uneaten candy in my cupboard. I’m tired of the pinterest moms and their crafts and handmade crap that seem to think we all need to be like them. Guess what? I’m not that talented. I don’t have time to organize a theme party complete with handmade trinkets or baked goods. And even if I did have time, I would rather spend it doing things I actually enjoy in those rare moments I’m not on mommy duty instead of agonizing over making 12 or more little artsy gifts just because they’re expected. It IS a waste of my time and money. If my son wants to do it when he’s old enough then he can use his allowance and make them himself. I’m not buying into it. I’m not cheap. I just feel there are more important things to spend that money on. Like food and clothing and an awesome birthday gift for MY child. And any mom in the future of my son’s party years who dares to ask about a favor for showing up is going to wish she had kept her mouth shut.

Lesley Hannam Oakenfold 1 year ago

Amen to that. I hate them.

Beth Stolte 1 year ago

2 years of no favors here. And this year we’re doing just cake. Cookie cake. And drinks. Old school party. Bring presents, don’t bring presents, whatever. Let’s all just have fun.

Jennifer Kowaleski Payne 1 year ago

This is funny since we were just talking about this!

Brandy Marks 1 year ago

I quit doing favors a few years ago now I give a keepsake. Last party it was a do it yourself photo frame project, the year before do it yourself stepping stone kit. Each thing cost about $2.00 a piece.

Sanjana Ragudaran 1 year ago

Yes I totally agree!!!!! I always end up throwing out!

Suzy Bee 1 year ago

Well said! I don’t give party bags out now either. Our parties always have a crafty element to them now so the child’s ‘favour’ is the creation they have made. It also gets them all involved in an activity for a while instead of running and screaming around the house 😉 Last year they all had a lump of clay to get messy with and made ‘minions’ to take home. They also get cake to take back and pass the parcel has to have lollies on every level – so no child misses out! Cards aren’t done or expected over here, but thinking about it I quite like the idea of a personal thank you to each child. It sounds like a better mark of respect and appreciation than a plastic bag full of dollar store crap.

Keren Darden 1 year ago

I always give favors…but I don’t give candy and don’t give crap…this year’s theme was word search (for my 5 year old) I gave a pencil bag, wordsearch book, pencil and granola bar…I will always do a favor

Tj Gombos 1 year ago

cheapo….give up your booze & smokes & fancy clothes kids need to be kids…

Kristin Beehler 1 year ago

I have never done a party bag. For my son’s 8th birthday, we took his friends to a movie and bought popcorn, then they stayed overnight at a hotel with swimming, pizza, cake etc. I almost fell over when one of his friends said “where’s my party bag?”. Seriously!?! I responded with you have gotten many treats already, be thankfully for those.

Kelly 1 year ago

EXACTLY! in no way would I endorse not sending thank you cards. My son will learn to show gratitude for the friends who make time to be with him and bring him gifts. I can understand the cheap party favours that break and get under foot, there is no need for it, but Thank You cards are a must in my opinion.
As for favours, they don’t have to be cheap looking. For my son’s Halloween themed toddler birthday party, we did “trick or treat” down my hall which I converted into “Scary Street”. I have 4 bedrooms. They stopped at each door and left the party with a ball, a halloween book, and two toddler-friendly treats. You know what, I cost me about $2 a kid (thank you dollarstore) and both the parents and kids loved it!

Michelle 1 year ago

Thank you cards are sent to thank the giver for the present. Teaching kids the importance of manners and etiquette is good and never goes out of style.

Lark Jarvis 1 year ago

Unless you wanna come in my kid(s)’ rooms and sweep up the broken piles of plastic stuff…

Brenda Grammer 1 year ago

When me and children of my generation got a Cake we were happy! And now we wonder why kids expect soo much, look in the mirror.

Danielle Sell 1 year ago

There are creative ways to provide a favor at the end of the party or have the kids so something fun that they get to bring home. It doesn’t have to be candy or cheap crap from the dollar store.

Tina Agostinis 1 year ago

Enough with the dollar store crap pencils and other junk.

Carly Bonderud 1 year ago

Why bother throwing the party if I think the goodie bags are pointless???? Really? The point of the party is to celebrate the day with friends and family whom we may not be able to see all the time. Why isn’t that enough? Honestly, the expectation for the host to go above and beyond and spend a crap load of money is ridiculous and reeks of entitlement. When I go to a friend’s event I do not attend because I expect to be given stuff or food or even entertainment. I go because I want to see THEM. Honestly if my friend said to me that this year she wasn’t serving food or drinks and to bring my own, I would still attend with a smile on my face and think no less of her. Why can’t we just be happy with each other’s company? Personally I hate it when the hostess is running around trying to please everyone and coordinate some game or whatever because I just want to talk and visit with her. Same for my parties. I want to sit and enjoy the company of my guests, not run around refilling drinks and sticking to a schedule. Can’t we just have fun and not expect anything more?

Betina Marechal 1 year ago

Party pooper

Danielle Kingston Fry 1 year ago

This year I didn’t do them… Don’t think I will in the future either, birthday parties are already too expensive!

Hannah Horsch 1 year ago

I love party favors! I had a treasure dig for my daughter’s second birthday and they got to keep what they dug up. Just pirate stuff I got off of oriental trading company. I think some of you parents need to lighten up.

Kylie Coombes 1 year ago

Haha, YES! I agree, and all those little bits of crap can end up costing a fortune. :).

Robin Brown 1 year ago

I think these comments are hilarious! Scary mommy is simply posting her thoughts and some of you are taking this way to serious!! If you don’t like what she has to say or your offended.. Unlike the page!!

Susan Danneman Deering 1 year ago

I hate them also and haven’t given the out in years! I think the $ I spend on the venue, food and cake is enough in exchange for the $10 piece of crap they have my child. .. forget it!

Shannon Clarke 1 year ago

I do a candy bar for my son, that way the kids and parents can pick and control how much their children get and they don’t take a bunch of stuff home they won’t play with or that ends up in the trash. It has went over really well with parents.

Peggy Carpenter 1 year ago

Aw, chill…as a kid, I loved them.

David Shinault 1 year ago

Party pooper

Karen Coulombe 1 year ago

Don’t know how or where this whole party favor thing got started, but I have five kids that are now adults, and I nor their friends parents had party favors back in the day. But my grandkids all come home with the bag of goodies and this thing just keeps on going. Time to put an end to it and just let the kids have fun together and eat ice cream and cake then go home!!!

Ceadar Lyn Sutton 1 year ago

OK we had them our parents had them our friends had them if our parents parents put up with us doing it then we should not be cheap and let our kids have fun. I used to pretend I was a snake with the blow ribbon. Noise makers suck but the kids have a blast

Karen Mayer 1 year ago

Not providing goodie bags won’t “suck joy out of this world” lol. My kids got tons of joy out of all the birthday parties they’ve attended, whether they received goodie bags or not. To each your own. If you want to do them, great. But it’s not tacky if you don’t do them. What’s tacky is expecting them and judging those who don’t do them or if what they do give out is too “cheap”. Just being invited to the parties alone brings happiness to my kids. Sad that things have to be more complicated than they need to be.

Kim 1 year ago

Sending a thank you card must be a regional thing. Where I live I have only ever received a thank you card for a wedding or a baby shower (or wedding shower) never a children’s party. I’m actually really surprised this is a thing! Huh! No one, absolutely no one sends thank you cards for kids birthdays here! I guess we are all rude! 😉

Linda Mcculloch 1 year ago

Are tne kids complaining? No just the sad self centred mums!

Melanie 1 year ago

The biggest thing that I hate about my kids parties is all the junk gifts! For the past 3 years we’ve asked guest to bring food donations for our local food pantry. Loved it!

Lin Chambers 1 year ago

Ending the tradition? I don’t agree – if that is how someone wants to celebrate, fine. Ending the sense of entitlement for things, including favors? Yes – we need to teach this generation how to be a gracious receiver and giver.

Tammy Kleitz Butler 1 year ago

I refuse to cave. No party favors for my kids!!!

Joeyandkatie Graham 1 year ago

I’m ok with bags of candy but am personally tired of made in China garbage….it’s wasteful. The kids play with the stuff for like a minute and toss them….or worse, hoard them and never play with them and then scream when Mommy tosses them.

Sean Fillmore 1 year ago

I understand your dislike for how the child expected a party favor, however you don’t have to ruin It for those of us who like to make them for our child’s guests. All I read here is wah wah wah and this kid was disrespectful. Also shame on you for not taking an opportunity to scold the watching mother for allowing her child to demand something of you. You as a parent have the right to tell other parents if you think their children’s behavior is unacceptable, they may not listen but you still have that right. Especially since they are a guest in your home.

Melynee Fontenot Finch 1 year ago

This year I went to the dollar store and bought books for favors … You know, gotta spread literacy… 😉

Jaclyn Scott 1 year ago

We’re having a birthday party for our child this weekend, and I am not doing the party favor thing. And we put on the invites no presents required, just come have a good time. Our kids get enough from the grandparents, trust me. I just want them and their friends to have a good time.

Emma Doeland ‘Dufficy’ 1 year ago

You don’t have to buy cheap crap and lollies, I got the Lego single figurines for my 8 years party and the kids loved them and so did my son,love giving them out. It’s a kids party, you all take the joy out of this world, kids love getting the little bags. Maybe you all should just not do kids party’s at all. They are so many ways of doing party’s with out lollies and cheap crap.

Heather Bee 1 year ago

And stop with the presents too!

Susan Shields Arcelay 1 year ago

YES! I just had my daughter’s party and announced “I hate party favors, I don’t know who came up with the idea but I’m ending it” lol

Dorina C Albion 1 year ago

In the past I’ve done party favors, but after years and years of it I gave up. By the age of 9 or so they don’t need them. I also ask for no presents anymore too, kids don’t want the present, they want the big party and cake with fun games. I will write out a thank you card for each kid to have as it’s important to thank the kids who had fun.

Paulette Watson 1 year ago

One of my daughter’s went to a party and the favor was movie gift cards. Totally made me want to invite them to our party. Not! I have never given out favors. If we did, it wasn’t much and was likely provided by grandparents.

Lisa Notarile Lawrence 1 year ago

God, yes. Please. All they do is get thrown out, candy left mostly uneaten.

kim 1 year ago

Best comment ever! Totally agree! I will never stop party favours because my son loves to pick out gifts for his guests (& I do too!). It’s fun! But yes: don’t do it if you don’t want to. My kids know not all parties have favours & that’s okay. And yes. I think one okay toy or teeny book craft or whatever is better than a lot of junk.But I’m happy with however parents want to throw parties! We’re just happy to be a part of it!

Clare Ross 1 year ago

Well done all you for hand knitting personalised capes. #slow clap#…I agree the toys are rubbish but judgemental mothers are worse. I’ve never had a child turn up to any of my children’s parties asking for their plastic whistle.

Arlene Kelly Rudder 1 year ago

I make cake pops. Done. Hate all the shit that comes home. Just more stuff for me to throw away in a week.

Erin Flores Ritter 1 year ago

I always do pencils. No candy.

Rachelle Smoltz 1 year ago

i am all about it….

Rachel Berger Weeks 1 year ago

I so agree!!

Meg Apgar Lyman 1 year ago


Trisha Simões 1 year ago

oh jesus mary and joseph someone finally said it!

Jennifer Ann Kathleen 1 year ago

And trophies for every freaking sport too!!

Carly Bonderud 1 year ago

For every one of you whining about how kids should get a thank you gift for coming, I want to point out that no other age group expects this. Do we give OUR friends a parting gift after our own adult parties/bbqs etc? If a friend invites us out to their house for an event do we expect them to send us home with a little bag filled with useful trinkets or liquor? Hell no! We even bring our own booze and maybe a snack to share. So why are we all offended if some parents don’t want to shell out money for goodie bags for our kids? Stop expecting a handout just for attending an event. And stop calling us selfish for it; I prefer “practical”.

Sophie Eastman 1 year ago

We went to a party recently and instead of a party bag the children were all given a ladybird balloon that has little feet and when you pull it appears to walk along the ground. My son (2) loves it and it’s still going strong! He has spent days pulling it along and it has to sit next to him!! Lovely idea :)

Amber Fletcher 1 year ago

How about stop being cheap and (maybe lazy and) get real favors instead of cheap crap

Mario Tess Perez 1 year ago

Yup, no more “goodie bags” at our parties. We promise good food, drinks, & sweets which cost a pretty penny before we add the cost of decor/bouncy house (both of which we never penny pinch on). Not spending another 100-150 dollars on goodie bags. If anyone should be receiving a goodie bag, it’s the birthday boy/girl.

Karen Mayer 1 year ago

When I was a kid, I looked forward to birthday parties because they meant being with friends, playing games and getting cake. Goodie bags weren’t even a thing back then. The only person receiving gifts was the birthday child and all the other kids seemed to understand that they’d get their turn on their birthday. Simple. The good old days.

Connie Jordan-Cooper 1 year ago

My older kids are 23 and 21. We never gave stuff out. They never got stuff when they went to a party. I’m confused on why people do this.

Christy Blackwell Broome 1 year ago

My problem is when they are expected. Not that people give them out. Don’t you spend enough money on the party itself without being expected to hand out gifts to all of the kids???

imdb 1 year ago

I agree wholeheartedly! Why would people hand out junk that they themselves don’t want? Also, if that’s a thank you, it seems it’s not a very nice one. My kids had a birthday party every other year. One year with family and one year with friends. Worked out well. Productions are so silly!

Carly Bonderud 1 year ago

Also I remember the party favors as a kid. They weren’t really that exciting and were mostly filled with candy. I never ate much candy even back then, so it was pointless to me.

Lien Hai Dinh 1 year ago

If you’re throwing a party you’re already spending more money than you should. If you don’t see the point to giving a little something, aka the goodie bag, then just don’t throw the party. A gift merits a small candy bag for the kiddos.

Victoria S. Gartrell 1 year ago

Yes! Yes! Yes! No more!

Carly Bonderud 1 year ago

Put it this way: if nobody shows up because there aren’t any goodie bags do you really want those people there anyway? I shouldn’t have to bribe anyone into coming to my party or my son’s party. And what if you spend $5 on every kid who is supposed to show or spend hours making creative gifts and then some of those kids get sick and can’t attend? Then you’re stuck with a bunch of extra bags of crap and have wasted money and time. Pointless. As for receiving, I have a friend who goes all out with the goodies for every single party she throws. It’s ridiculous because my kid is 1 and my husband does not need to have more candy. There’s still a mini plastic pumpkin in the bottom of my purse from last year. She also had prizes for games at her baby shower, as did my sister in law. As nice as they are to win, I really didn’t need all that extra clutter and they really didn’t need to spend that much money. It’s wasteful and then I look like the bad guy for not doing the same thing.

Angela Scott Cain 1 year ago

I made these party favours for my daughters birthday and the girls absolutely loved them!

Rebecca Carruthers Whitmeyer 1 year ago

No way. My party bags are not full of crap. If you fill yours with crap then don’t bother. Someone trying to make me do something because they are lazy.

Lien Hai Dinh 1 year ago

Children look forward to goodie/candy bags. What’s the point of a kids party if not to give them a goodie bag?!
My dad once said that it is Vietnamese tradition to give a gift that pays for the cost of your meal. While I never give enough to cover the meals for my family of 5 (not that my 3 daughters eat anyway), I try to follow my dad’s rule.

Angela Scott Cain 1 year ago

This is a party favour that I made for my sons birthday. Something useful! Be creative

Marisabel Van Dyck Rodriguez 1 year ago

Really? Who are your friends? I always give good, useful, fun and sometimes educational and good quality favors. And my daughter always receives the same.

Tenisha Ashley Lebeau 1 year ago

I throw in useful things. Like a cup instead of a bag, and hair elastics, lip balm, cute girly things. NOT CANDY!! Inless it was our candyland theme party. Then we had a candy bar

Mónica Rivera-Ruano 1 year ago

I don’t ever throw birthday parties. EVER. I spend a crapton of money on water parks and amusement parks in their place. Far better than entertaining people that are judging you to the moon and back!

Amber Nicole 1 year ago

Oh and #firstworldproblems

Emily 1 year ago

Not a mom myself but I’ve seen pretty creative party favors… A bag of goldfish or a thing of bubbles. But honestly, party favors should be optional. Children should be grateful they were 1) invited 2) had dessert, like cake 3) had fun.

Jeanine Raghunathan 1 year ago

Amen! I am so with you! I hate all those plastic toys that end up in the trash! Plus, the amount of candy our kids are getting passed out anywhere and everywhere is a little over the top these days! I understand that the kids like them but something quality would be better! I made a cd of kids songs last year with songs that went with the theme of the party and another year small pots with seeds to plant. Even a coloring book and crayons from the dollar store will get used! I am guilty of handing out he plastic in the past but no more!!!

Amanda Shumate 1 year ago

I give out goodie bags. Always have. Always will. If people don’t like it, they can either not take it or throw it away. I love throwing themed parties and the bags are filled with whatever matches that theme. :)

Happy Mom:) 1 year ago

Hey, I really like the fact that you don’t want people to criticize your opinion! LOL, you probably wouldn’t like mine, This is from Happy Mommy:)

Madelyn Stearns 1 year ago

Down with party favors! At ALL parties! I’m getting married soon and I loathe the idea of buying favors for guests whom I’ve just wined and dined all night. I think I am spending enough showing these people a good time. Kids parties are the same!

Carrie Slauson 1 year ago

Kids love them. I hate them. However, since the party favors are for kids, I’ll still give them out. I just try to find something more interesting to put in them.

Amber Nicole 1 year ago

It’s for them not us.

Heather MacDonald 1 year ago

My kids enjoy getting them and giving them, I have no problem with them. I’d say if you don’t want one then tell the child’s parent that you’d rather not receive one. I have no problem spending the time and money to make the kids happy, but if I knew the parent was just going to go home and chuck it out I’d rather they tell me so it’s not wasted. To me it’s all about the kids, and I remember loving them as a kid.

Patricia 1 year ago

Hear, Hear! I stopped doing treat bags a while ago – so stressful! I always remembered the parties I went to as a child and it was being invited to the party that was the “treat”. Plus the games and cake and fun. That’s all kids care about anyway. We’ve conditioned them to expect the “extra” at the end.

Kate Parker 1 year ago

This is the most selfish thing I’ve read all day. When did party favors turn into something for the parent to enjoy? Who cares if you don’t like them…pretty sure this isn’t about the parent. If it makes the kids happy, even if it is for a short time…totally worth it.

Dan Smith 1 year ago

To the Writer:its your party you can cry if you want too, its ok. Who cares what people are doing in there back yards?

Cristal Ramirez 1 year ago


Cristal Ramirez 1 year ago

I have always liked the goodie bags ??? I plan to give them out at my kids party I just put like 6 pieces of candy and a bag of chips . Why now if you have money for it I don’t see why it’s bad but obviously if you don’t have money for it people shouldn’t do it it’s just a nice favor

Cassidi Click 1 year ago

My son just celebrated his 7th birthday a few days ago. I debated this issue. Kids are kids. I know I enjoyed getting party favors as a child. They’re only children once. And it’s like everything and anything is an issue these days regarding parenting. Let them enjoy this precious time not everything has to be a life learning lesson. No, I’m not saying let all hell break loose. Lol. Jeez. Anyways, my son is very patriotic and wanted a military/America themed party. Each child got some star stickers, toy soldiers, a small American Flag, and bubbles. I’m a single mom and I don’t have much. But I’m creative. Cost of each bag $5.00 …. The look on each child’s face… Priceless. :)

Janelle Simpson 1 year ago

These were our favors. Simple, usable, non crap

Kimberly Wood Dierwechter 1 year ago

Amen and amen!

Carly Bonderud 1 year ago

And on the topic of thank you cards, I only send them if the person (usually family) has sent a gift but couldn’t attend in person. Everyone else gets thanked for coming before they leave. Because really, what is the point of spending money on a card that is just going to end up in a landfill when you already thanked them? It’s antiquated and wasteful. Just make the rounds and thank your guests individually and mail out the cards to the people who sent a gift but you can’t call because it’s long distance. It’s still just as polite and courteous as the old fashioned notes.

Andy Cole 1 year ago

Whatever on party favors. Talk about a non issue. Lets instead discuss the silliness of 20 kids bringing a present. Instead how about every parent contribute 20 bucks to help pay for the birthday venue?

Katy Williams 1 year ago

As a parent, I get so annoyed with the cheap toys that my kids come home with and get super upset when they loose them. I went to a party a few years ago and the parents had a basket for the kids to pick 1 someone nicer treat to go home with (bubbles, hot wheels car…). I much rather do that than deal with taking super balls away because my kiddos are fighting over.

Allison Diehl 1 year ago

I hate the fact that most items are totally disposable and end up clogging our landfills. I prefer to give out books or something that has real value.

Vanessa Janik 1 year ago

I could go either way. My kids like getting the goodie bags but most of the time stuff just gets thrown away. And I don’t want ppl spending money on my kid when it’s THEIR kids birthday. I use to give out goodie bags w/cool stuff in them but that gets expensive so I’m not really doing it anymore. That said, if ppl give my kid a goodie bag they will say thank you & they don’t EXPECT to get anything at someone else’s party. Ok mabye cake but that’s it. If the saying “it’s the thought that counts” is really true then you should appreciate the gesture regardless if you think it’s “crap” or not.

Julie Webber Schau 1 year ago

You can teach children to say thank you for coming without handing out cheap crap to send the guests home with! And I might possibly agree if it was actually the birthday child that was putting the thought and work into the thank you gifts, but we all know that they are pretty much clueless as to what “mom” had put together.

Maria Vlachou 1 year ago

I never understood that ritual. It never msde sense to me and I share the ssme thought with the author

Rebecca Williamson Hill 1 year ago

I completely agree!! I also think the kids eat enough crap at the party they don’t need to take a bag full of lollies home!

Maria Deanna Luisa Miller 1 year ago

As a party planner I have to disagree. I love party favors. It teaches children to say thank you for coming to your party. What if no one showed up , how sad would your kid be? I love use able party favors a cup or a plant. I completely agree I don’t like the junk , maybe parents can take a few minutes and think of something kids could use.

Lisa 1 year ago

My husband is mexican so we always do a piñata. Basically the crap from that is counted as the gift bag.

Carly Bonderud 1 year ago

I’m all for ending the party favor trend! Even if we decided to get “creative” and have “fun” stuff kids could actually use, I still decline on the grounds that I am already shelling out for a birthday present and providing food and cake. I am already expected to buy decorations and entertain a bunch of people thanks to my hubby being an extrovert and thinking a party needs at least 20 people (I am an introvert and would rather peel my nails off with tweezers than have a huge party). So why the hell should I go and spend even more money on half a dozen or more goodie bags or prizes for somebody else’s kids? And why do we still insist on non family members getting gifts for every goddamn kid’s birthday they’re invited to? I make a point of saying that my gift is just showing up, because we really can’t afford to be shelling out for presents and would rather spend that $20 on our own kid. Likewise I tell everyone who isn’t immediate family that they don’t have to get a present. My son has enough crap as it is and if I have to keep emptying bins and drawers for more of his toys I am going to lose my mind. Enough is enough. Besides that, I am an effortless party planner. As in, here’s the cake and the food. Enjoy. Games? No, I don’t do that. Go play with all those toys in my son’s toy box while I pretend to enjoy all this crap. Buh bye.

Nicole Woods-Sisk 1 year ago

I stress about this… Last year for my sons 2nd bday, I made Disney themed decorated sugar cookies and thought my arms were going to fall off… First bday was candy bar and goody bags for kids, so hard with ranging ages… A girlfriend told me not to even bother, but then there are parents that expect it for their kids!

Mandy Holm 1 year ago

The point is they don’t NEED more stuff. Once upon a time it was enough to host the party – providing food, drinks and entertainment. Now the guests get a GIFT too. Christ. e-n-o-u-g-h.

Lisa litwhiler 1 year ago

Because gift bags are an equivalent to thank you cards. The gift bag of given as a thank you for coming to my party.

Heidi Busch Ladd 1 year ago

Stop the cheap party favors ….never liked them!

Jenn Dredhart 1 year ago

Since when do kids have to get something in order to have a good time at a party? Since when do kids expect to get their own presents just for going to someone else’s party? I’ve actually heard of kids having tantrums b/c they didn’t get a goodie bag at someone else’s party. Why are we teaching kids that every time they do something (play sports, go to a friends birthday party, etc.) they deserve some kind of award in return? Stop raising kids into thinking that everything is about them. Kids still have fun at parties without goodie bags!

Rachel Martella Nava 1 year ago

Isn’t a favor also a “thank you for coming” gift? The birthday child gives out to his friends to thank them for coming?? How is this such a big deal?? You don’t have to give them out if it is so offensive to you but I think it’s a nice gesture.

Jennifer Matthies 1 year ago

What age do the big parties stop? My son is 9 and this year he had a sleep over with a few friends. There is this one girl in the school that has always had parties with 30 to 40 kids. Same again this year. I mean they are in 3rd grade, how about enough with the damn parties?

Marta de Sousa 1 year ago

Kids should enjoy The Party, The End! It’s about the birthday child, if after a party parents still think they child needs something more to make their day, stop at the store, and buy them whatever you feel like.

Whitney 1 year ago

Favors are AWESOME! I Love them….what I do not love is plastic garbage handed out! A bag of homemade cookies or fudge is great. I really liked the kite favor handed out. Having a craft party where the kids keep what they make as a favor is super awesome! I just cannot spend the money on plastic crap…just cannot do it!!

Connie Reese Hess 1 year ago

I think kids like the party favor….but please fill a theme plastic cup with a small bag of popcorn or m&m .etc….none of the small plastic toys ..I agree they are broke before getting them home. ..a coupon for free ice cream cone is also great for a summer party …just something to say thanks….could include a thank you note for coming to the party. .this is often a forgotten manner.

geezer67 1 year ago

There’s no possible reason why thank you cards should be sent after a kid’s party. This isn’t the 1950s and not even Catholics were white gloves to church any more. Thank you, but NO thank you cards! Or junk food favors.

Cassandra Heaps 1 year ago

There is no possible way I could agree more without my head exploding!

Rachel Ann Termini 1 year ago

I think cake is enough! Maybe a piñata but I don’t normally do them…

Laurie 1 year ago

Hells yes! I am with you. Totally pointless and a waster of money. Do we really need more stuff clogging up the house??

Courtney Dayle Coyle 1 year ago

I agree. It’s useless stuff. Why should we

Jess Larko Goldstein 1 year ago

To each is own. I spend alot on fun parties, and think the experience they get is better than the party favor.

Nathan Hiltunen 1 year ago

Unless it’s shots for the parents.

Maurin Corcoran Moran 1 year ago


Susan Kissman 1 year ago

I planned my parties with a craft. Guests brought home the craft they made. Everybody was happy.

Jo Totterdell 1 year ago

Kids love a party bag! It wouldn’t seem right! You don’t have to fill it up with crap, I love doing them and giving them out and I will always do that! It’s just a bit of fun for the kids.

Daniele Wiseman 1 year ago

except I make up good bags that cost more than the gifts received.

Mari Crow 1 year ago

This article was fucking stupid.

newbuffalomom 1 year ago

When mine were little, I never did party favors but would plan the party with a craft project. They got to take home the item they made.


Mónica Garza-Garza 1 year ago

Don’t buy junk or crap!!! I enjoy planning birthday parties with my daughters!!! The eldest just turn 6 last month and she had a big Minnie birthday party, the ones before where held at my mom’s garden which is beautiful and really spacious and every one enjoy. This year we rented a kids birthday place just for her and her friends. She enjoy it so much, I gave prices to the kids that participate in the games, we had a sweet and salty snack buffet and the goodie bags where lunch bags they can use for school fill with juice boxes, granola bars, etc. and I even got the moms a special thank you treat chocolate and caramel cover apples. Yes I love this!!! Probably kids will be ok with out this but I like treating my guests to all this. Yes we had a piñata, it was expensive and probably go back to my mom’s garden but I won’t loose all the treats and princes. And of course I don’t give crap!!’

Nicole Kelly-Krzywonski 1 year ago

I am so with the author…I don’t need anymore small, useless crap cluttering my house…if you must do party favors, how about one larger something that might be useful…like a water bottle with their name on it or something like that? The point is that if you do give a out a goody bag with a bunch of little plastic things that are interesting to my kids for 30 minutes, then we have to take one to get away from the party without a meltdown.

Beverly Ranson 1 year ago

I do thank you notes, when I remember, sometimes I am so busy I actually forget, I do feel bad when I forget. But I love to do the goodie bags, I have heard no complaints but I only put chocolates and good candy in them, candies that I would give my children (no hard candies) there are no toys in them. I also do games for the kids and the winner gets to pick out their prize. I think it is about the kids and I want them to have a great time.

Laura Anne 1 year ago

No junk. No way. No how. I just took your kid to someplace for an activity, fed them and had fun. Too damn expensive

Branky Martinez 1 year ago

I personally like to give out party favors.good stuff,not junk

Laura Reagan Coffin 1 year ago

I strongly agree with you!! It is crap!! My kids birthday parties were water fights and cake, they had a blast!

Jennifer Bennett 1 year ago

I have always hated the party favor thing. Please, no more plastic bags full of plastic trinkets that were made in China, shipped halfway around the world, where they will break within one day and go directly into our landfills. What lesson does that teach our kids?

Carla Biggs 1 year ago

What happened to seeing your children’s faces light up? A little toy, a piece of candy, and a little whistle that makes noise. Why can’t we let kids be kids anymore?

momof3 1 year ago

I greatly dislike the cheap plastic favors or sending home a bunch of candy. .. For my eldest’s 7th birthday this year, she had a baking party where the kids got to make pizza and cupcakes. .. so for the favor I bought fabric aprons and personalized them by painting each child’s name on them. .. Same price I would have paid for useless junk. .. The kids and parents loved them. .. Some kids even wore them to school the next day! (Sorry for the double post! )

Krista Comtois 1 year ago

Omg couldn’t agree more!

Emily Lutz Rogers 1 year ago

Don’t even need to read this and i agree!

Shelby Isbart 1 year ago

I agree. Its just trash. How about a loaf of bread or some milk?!

Tonya Nelson Haines 1 year ago

Agreed. Love the angst;)

Michelle Cross 1 year ago

Once a yr doesn’t kill ….

momof3 1 year ago

I greatly dislike the cheap plastic favors or sending home a bunch of candy. .. For my eldest’s 7th birthday this year, she had a baking party where the kids got to make pizza and cupcakes. .. so for the favor I bought fabric aprons and personalized them by painting each child’s name on them. .. Same price I would have paid for useless junk. .. The kids and parents loved them. .. Some kids even wore them to school the next day! :)

Tara Casey Crosby 1 year ago

I don’t get the issue. If you want to do it then do it. If you dont, then dont. Writing a whole article over it is dumb and a waste of time and energy.

Kendra Fritz 1 year ago


Marcy Rose Mitchell 1 year ago

I loved goodie bags as a kid! Kids always love goodie bags. There is NOTHING wrong with party favors.

Ashley Brady 1 year ago

Aly Montague See! I’m not the only one! Bahahaha!

Melissa Meyers Riddle 1 year ago

I love party favors! I don’t care if you give favors or not, no judgment here! My children enjoy picking out the theme related favor for their friends. My daughter just had a swim party and I found 36 in blow up dolphins that we gave as favors. They we a $1 from amazon! We had a piñata and everyone went home with a bag full of candy. My son’s bday was Disney Dusty theme. His favor was a cup, mini bag of popcorn. Easy and still fun.

Mary Lois Lee 1 year ago

What ever happened to parties with just cake, ice Cream and punch. Now parties include bounce houses, clowns, and whole meals complete with beer for the parents. Kids had more fun with simple refreshments and games with a few prizes. Yes, it took planning but the children enjoyed it more.

Melissa Johnson 1 year ago

I’ve never given favors. It’s mostly adults and family that come anyways!

Renee Rizzi 1 year ago

I disagree. I gave out party favors that the child would benefit from. A book, puppet or puzzle. All that other stuff is wasted junk and money. It was fun for me and to give back. Teaching your child its not just to take.

Abigail Bundy Noonan 1 year ago

Wow…my daughters are 9 and nearly 11…..have NEVER had a party that friends came to. Family only. When they get older, they may want to spend a majority of their birthday with friends…and I understand that and I’ll allow it, so for now, it’s family only. They both know that they will have one party each….their 16th….that they can invite friends to.

Michelle Brennan 1 year ago

Im the worst for it. I use leftover halloween candy for them, one year i had a box of toothbrushes and gave them as well as the candy lmao

Claudia Mueller 1 year ago

Here, here! Most of the favors break w/in 5 min’s and/or my kids lose interest. Plus they go straight for the candy anyway. Let’s keep unnecessary junk out of the landfills. A good suggestion if you want to give out favors: something they will actually use. For example, an artist smock, box of markers, etc, etc.

Annamaria-Guarneri Mckean 1 year ago

After reading these comments lol it sounds like those kinda pissy “in favor of” are over compensating for their own uninvited parties when they were kids. You’ll probably have your teenagers still mooching candy on halloween! Lol

Tara MinnieMouse-Trap Brown 1 year ago

lol! For the people complaining about party favors taking up the house…..That’s it kick the dog out, don’t let aunt Sue visit, the mini bottles of bubbles and candy bracelets are taking over the whole house! What can’t sit on the couch? Better fight it out with the tiny parachuting army man!! Chill and breath!!

Jessi Jones 1 year ago

I agree about the dollar store stuff, I hate it! One year I gave out books but since then nothing. However, I also state on the invitation to please not bring gifts, he gets something from us and his grandparents and that is more than enough.

Veronica Morin Willey 1 year ago

I don’t mind the party favors, I cannot deal with thank you cards….little kids writing them is silly so I don’t do it. If my friends get offend it-too bad. If you know me you know that we are thankful and nice. We just don’t do thank you cards for kids parties.

Eli Hudson 1 year ago

Amen my wife and I were discussing this last night

Ron Duran 1 year ago

Party favors are great. And even better at adult parties I still find stuff from my 40 th. Five years ago. Have fun people an lighten up.

Crystal 1 year ago


Anne Delles Ramsdell 1 year ago

I gave out books…they were awesome :)

Laura Fettig Johnson 1 year ago

I’ll join in here. I’m actually a children’s birthday party planner. I do those fancy parties that some parents love and others hate, because I perpetuate the entitlement of kids. (Yes, people have told me that).

On the topic of party favors, I include them in my packages. I try and include 4-5 nice items that are themed. I often make them myself. I also include crafts made at the party. But I don’t give out junk. I always think if what I include will be used and if I want my kid to have it.

A themed book is nice. For my son, I made tie dye shirts, homemade play dough, usually one nice item, homemade cookie dough mix.I enjoy making them. His parties are very different from my biz ones.

I also have the birthday child stand at the door and hand out the favors. As a thank you.

Give them if you want, if not, that is fine. Go with what your group does. Some moms get together and decide not to give them out. But, if you have an older child, they might be very aware that they didn’t give them out and they might be embarrassed.

Samantha Smith 1 year ago

Oh and all can be bought at party city, target or walmart for around $1 each

Lizette Alvarado Stradford 1 year ago

lol, I don’t care but I didn’t do them this year and I don’t know what kind of goody bags some of you get but I never got any or did any with old candy and such

Crystal 1 year ago

Why buy crap for party favors? I give a little something that is useful. Like bubbles or a little notebook and pencil. One year gave a pez to each kid. Even a ballon on a string is cute. I know when I was a kid I liked getting the goody bags so I like to give them. I don’t buy the crap cheap plastic crap, I buy one little something that says thanks for coming. $1-$3 per. There is plenty stuff out there that can allow you to keep the tradition going, but make it better than the cheap garbage. I would love for my kids to even get a hot wheels car attached to a thank you note….

Samantha Smith 1 year ago

I agree party favors are junk. What I always do is something that ties into the theme of the party, that the kids will actually use again. Pirate party? Inflatable or foam sword. Dinosaur party? A plastic reusable Dino print cup with their name on it. Which also cuts down on cups and kids arguing over who’s drink was left on a table. Princess party? Instead of wands or crowns, little nail stickers are fun and a huge hit. Just punch a hole in the corner, attach a name tag with ribbon and for only a few bucks you have gifts for a dozen kids. It’s really simple! :)

Aun Suprakritpakon 1 year ago

I am an asian mom who has French husband, my son 7 years old never had his own birthday party but instead he goes to orphanage house, donated snacks, cloths and toys. Play with those kids, learn how to give but not only take. Appreciated what his life or what he already has. Every his birthday 6 years in a row in Thailand. Now, we move to France and he never asked to have his own birthday or demand any presents from me. Problem solve for birthday favor. My boy is simply and happy to have just family around him. By the way, he love his friends birthday party but not bother to have his own.

Karen Mayer 1 year ago

Personally, I feel that putting together a fun party and entertaining a bunch of kids for 2 to 3 hours is favor enough. But I have friends who like to do the goody bags and that’s fine, too. I don’t think they should be something that’s expected or officially part of the etiquette though.

Michelle Anderson 1 year ago

I don’t mind it, I think it’s cute. Don’t be so anal.

Kelz Pyffer 1 year ago

How about… we run our parties as we see fit?

Jessica Fillion 1 year ago

I’m also cracking up over the comments I’m reading with people saying ‘the party is enough’ um, really? The birthday party is not for the guests! It’s for the birthday girl/boy. In reality, by saying the the party is the thank you gift, your saying ‘I’m having a party to say thank you for coming to a party for my kids and giving them presents, basically I’m throwing you the party so my kid can get stuff’ I’m sorry, that’s asinine and greedy. Party favors are for kids NOT adults. Kids like them, and in my opinion having the birthday kid give them out at their party is a way of teaching them to be selfless. There are many many ways to do goodie bags and party favors, I do prefer useful stuff to plastic junk, but really my kid doesn’t care. He thinks everything is neat and will play with it for a long time, and when things break and can’t be used as originally designed HE comes up with different uses or they get recycled to some sort of art project. As far as thank you cards, a lot of good points were made. I’ve personally never done them for birthday parties but maybe I should. It does teach gratitude and thankfulness, and does show the receiver they are appreciated. I think this year I might start that tradition as well.

Jackie Weber 1 year ago

NOPE…. I find great pleasure in finding the loudest, most annoying party favors that I can find. I also fill a pinata with a ton of candy!! It’s tradition!

Nelsie Alcoser 1 year ago

I would but my mom demands that I have them and she makes them herself, lol

Mary E. Mayberry 1 year ago

As a kid who never got birthday parties, I can say unequivocally it has affected my life.

You end up hating your birthday and resenting people who make a big deal out of their birthday.

Erika McDermott 1 year ago

We did plastic cups, bubbles, cards, cars crayons with a note pad. NO CANDY!!! I don’t like crap that’s tiny or cheap so I thank my guests with usable things.

Tamara Gardner 1 year ago

I read an article about this and it said that we shouldn’t teach kids to expect gifts at other kids birthday parties! After reading the full article I was convinced and did not have favors at my daughters last birthday party!

Jodie Fog 1 year ago

I’m with you….why send kids home with more shit, sugar & things parents just end up throwing out when you find them broken & left on the floor? Surely they are sugared up enough from the party food & have won a prize anyway as we are all so PC now that ALL kids get one & no one misses out….lol!

Jeannie Cooper 1 year ago

This is one of the reasons why my two sons don’t have birthday parties. There is to much competition between parents. We like to just spend time with our boys and take them somewhere special. They get to pick their favorite restaurant and usually some other activity like movies, bowling or goofy golf. We have also taken them to Disneyland for their birthdays.

Jennifer Zapf 1 year ago

hate the favors and the over the top parties to boot. I don’t give my kids parties and they are perfectly well adjusted. The last time I had a party the kids were so rude, I vowed never to do it again. I let my kids attend parties and I’m happy to buy someone else’s kid some $25 gift of crap I don’t want in my house.
the favors they come home with are usually in the trash by the time we get home.

Rachel Pollard 1 year ago

Amy Hull the card should count as the goody.

Wendy Roehr Martin 1 year ago

Candy once in awhile will not hurt kids. It’s supposed to have sugar in it! Lighten up!

Melissa Meyers Riddle 1 year ago

I think so! Or if you feel like adding something else, just put candy Ina goodie bag. All kids love candy!

Jacky Amaya 1 year ago

Its a party lets celebrate!!!! I like parties w favors and everything! I like all that! Whats wrong w that? Sounds more like a very exhausted Mom that has had enough already!…. I get it I get tired too but I love it! And I also want to take my kids to Disneyland next year and deal with all that crap! So what?!!!

Sue Silverman 1 year ago

I think favors are about the parents…one parent trying to up the next. My three kids could care less about getting or giving favors.

Kris Kilcoyne 1 year ago

They all end up in the trash at our house. I was happy when my son attended a party where no goodie bag was handed out. They played video games at the party, had pizza & ice cream. Isn’t that enough? It’s about the birthday child – not the people who come. That said, I do goody bags and think I will stop!

Helen Russo 1 year ago

I’m trying, honest I am! I hate the damn things!!!!
But, like most of us, I get suckered in.

Krista Rundle 1 year ago

I don’t mind pulling together the favor bags. What I do mind is the guests at my daughter’s party asking me what they are going to get instead of focusing on the birthday girl!

Jes Withoneess 1 year ago

Its just as much of a joy for the birthday kid to give out favors as it is for the guests to receive them. It teaches your child not to be so damn selfish.

Jodie McInnes Thompson 1 year ago

I agree it is silly and too much pressure who had the best party and what they had. Mine was better than yours – etc… Perhaps next time just give him or her a hug 😉

Danielle Matthews 1 year ago

It can be difficult for young kids to watch one kid get presents. I only had two or three kids at my kid’s party, so tailored goody bags or beach buckets (pirate party) to each kid and didn’t give candy at all. I did crayons and coloring books and wooden craft packs, all a dollar or much less. Cheap, but still decent.

Nicole Miller Eagan 1 year ago

I thought the birthday party was about the kids, not the parents. My daughter loves getting and giving the party favors. It can be some stupid piece of crap or something really neat (she got a art kit with crayons, markers, etc. at one party)…she loves it. She plays with the crap for a week, and then it “disappears”. It makes her happy, so I’ll put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

Tara Nichole Childers 1 year ago

Goody bags are fine. If you don’t like them then don’t allow your kids to have them. I keep the cheap toys in the car or diaper bag for restaurants or long drives. As for the sugary sweets if they’ve already had cake and or ice cream a few pieces of candy won’t kill them.

Annamaria-Guarneri Mckean 1 year ago

Personally I’ve never liked goody bags, my oldest is 12. I never saw the reason to give them or get them. Do you give your adult friends a goody bag? I think it’s tacky to have your little kid waiting for a party gift you just celebrated most likely with cake..go home :)

Tara Lamb 1 year ago

I personally love party favors. I think they’re fun.

Alicha Hatch 1 year ago

Our last party we gave out placemats,cups,and before that we did fingerpaint for the tub and bubbles. I don’t like the bags of candy and tiny junk but my kids like them. I let them have a few pieces of candy then throw out rest

Veronica Godinez-Woltman 1 year ago

I say to each their own. Give if you want or don’t. I personally love giving out favors. It’s the best time for me to toss in a thank you card so I don’t get bombarded with them later. And no one says you have to spend a super amount of money on them either. I’ve done just a beautiful iced decorated cookie that were a hit. But that’s just my opinion. ; )

Jennifer Lloyd 1 year ago

I never give those and it’s never been a problem. My kids never get them at parties either and they are perfectly fine.

Amy Struthers 1 year ago

Yes please!

Stacy Lyn Rouiller 1 year ago

Let’s all just raise our children to be thankful! A goody bag is not going to make or break a kids childhood! I just think it is a useless to spend money on junk that will be sitting in our landfill in a week!

Debra Crabtree 1 year ago

I have 4 kids and we always have and always will give a goodie bag. The kids like to do it and I encourage them. I don’t care what other people choose to do or not….give a treat bag or not.

Katie Barnes Webb 1 year ago

I love favors! Always have & always will

Melissa MacGillivray 1 year ago

My oldest daughter’s first birthday for the adults we gave cookies in the shape of princess crowns with Lily written on them. The kids got a towel, a bucket and shovel and candy. Her 2nd the adults got water bottles with a personalized lable saying Lily’s second birthday. The kids got candy, coloring books with crayons and I believe a Elmo cup. Her baptism it was a jewelry box with Lily’s on it. My other daughter is turning one this September, I can’t wait to pick out all the stuff! It’s for the kids. Making memories and having fun.

Vicki Kovacs-Cantlin 1 year ago

I personally handed out party favors at my sons party.. It wasn’t Crap.. Each item was handpicked for that child. And I am most definitely mailed out thank you cards.. Thank you to the face just doesn’t cut it in my book…

Sarah Patch Westby 1 year ago

We never gave party favors and no one missed them.

Nelda Sue Pippin 1 year ago

If you insist on treat bags . Then children should be involved in preparing And giving out with a verbal thank you for gifts . If surprise.. Child definitely is involved in handing out. Thank you cards they should also be involved . Treat bags why Altesd

Children should be involved in preparing , handing out bags And involved in the thank you notes! But treat bags, really.. If you have cake, food, entertainment

Jennifer VanDusen Miracle 1 year ago

I will continue for my 5 year old – at least a few more years. AND, I have perm…ouch!

Amy Hull 1 year ago

I don’t mind favors. Yes some of it is cheap. But the kids enjoy it and that is what counts. That being said here is a question. I am having my sons bday next month at a bowling alley. All the kids get a $10 game card for the arcade in the bowling alley. Should this count as the party favor or should I actually purchase goody bags too?

Margarita Miranda 1 year ago

Maybe you need to stop going to parties that give out bad goody bags and stop giving bad goody bags yourself

Amy Riddle 1 year ago

Why should I give someone elses kid a gift to come to my kids party. It is like I am bribing them to be there.

Karin Versteeg 1 year ago

It starts with you mom

Maura Brady 1 year ago

Haven’t dealt with this yet at a birthday party, but faced something similar at daycare Valentines Day. I gave out a simple valentines card for each kid, but some in turn gave plastic crap and hard candy that I had to confiscate away from my toddler. No easy feat, and totally unnecessary!

Valerie Carlsen Johnson 1 year ago

First World Problem…

Shelley Bustamante 1 year ago

We just hosted our little one’s 1st birthday party. There were NO party favors, and there will hopefully never be any party favors. I’m not spending our money on junk that will most likely break within minutes anyway.

Veronica Torres 1 year ago

Wow …is that why the name Scary Mommy? Too much anger and thought into something so simple…. Don’t want the bag toss it…

Kristin Jones Ott 1 year ago

Nope never. Kids love it. If you don’t like it buy yourself some earplugs or stay home. Sugar in moderation is OK. I’m glad I’m not uptight mom. I let my kids a little.

Heather Caputi 1 year ago

I don’t really understand the desire to ruin a fun and anticipated part of birthday party tradition. So what it’s sugary. Really? It’s not going to kill anyone to eat a state tootsie roll or get a cheap plastic toy. They are only little once. I say stop trying to ruin your kids fun. And suck it up. You know you liked party favors as a kid. I feel sorry for all these kids with parents constantly trying to change things and make it seem like it’s for the child’s benefit when in fact it’s for your own. Selfish ass parents.

Kristin Harvey 1 year ago

Couldn’t agree more.

Ashleigh Blake 1 year ago

Have you not seen the look on a child’s face when they receive a party bag? It’s like Christmas to them, why take that away from them because you don’t like it? Sounds selfish!!

Jessica Blalock 1 year ago

Amen! I hate party favors. My kids don’t need more junk and they’re at the party to celebrate their friend.

Erica Musquiz Evans 1 year ago

I won’t be giving any out this time around.

Mary E. Mayberry 1 year ago

It’s like birthday parties have become something entirely different than an individual celebration of a person’s birth. It’s your chance to soapbox instead of utilizing the polite “no thank you”!!

We give out coloring books. If you don’t like coloring books, I’m just going to assume you don’t like rainbows, puppies and orgasms. If you don’t laugh at what you just read, I’m also going to assume you don’t have a sense of humor and feel sorry for you.

Jenny Tompson McGee 1 year ago

I give out one cool thing that you can actually play with or eat. For my daughter’s last party it was one nice individually wrapped cookie. For my sons party in two weeks I made each child a really cool dinosaur tale (it’s a Dino theme).

Michelle Gillhouse 1 year ago

How about we do what resonates with us individually and not judge each other?

Meredith Lockhart 1 year ago

Yup! been trying to do away with these for a while now!

Mika Muralla 1 year ago

I give awesome favours. Hot wheels and chocolate etc.

Nelda Sue Pippin 1 year ago

Thank you cards .., yes good manners to teach kids . Goodie baskets… I agree fun for kids.. But children should learn that gifts are for the birthday child and that u don’t always get a gift, rewarded, etc . Thank you cards to thank parents and child for gift

Nikki Baugh 1 year ago

Ok so some party favors are great, like little books, bracelets, crayons etc. The whistle are NOT OK! Omg stop with the whistles, my few remaining bits of sanity cannot take it!

Jennifer Kramp 1 year ago

I give out cookies that match the parties theme. Wrapped and bowed individually. I did the same for wedding favors. I hate junk, but always feel guilty throwing it away of someone went through the trouble of picking it out. At least cookies are eaten and done.

Ashley Curtice 1 year ago

Dont spend sp much on the birthday then if the goodie bags are an issue. Dont invite so many people. No need to have 100 people there or tonspend $200 admission plus a $150 dinner on a kids bday party. Even just one cute cheap favor would be sufficiant. Buy in bulk, go to dollar store..make something at the party to take home..etc. there are ways to do it and not spend too much and still have them. I am not saying that party faavors are needed, but dont complain if you CHOSE to have an expensive party and invite a lot of kids.

Stina Kittiemeow Satanos 1 year ago

It’s funny cause where I am from now at kids bday parties they (the bday child) doesn’t open their gifts they received until AFTER the party is done with. The resoning? Letting the kids enjoy the party itself,actually playing an running off all the sugary bday cake. Also a parent once said “why do I want my kid watching some other kid open a gift they (their child) doesn’t or can’t have an then feel bad afterwards? When all they want to do is go back into the darn bounce house,video games,whatever, and play again?!” Why waste time at a place you pd too have a party at,watching them open gifts when they all can be playing together instead? I don’t know,I have mixed feelings about that one,it kinda makes sense to me,but then again I actually enjoyed seeing my buddies face when they opened their gifts. But I can also understand not all kids are like that either.

Wendy Martin 1 year ago

How about you do your kid’s party the way you want and I’ll do mine the way *I* want? If you’d rather your child not get a goodie bag, teach them to say “no thank you” and skip that part. Is this really worth ranting about?

Beth A Longnecker 1 year ago

A tradition here – giving a bag of candy as they leave! Get to hear all kinds of stories with kids (or their PARENTS) ASKING for them if some reason they do not get them—- or neighbor kids not invited, knocking on the door assign fro them! lol

Stacey Bass McPherson 1 year ago

I don’t even have to read this to like it – having my son’s birthday party next week, and the only “favor” they’ll be getting is a coupon for a game of laser tag from the venue!

Peggy Jillian Danson 1 year ago

Nope, I disagree. Thanking someone for coming and bringing a gift is good manners, and kids enjoy a little treat much more than a note

Amy Stein 1 year ago

I think you all are missing the point, it’s about the children, not you and they love it! If your child is happy over a piece of plastic so be it, it’s their excitement not about what you like!

Crissy Slominski Saracino 1 year ago

Every little kid I know likes them, and it makes my kids happy to hand them out at the end of their party. This is for parents who don’t feel like being bothered. It’s a nice gesture, and the bags are only crap if you put crap in them! If you don’t like them, don’t give them out, but nothing wrong with people who enjoy it. Personal preference. Be gracious.

Jaime Whittekiend 1 year ago

To each his own. Not a deal breaker, either way.

sarah 1 year ago

I don’t do ” party favors” but my twins were born around Easter. So we have a Easter egg hunt. The kids love it, it keeps them busy for awhile. Plus it makes them work for it….lol

Jessica Fillion 1 year ago

I actually do not agree. Some traditions should just never go away. With that said, yeah some of it is annoying crap, I just avoid a lot of those party favors. I’ll try to make goodie bags a part of the theme of the party and use some creativity. Like my son’s 2nd birthday party. It was pirate themed because it was also his golden birthday. For goodie bags I bought little wooden treasure boxes, stained them dark to look old, and put jeweled decals on them along with each child’s name. Inside, there was everything from golden chocolate coins of all sizes, candy ring pops, eye patches, little looking glass things, etc…..

Hope Borseth 1 year ago

I just very begrudgingly purchased party favors for my kids’ party in a few weeks. Every party I throw I huff and puff about the giant waste of money party favors are and how much I hate them, especially for weddings. You pay $30+ per person for a meal, have a bar, host a giant dance party to entertain your guest, serve them cake which costs approximately $2000 (give or take depending on the size of cake) and then you have to give them some cheap token of the event as a “thank-you.” Isn’t that what the thank-you notes are for? If I ever attend a wedding without party favors I will applaud the bride.

Sue Silverman 1 year ago

While we’re at it, let’s just end a yearly party that has to outdo last year’s party! Whatever happened to just having dinner and cake with family!? Enough!

Amy White-Huddleston 1 year ago

Agreed! I am appalled at the number of people who cannot take 2 minutes ro write a thank you card! And people wonder why our kids have no manners these days.

Lazy Arhaan 1 year ago

hi will u be my friend cuties if yes accept this flower n add me I’m block :) 😉

Denise Gleason Begley 1 year ago

I think favors can be nice as long as they are useful and pertain to the party. For my son’s Elmo party the favors were a bag of goldfish and a pack of crayons in a brown lunch bag with a tag that said Elmo loves his goldfish and crayons too Thanks for coming to my party!
Bags of useless dollar store junk are just a waste of time and money

Laura Puleo Garland Szadvari 1 year ago

Personally, I enjoy making them and the kids love them. This IS about the kids, right, and not about whether or not it Is an inconvenience to the moms…?

Shanel Whitfield Gahagen 1 year ago

I’m so glad my kids are two and 8 months and I don’t have to deal with this crap. Unless they actually ask to have a birthday party they will celebrate their birthdays with family where their birthdays will be about them and not about 20 other kids. All this party favors politics crap is ridiculous. Not judging other people – do it, don’t do it, whatever. Just my opinion.

Christine Pasek 1 year ago

So, I’m totally with giving this up too… However, I am throwing a theme party and to go with the theme each kid gets a character mask to wear during the party… Hope that’s not just “finding the loophole” bc I’m really excited about a bunch of cuties wearing (hopefully) character masks all party!!

Jenn Freaxx 1 year ago

Get them to take a piece of cake home or something if there’s leftovers.

Nikki Kadwell 1 year ago

I only gave goodie bags for my daughters 3rd and guess what… Most the kids didn’t even show. I think it’s a waste of money for the most part or it causes too much money to be spent

Bethanie Vi 1 year ago

I just don’t put crappy things in party bags. I like doing them but my daughter has only ever had 2 parties and she’s 9. She can have one this year, and can invite 5 friends because we moved from tiny apartment to a house but I it’s all too much and us more about patents competing than kids having fun. This yeR they’ll find that they’re making their own pizza and decorating their own cupcakes LOL

Stacey Becker Greenway 1 year ago


Tara Nycole Zackery 1 year ago

I’ve never done them.

Emily Rose Houts 1 year ago

I’m doing a little craft instead of goodie bags :)

Heather Baylies-Grigoreas 1 year ago

We don’t give them. The kids don’t even notice. We also ask for no gifts from our guests. The kids get gifts from their family and that is more than plenty. Our birthday parties are just for partying and being with family and friends. :)

Dee Dee Hensley Kasitz 1 year ago

Amen! Amen! Amen!

I started at age 1 NOT doing goodie bags – our parties for Girl #1 always had about 60 people (family, friends and neighbors) so there was NO way. When parties got smaller, I usually incorporated something they did AS their favor – 5th party at the park I bought hula hoops from the Dollar Tree for a race – they took them home. 6th sleepover? White pillow cases that they painted with fabric paint; 7th sleepover – inexpensive scrap book pages that they decorated (one went with them with a picture of the group and the other stayed with daughter for a birthday scrapbook created by her friends); fast forward to 10th birthday at crazy expensive indoor water park —- nada. A hug, a kiss and a big thank you! She has made thank you notes to send for them being with her to celebrate. Not a single person has ever turned down an invite to our parties because I don’t hand out stuff to every child. I feel like we are teaching them that celebrating OTHERS can only be done if everyone is celebrated and I certainly don’t want my girls to get that message. Gasp – I don’t buy both children presents on each other’s birthdays either!

Alicia Potts 1 year ago

I hate prepackaged goodie bags! It costs more, but creating your own goodie bags with better quality toys and candy is worth it..or just giving the kids something related to the party theme is nice too. I think goodie bags can be eliminated if there is a piñata and kids have candy to take home. Thank you cards aren’t necessary if your child opens the gifts during the party and thanks the gift-giver in person.

Elyse Dobkin Wexler 1 year ago

I dump the plastic favors into a bin up on the top shelf. Guess what you all get for favors. Reduce, reuse, recycle. You give crapy favors you get the right back.

Kate Van Gilder Hunt 1 year ago


Mary Schneider 1 year ago

lol We always did goodie bags, even when the kids were having teen parties… They’re just fun. I tried to stay away from the really cheap/annoying crap… One year we had a “make up party”, and the goodie bags had nail polish, a lip gloss, that kind of thing, all sample sizes from the $1 store of course, and the kids each got a small makeup/nail polish set to take home (since I wouldn’t let them share eye shadow). I think my daughter was a pre- or young teen that year.

They’re surely not a necessity by any means. I doubt my kids would’ve even noticed if someone didn’t have goodie bags at their party. That’s not what they were there for. They were just excited to hang out with their friends at a birthday party.

Thank yous, however, are absolutely necessary. It doesn’t have to be some big elaborate note, but I made sure my kids personally thanked each gift-giver.

(PS My kids’ parties were 5-8 kids at most, so goodie bags weren’t that big a deal. I see some parents have loads of kids at their parties… that would make it prohibitively expensive or a lot of work or both. No judgement, that’s just how we did it.) :)

Therese Fahey 1 year ago

Hey, I just entertained (and, fed) your kid…that’s the treat, folks! Goody bags drive me nuts. You know why you don’t get a gift?? It’s not **your** birthday. Fyi – I throw nice parties for my kids. The last one was to a corn maze/fall carnival ($200 for admission), dinner afterwards ($150). Luckily, the 15 passenger van we used for the hour drive was provided by a friend.

Melissa MacGillivray 1 year ago

I love giving goodie bags and favours at events. I love spending time picking them out, ordering them, packing them or wrapping them. I also like doing personal thank you cards. I’m a crazy party mama, birthdays, baptisms you name it! I love doing them all.

Christine Vinciguerra Cumiskey 1 year ago

I hate goodie bags! Coming home with whistles and noisemakers and other crap! The party should be enough.

Leighann Adams 1 year ago

Now we can’t give goodie bags? Poor kids

Bonny Fox 1 year ago

Have never done treat bags for a bday party. The treats are the cake/cupcakes and snacks I put out, the games played, or the day trip planned. My kids get to invite a few friends over for a sleepover or activity of their choice, like a zoo trip, and I make sure kids are fed and having fun. I despise those huge parties where everyone and their second cousin is in attendance. Talk about overkill!!

Kate Henderson 1 year ago

I like getting AND giving favors… It’s part of the whole party experience!

vic 1 year ago

I guess it depends on what you put in the bag.. I passed out about 10 this year at my sons party. I hand picked each item, something that I knew the guest would enjoy.

Erika Penner 1 year ago

We don’t do goodie bags anymore either

Allison Spiva Hunt 1 year ago

Yep, I boycotted this year and no one cared. The mommies were grateful.

Darcie Hutzell 1 year ago

I SO AGREE. especially if it’s a themed/destination party (pool, skating, zoo…) no favor needed if admission was paid to get you in.

Debbi Dever Martinez 1 year ago

Do whatever you want, give them or not. Don’t worry about what others are doing.

Tara Banfe Borrelli 1 year ago

Let’s forget the big party celebration for every kid altogether . It makes me feel bad that I don’t have time or money to throw a party for each of my 4 kids every year . A smallish party with family is sufficient I think

Ashley Coffey 1 year ago

They get cake and ice cream and get to go to a birthday party. I’ve never seen a kid looking for or expecting a gift bag. It’s just not necessary.

Jennifer Kranich Rice 1 year ago

I don’t hand them out personally. I feel it is a waste of money. If you want to hand them out, power to you. The problem I have is when your kid “will be asking for one”. We shouldn’t be raising our kids to EXPECT a goodie bag (especially when they are 5 or younger!).

Melissa K Jonyka 1 year ago

Thank you cards are awesome. My son’s party this year was at a ceramics painting shop, so what the kids painted was their party favor. Although my step mom made the kids candy leis, which I loved.

Kara Spivey Turner 1 year ago

Give. Don’t give. No big deal. Now, on to peace in the Middle East. :)

Kelly Beninghove 1 year ago


Catherine Ardis Trouteaud 1 year ago

Waste of money & plastic!
I don’t want that crap in my house, why should I buy it for yours?

Sydney Lanier Peters 1 year ago

I don’t hand out goodie bags.

Desirae Minaker 1 year ago

Seriously… the party itself is enough. I spend who knows how much cash to give your kids food, sweets and fun for a day. Then you want more? These are KIDS we are talking about here! They won’t even remember more than half of the birthday parties throw for them, let alone the ones they attend as anyways. What’s the point?

Angie Delp 1 year ago

I love putting together the goody bags! I do not fill them with crap, but it does take some thought and effort because we’re on a tight budget. We also do a craft at the party for kids to take home.
I know my 7-yr-old would totally flip if she didn’t get a goody bag at a party. Good! Disappointment is an important life lesson. If you don’t like favors, don’t give them out. :)

Deidre Westover 1 year ago

My mom always made awesome goodie bags. So did my aunts.

Sherease Renee 1 year ago

You do realize that you do not have to give out goody bags right? If you don’t want to, just keep it to yourself. No need to let the entire world know you are anti goody bag and then try to get other people to jump on your, “anti goody bag” bandwagon! Good grief people!

vic 1 year ago

why would you want to get rid of thank you cards?…I think its rude to not send thank you cards.

Leslie Veters Sharp 1 year ago

I hate the goodie bag that is filled with candy and plastic crap. I love the small books, coloring books & colors instead. Hell, even bubbles are fun.

Rachel Frommel 1 year ago

Why should kids get something just for attending? That’s setting them up for thinking they should ALWAYS get something for doing nothing

carolina 1 year ago

Thank God for your post, I felt like I was crazy to be thinking this for the longest time. I hate party favors, it is such a waste of money and just more crap to throw away.

Hannah Fabiani 1 year ago

Lol take a stand!

Catalina Jane 1 year ago


Tosha Knight 1 year ago


Leah Cusick 1 year ago

I agree, I despise party favours…both giving and receiving.

Barbara 1 year ago

Agreed! Since 95%of what my daughter gets goes straight in the garbage and not giving out anything will make you a pariah, I went simple. A .99 cent cup with a crazy straw and some chocolate. Done! No blowers, bubbles, balls or any other crap. If the kids don’t eat the chocolate, someone will. I’d rather do away with this wasteful tradition myself, totally silly.

Lissa V. Mumford 1 year ago

Your thank you to the guests is the party- games, cake, ice cream and other activities. Plus, we give birthdays gifts as a kindness and show of friendship. Want to say thanks? Give their kids a birthday gift at their party. My kids go to parties to celebrate their friends, show their love and friendship, not to get more stuff for themselves.

Ashley Coffey 1 year ago

I’m all for this new no treat-bag trend just because I HATE putting together treat bags and over-think it and stress about it needlessly. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving them out. I just don’t think it’s absolutely necessary and it’s one less thing I have to do when planning a party.

Tricia Kell 1 year ago

Our “goody bag” for last year’s party was also the party craft, been to quite a few parties like that now….this year I wasn’t so good ;D

Ashley Elizabeth Doyle 1 year ago

I love giving kids party favors. I think it’s a nice gesture.

Christie Dempsey Skerski 1 year ago

Really? I love the favors — why? because the kids love them — i dont even get why this is even an issue.. its not about us, its about the kids having a good time being kids.. I wont stop doing favors and if kids stop coming because of that, well then that is THEIR problem, not mine.

Nicole Gray Fortune 1 year ago

Or…maybe children don’t need a prom/wedding like birthday party each and every year.

Hannah Gill 1 year ago

I prefer sweeties and cakes goodie bags to cheap scrappy choking hazards. I like to bake so can do truffles, cookies or cupcakes.

Keri Prunty 1 year ago

only end them if they are the junk toys. The goodies are ok dad steals them anyway lol

Kiara James 1 year ago

I do and will continue to. It’s no big deal. Hell you don’t want your kid to get one? Tell me when you see me handing them out so I can let them know mommy said know. We all know they won’t play with the crap. My kids get gift bags and when we get home I put them up.

Gwendolyn Levine 1 year ago

I think a book or coloring book is a nice favor. Or something homemade – it doesn’t have to be an extravaganza.

Jennifer Quakenbush 1 year ago

If I could “like” this a million times, I would. I agree with you, but there’s actually a good chance I’ll continue giving them out anyway. I try to have the favor be something the kids participated in making at the party, but for the parties that don’t require such participation, they get a bag of junk. I want to stop, because I think it’s insane that it’s become “required”, rather than a “treat”, and think that the birthday kid should be the only one getting goodies at HIS/HER OWN PARTY! But it makes all of the kids happy, and that’s what it comes down to.

Paula Gill 1 year ago

Made pool noodle light sabers last year and homemade wands this year. No plastic crap here, and we played with them during the party!

Milena Alexander 1 year ago

I decorate with lots of helium balloons from the dollar store and let each kid take a couple home.

Melanie Mantos Whitley 1 year ago

I love how everyone is commenting what favors they give, as if that changes the entire point of the article.
I am I in 100% agreement.

Cassie Edwards 1 year ago

I love doing party bags , I always put good stuff in mine ,

Laura Atkin Wiedemann 1 year ago

I do party bags. This year I filled a bucket with different kinds of gum and candy…put a scoop in it and placed bags next to it for the kids to fill up. Some kids took tons, some took none. With over 100+ kids it was hard to keep track. It’s truly the choice of the party thrower! If you want to hand out gift bags, do it…if not, don’t!

Heather Clausen 1 year ago

I always give something, but not little bags filled with junk. I want to thank people for giving up their own family time to come and celebrate with us abd for taking the time to find a gift, wrap it, etc. I want to acknowledge their time and effort and expense as well. Plus, I like my child is thanking people and giving a small gift to thank their friends, a gift he helped make or choose. I wish thank yous weren’t expected though, I know I should them but sometimes they get sent three months after the party!

Joyce Brinton Anderson 1 year ago

YES!! I toss the goodie bag as soon as we get home, every single time. Save your money!

JoAnne Dietrich 1 year ago

My daughter had a sleepover party at home. We saved a ton of money by not doing an expensive indoor water park. The girls played games and earned cute prizes. They all loved it!

Cindy McLane Walsh 1 year ago

Awesome post! Love it! Let’s all jump on this bandwagon!

Wanda Clark 1 year ago

I love those little goody bags, I keep a stash of them (after dumping most of the candy) the little mini boxes of crayons and stickers rock when we are out at dinner or waiting for an appointment. I’d rather give my kiddo that than a tablet or my phone.

Shakaree Smith 1 year ago

I gave out little books from the dollar store for my daughters birthday and lots of them were Disney stories.

Selma Avdicevic 1 year ago


Danielle Dykas 1 year ago

Thank you cards are classy. They are more meant for family and family friends. Also if my children receive money they are required to send a thank you note. (Even if it has to be written by me). I do not usually sent thank you notes for a birthday party. I don’t like party favor bags. And if I do a pinata I fill it myself. I don’t like the pre-filled pinata, they are crap.

Kristen Petruccelli Andrews 1 year ago

I don’t care for favors either because of how much junk they usually are. But I always do some type of favor, just something small and not cheap. For my son’s birthday, I have given out a chocolate lollipop shaped like a plane and another year the favors were the mickey mouse shaped sugar cookies that they decorated at the party. For my daughter’s birthday, I gave out one small stuffed animal owl. I don’t force anyone to take them. There are no names on them. I guess if you are going to do a favor, do it right.

Windy Stallings Phillips 1 year ago

So on board with this. Like they need a bag of extra crap, right?

Jenna Muncer 1 year ago

My kids birthdays are in the fall, so I hand out mini pumpkins.

Caroline A. Robbins 1 year ago

We do bubble wands for the kids to use while at the party, once I gave coupons for the local city pool for public swim time. Also? A spread for the parents to munch while the kids play in lieu of loot bags is always a great thing. Ballooms can be fun too.

Marcela Marchesini Kapfer 1 year ago

No. I don’t agree. I think goody bags are fun and a nice surprise to the guests! It’s a way of saying thank you for coming. What I don’t get, are Thank You cards. Why? You say thank you to them, to their FACE, AT the party!

Tris Duquette Johnson 1 year ago

Isn’t the party enough?

Emily Ingham 1 year ago

YES! couldn’t agree more :)

Kathryn Richards 1 year ago

Some party favors are great! But this is really funny

Lori Ryan DaPos 1 year ago

Such a waste!

Shauntell Campbell 1 year ago

It’s proper manners to send thank you cards and I appreciate and give useful favors.

Shawna Parrish 1 year ago

We do “gifts” for our guests as well. We have done cupcake shaped bath bombs, mini “calm down jars”, tea cup and saucer (it was a mad hatter party) we even made edible play dough and paired it with a cookie cutter.

Laura Hohm 1 year ago

send a cupcake home with each kid. done. then mom can eat it anyway 😉

but why are we even debating thank you cards?? yes, you do them if your child is too young, or have them do them when they are old enough. not even something to be arguing about. saying thank you to the group is not enough.

Carole Whittaker-Bedard 1 year ago

I am so glad my son is passed this stage. We gave gift cards for $5.00 instead of a bag full of crappy Dollar Store stuff.

Alex Fox 1 year ago

I stopped lol. I do a small pinata and each kid gets what he/she can!

Kim Reinhard Jalet 1 year ago

I agree! No party favors. I do not, however, agree with getting rid of thank you notes, as some posters have suggested. If someone has gone to the trouble of choosing a gift for your child, that person deserves a thank you card. It’s about teaching your child manners and gratitude.

Vanessa Wieler 1 year ago

I will be doing party favors! But maybe just a bit of candy, or cookies or something like that. My mom always did it for us, and it was such a joy!!

Kelly Jeric Krueger 1 year ago

I didn’t do one this time around and a parent had the nerve to ask me where they were! Here’s a dollar, Lady…go buy some junk.

Erica Beck Price 1 year ago

Yes! I am so tired of getting goodie bags filled with stuff my child won’t play with or eat. It feels like a waste of money! It also clutters the house!

Shannon Armstrong Schultz 1 year ago

I won’t stop giving them out. Kids enjoy them. This is such a first world problem.

Larissa Ramirez 1 year ago

First, I have always given cups that match the party theme as favors. Something useful, cheap, and goes with the party. Second, to the mom who watched her kid go and DEMAND a party favor, you suck. That is all. :)

Laura Booth 1 year ago

I think those who don’t do favours are cheap and suck.

Alisa 1 year ago

Thank you! Thank you! I was so close this year to starting this trend….I throw a big backyard dual birthday bash for my daughter and son and we have 25+ kids here…I almost didn’t do it.. but I went with glowing object and a cheesy coloring book…its not happening next year! Lets unite!

Clean : : The LuSa Organics Blog 1 year ago

We’ve opted for small parties and small (thirfted or homemade) gifts. An old tea cup with a crystal inside after a tea party for example. One year kids made bubble wands at the party and their “gift” was the wand they made plus some homemade bubble juice in a jar. Boom. Done. I say it’s time to rewrite the rules!

Eleni Rae 1 year ago

I hate it when they are all filled with candy! The hard, loaded with sugar terrible kind of candy! I have fun doing party favours but I would rather give out books or something little that goes along with the theme of the party if we have one.

Robin Monique 1 year ago

agreed!! and sharing. Esp since my sons party is next weekend. Im forewarning all the parets of the kiddos that are invited :-)

The Atomic Mom 1 year ago

Amen, and Amen!! I could do with less parties as well. I don’t think a kid needs a birthday party every year.

Kati Sanders 1 year ago

i like doing favors. i always handmake them, and since we always have pinatas the bags give the kids something to bring the stuff home.
so, do away with the cheap generic favors. and thank you cards because i suuuuuuck at those.

Amanda Arkow Wagner 1 year ago

I gave away kites this past year’s party. They were well received…at least to my face. :)

Twyla Norris 1 year ago

I always said the person who invented birthday party goodie bags should be shot! (Maybe exaggerting a little!)

Nicole J Estrella 1 year ago

I never waste my money on favors!

Sarah Gilbert 1 year ago

Yes please. My feet will thank you. No more plastic jewelry to step on!

Janine Baker Hughes 1 year ago

HECK yeah! Getting ready to do my son’s party and there will NOT be any favor bags for the kids. This is a crazy tradition that whoever started needs to be shot!

Stephanie Kirby 1 year ago

<3 Agree!

Vanessa Brown 1 year ago

Or keep the party favors thing and get rid of Thank You Cards….. Seriously one or the other not both.