A Letter From Mom To The Bacteria Inside My Kid

A Letter From Mom To The Bacteria Inside My Kid

Sponsored by Culturelle


Sponsored by Culturelle

Presented by Culturelle® Kids and Culturelle® Kids Regularity who has compensated the author for this story.

Dear Bacteria,

It’s Nadia and Oliver’s mom here and we need to talk. When the kids were born, I spent hours boiling, scrubbing, and disinfecting you from any surface they touched. No offense to you little bundles of filth, but I’ve heard too many scary stories to take chances.

When we started potty training (and because I have no life), I spent an insane amount of time analyzing my kids’ digestive functions. I was always on a mission to know: Did she go? What color was it? Did he wipe? I’m not a neat freak, but I was trying so hard to keep the kids healthy. Even so, there were still times when their little tummies got thrown off.

That’s when I realized I had it all backwards. Instead of packing antibacterial cleansers in every pocket I own, I should really be focused on how to get more of you good guy bacteria into my kids and how to keep you there. I guess that makes me a probiotic procrastinator.

Why did none of the unsolicited parenting advice I got mention that all the hand sanitizer in the world is never going to make it into my kids’ gut — where 70% of their immune system lives? Someone really needs to write a baby book called What to Expect When You Are Expecting Occasional Diarrhea. Or better yet, What to Expect When the School Bus Is Outside and Your Kid Is Still on the Toilet.

So this is a shout-out to you Lactobacillus GG for helping me step up my probiotic game. You are the one who helps keep my kids healthy and regular from the inside-out.* You literally are a superhero, able to survive stomach acids and still stick around to help keep a Zen balance down there.* (If you share my love of intestinal fun facts, the “GG” stands for Gorbach and Goldin — the two dudes who discovered you.)

I will admit, I thought yogurt alone was doing the job of bringing in healthy bacteria, but again, team GG, you guys come out a step ahead. Since my kids will only eat yogurt that tastes like candy, the sugar content in there may have all but killed any good bacteria from the get-go. Any of you cells lucky to still be alive after sitting on a store shelf may not even make it past the stomach, like only a few rock stars like Lactobacillus GG can do.*

So from now on, I roll with Culturelle® Kids Regularity and Probiotic Packets and Chewables which are full of Lactobacillus GG. Culturelle Packets and Chewables help keep my kids’ digestion in check, and Regularity is my go-to for when I need them to “go” if you know what I mean.* Culturelle Kids Regularity even contains fiber from prunes, chicory root, and kiwi — making it gentle, safe, and drug-free.

Thanks to you GG, I’m now a pro at balancing my kids’ bacterial mojo. I’ve also stopped asking what color it is, so I’d say that’s progress.


Oliver & Nadia’s Mom


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†Based on a 2016 survey among pediatricians recommending a probiotic brand.