A Letter To My Sensitive Boy

by Sara Lindberg
Milosz_G / Shutterstock

Dear Son,

You are nearing your 6th birthday, and I want to freeze time and keep you my Tender Heart. Your kind heart and sensitivity are sometimes seen as a weakness in boys. Your empathy and the tears you so easily shed are seen as “girl-like.” Please don’t ever let anyone make you feel “less than” because of that.

I have so many things I want you to know about girls. If I could have one wish granted, it would be that you view every girl in your life as you view me—to honor them, respect them, see them as perfect, just the way they are. I love how you view the world through a lens of optimism and hope. As you get older, please promise me that you will always look at a girl first with your heart, then with your eyes. See her for who she is—her mind, her heart, her soul. Respect her wishes. She is in control of her body.

Stand up to the boys who view girls as objects. Show them that boys can be gentle and kind. Teach them that a girl is their equal in mind and body. Encourage the girls around you to disregard the negative and embrace the positive. Use your amazing ability to connect with people as a tool to instill change in your peers. Always remember the sacred words your dad has taught you about girls. Learn from him. He is the boy who stands up to others and expects girls to be treated as equals.

I know life can be hard for a sensitive boy. Don’t ever let the majority influence who you are. You have a unique power brewing in that gentle soul of yours. Lead others to be the best version of themselves.

You are strong, tough, kind, gentle and funny. There is room for all of those things in your life. If you ever find yourself doubting who you are, remember the words of Molly Lou Melon’s grandma: “Smile big and the world will smile right alongside of you.”