20 Reasons We're Going To The Beach Today Even Though It's About To Rain

by Brenda Janowitz and Jessica Shevitz Rauch
Originally Published: 

So, you made your plans. Today is the day you’re going with your friend to the beach. Without kids. Too good to be true? Maybe. Because it’s about to rain. But you’re going anyway. And here’s why:

1. It’s summer. That’s what you do.

2. The beach chairs, towels and cooler are already in the trunk.

3. The summer leisure pass is already bought and on the window of your car.

4. You already put on sunscreen.

5. You’re too lazy to think of a new plan.

6. No one ever got hurt by a little rain, did they?

7. You’re an optimist!

8. Okay, you’re stubborn.

9. You don’t feel like doing all of those pesky errands on your to-do list.

10. You don’t have to rush back home because your kids are at camp. All day. All. Day. Long. (Angels sing in background.)

11. Ahem. Today? It’s your beach day.

12. If you go today, you’ll REALLY appreciate the beach the next time you go when there’s a clear blue sky. You’re all about future feelings of gratitude.

13. You just remembered that there’s a restaurant at the beach that serves guacamole and chips. And more importantly, sangria.

14. You’re not scared of your bathing suit.

15. And you did buy that new bikini. Yes, it will be under your sweatshirt and sweatpants today, but you’re wearing it, so it totally counts.

16. The sun is bad for you, anyway. Sun? Bad for you. Sand between your toes? Good for you.

17. Tomorrow is that doctor’s appointment you foolishly didn’t take care of during the winter (aka, the school year) back when you couldn’t even remember what a beach day was.

18. The day after tomorrow, it’s lunch at that new place. You and your friends keep rescheduling, and you are NOT rescheduling this time. Unless it’s sunny.

19. Fine, so you’ve overbooked your summer. Again. But that doesn’t change the fact that today is your scheduled beach day.

20. You forgot that Magic Mike XXL is out in theaters.

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