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Watch This Single Dad's Adorable Attempt To Find A Date To An Amusement Park

The TikTok video went viral and found the dad a rollercoaster buddy.

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When a single dad recorded a video looking for a date, he didn't expect it to go viral.
TikTok / @chrisc1978

There is something very endearing about a guy being vulnerable and open. Maybe that’s due to toxic masculinity that rears its ugly head in society or possibly because when we see a real guy share his feelings (and not some perfect character in an early ‘00s romcom) we just can’t help but smile. Maybe that’s why one single dad on TikTok is going viral for admitting that he’s looking for love (or maybe just a fun date that involves rollercoasters).

Chris Cozad, 44, posted a TikTok which he framed as a dating "ad", hoping to find a date for himself as he planned to take his teenaged daughter and her friend to the amusement park, King’s Island.

“I am a single — divorced — 44-year-old dad from Ohio. I’m looking for a single woman preferably 34 years old — at least 34 years old,” he said, seemingly nervous while literally twiddling his thumbs.

He added that he was looking for a non-smoker who enjoyed rollercoasters and who was “as much fun” as he is.

“Don’t let the gray hairs and the beard fool you. I also have the dad-bod to go with it. If that’s not enough incentive, this also comes with a Fast Lane Plus pass, so we can skip the roller coaster lines all day long,” he joked.

The adorable video went viral, racking up 3.1 million views and over 250,000 comments. Some of those comments even coming from single women who were actually interested in a date with Cozad. One user wrote, “I have someone for you! My best friend Tiffany. Are you interested?!?!?”

If the story couldn’t get any cuter, in a follow-up video, Cozad explained that the dating ad was “80% for fun, 20% for real” and thanked everyone for all the kind words. He also noted that one particular comment on the video got his attention, but not for a date.

“I’m a widow … I have 2 little boys ... I’m 34 years old. .. I don’t smoke! I’m down for this handsome,” the commenter wrote. While Cozad didn’t end up going to King’s Island with that particular woman, he did promise to sponsor a trip for her and her two boys to go. He also announced he would pick a new family to sponsor every year.

In a final part to the dating ad TikTok saga, Cozad posted a TikTok of himself, his daughter (who seems delighted in the entire saga), her friend, and his actual date that he brought!

“This here is my friend Stephanie who has accompanied me to King’s Island today,” he says to the camera while putting his arm around Stephanie.

Though Stephanie appears shy and doesn’t say a word, she gives the camera a quick wave.

“See, she’s real!” Cozad jokes.

Here’s to putting yourself out there, supportive teenagers, rollercoasters, and thoughtful guys. Let’s hope for more updates from Chris and Stephanie in the future.

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