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75+ Animal Trivia Questions & Answers That'll Take Kids On A Wildlife Trek

Bond with your little budding zoologist.

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 Animal trivia games for kids

To the unscientific eye, sharks can seem crazy scary (thank you, Shark Week!). But were you aware that baby sharks are called pups? How can something so frightening have the most adorable baby name?! Thanks to Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music, you probably know that a doe, a deer, is a female deer! Kids are super curious, especially when it comes to learning about groups of animals. Needless to say, your brain has probably stored away enough trivia facts about long-neck animals, sea creatures, and reptiles to fill an encyclopedia. So why not put those peculiar mammal facts to use with an extensive animal trivia sheet for your future zoologist?

Your family may already know the answer to a handful of these trivia questions — such as, how many legs does a spider have? However, some of these may even catch adults by surprise. Since when are orcas considered dolphins, not whales? Nevertheless, your tiny animal lover will be enthused to have a new trough of amusing animal facts to share with their friends and classmates.

Keep reading to learn about your favorite wildlife and to get your kiddo amped about a trip to the zoo. They also make for a nice refresher from those silly animal puns.

Land Animal Trivia

  1. Which bird symbolizes the strength and freedom of America? Bald eagle.
  2. How long is an elephant pregnant before it gives birth? 22 months.
  3. What is a group of lions called? Pride.
  4. What is the tallest animal in the world? Giraffe.
  5. What is the smallest animal in the world? Bumblebee bat.
  6. Which mammal spends most of its day sleeping? Koala.
  7. What do you call a female deer? Doe.
  8. What do you call a male deer? Buck.
  9. Which bird is a symbol for good luck? Stork.
  10. What is a group of deer called? Herd.
  11. How many legs does a spider have? Eight.
  12. How many fingers do pandas have? Six.
  13. What's the fastest animal? Cheetah.
  14. What do rabbits love to eat? Lettuce.
  15. Which bird is a symbol of hope? Sparrow.
  16. Which bird doesn't fly? Ostrich or penguin.
  17. How many human years is the equivalent of one dog year? Seven.
  18. How many human years is the equivalent of one panda year? Three.
  19. What's the only mammal that's able to fly? Bat.
  20. What are a rhino's horns made out of? Hair.
  21. Which animal jokingly has nine lives? Cat.
  22. What animal loves to munch on bamboo? Panda.
  23. How many types of calls do gorillas have? 16.
  24. What do monkeys have that apes don't? Tails.
  25. How far can a skunk's spray reach? 10 feet.
  26. How do snakes smell if they don't have noses? Through their tongue.
  27. What is a group of monkeys called? Mission or tribe.
  28. What does a male penguin often gift to a female to win her over? A pebble.
  29. A dog sweats through which part of its body? Its paws.
  30. What color is a polar bear's skin under its fur? Black.

Water Animal Trivia

  1. What is the largest animal in the world? Antarctic blue whale.
  2. How many hearts does an octopus have? Three.
  3. Which animal does the nickname "sea cow" belong to? Manatee.
  4. How do sea otters prevent themselves from drifting apart while they sleep? They hold hands.
  5. Which body part isn't found in all whales? Teeth.
  6. Which whale has a tusk? Narwhal.
  7. What kind of animal is an orca or "killer whale"? Dolphin.
  8. How bones does a shark have? Zero.
  9. How do you tell a shark's age? By counting the rings on their vertebrae.
  10. Which shark has the strongest bite? Bull shark.
  11. What is the fastest fish in the world? The sailfish.
  12. What is the tall fin of a fish called? Caudal fin.
  13. What are the stinging cells of a jellyfish called? Cnidocytes.
  14. What part of a fish can be found in lipsticks, nail polishes, and mascara? Scales.
  15. What group of fish are seahorses closely related to? Pipefishes.
  16. What invertebrate can change their sex? Oyster.
  17. How does a sea cucumber defend itself? It throws up.
  18. What is a mass of jellyfish floating together known as? A smack.
  19. How big is the wingspan of the wandering albatross, the world's biggest seabird? 11 feet.
  20. Which marine mammals have the thickest coat of fur? Sea otters.
  21. How do fish breathe underwater? They use their gills.
  22. Is coral a plant or an animal? Both!
  23. Which undersea creatures are known for making electricity? Electric eels, electric rays, and electric catfish.
  24. Which fishes blow themselves up like balloons? Porcupine fish and puffer fish.
  25. Which animals make their homes out of empty seashells? Hermit crabs.
  26. Which male sea creature carries the fertilized eggs of the female in an abdomen pouch? The seahorse.
  27. What is the biggest scaleless freshwater fish? The giant catfish.
  28. What fish has a rodlike protuberance with a fleshy tip on its head? Anglerfish.
  29. Do flying fish really fly? No, they glide.
  30. What do toucans toss back and forth with their beaks as part of their mating ritual? A piece of fruit.
  31. How many times per second can a honey bee flap its wings? 200
  32. What is the only type of animal that has the ability to live forever? A jellyfish.
  33. What kind of animal can only eat upside down? Flamingos.
  34. What are the pincers of a crab called? Chelae.

Baby Animal Trivia

  1. What is a baby fox called? Pup, cub, or kit.
  2. What is a baby goat called? Kid.
  3. What is a pack of baby cubs called? Littler.
  4. What is a group of sea turtle eggs called? Clutch.
  5. What determines the sex of a baby sea turtle? The sand nest's temperature.
  6. What is a baby shark called? Pup.
  7. Which two baby animals are referred to as calves? Giraffe and cow.
  8. How many pounds can a baby blue whale gain in a day? 250 lbs.
  9. What's another name for baby rabbits? Kittens.
  10. How long does it take a baby orangutan to wean in the wild? Up to 8 years.
  11. What is a group of baby porcupines called? A prickle.
  12. What is the name of a baby swan? Cygnet.
  13. How long do baby sloths stay with their moms? Up to four years!
  14. How much do baby pandas weigh when they're born? 3.5 ounces.
  15. What is the special noise that mama cats used to call their kittens? A "chirr" or "chirrup."

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