Ariel Winter To Body-Shamers: 'Please Get A Hobby'

by Ashley Austrew
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Ariel Winter in a black dress posing at a red carpet event
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Ariel Winter claps back at body-shamers who criticized her graduation party dress

It’s been a big month for Ariel Winter. The Modern Family actress just graduated from high school and revealed she’ll be attending UCLA in the fall. She announced all of this on Instagram, along with a photo of herself from her graduation party, but despite all of her celebration-worthy accomplishments, people chose to shame her for what she was wearing instead.

Winter’s photo shows her rocking a form-fitting pink dress with a cut-out in the middle. She’s smiling and posing in front of a huge table decked out with balloons, candy, and a giant cake with a graduation cap on top.

In the photo’s caption, Winter thanked her family for celebrating with her, getting her through high school, and helping her get accepted to college. Little did she know, her dress was pretty much the only thing people would notice.

Within hours of the photo being up, it had hundreds of comments. Some were the standard “congratulations” or “you look great,” but many more took Winter to task for her “inappropriate” graduation party attire.

“Girl you need to cover up. Respect your body!”
“And the porn star of the year goes to…
“Youre 18 stop dressing like a whore [sic]”
“She’s only 18. My parents would smack me if I pulled that shit at my high school graduation party.”
I’m sure your family was very proud. Are we majoring in stripping?
“Don’t complain about people oversexualizing you and looking at you as just a ‘pair of tits’ when you post this. You can’t blame society for looking at whats thrown in their faces and saying something about it.”

Um, ew.

Yahoo Style found the dress so appalling, they even got a psychiatrist to analyze the 18-year-old’s clothing choices, and wrote that she’s “dressing provocatively” because of “self-esteem issues causing her to seek attention to fill the emotional holes.”

Can we please just let this girl live?

Winter is 18. She just graduated. She’s excited about the future and just entering the world as an official “grown-up.” She got a breast reduction last year and has spoken over and over again about how much more confident she feels in her body. So, she wore a dress that shows a little cleavage. Who cares? Stop tearing her down and just let her have moment in the sun, Internet.

This isn’t the first time Winter has been criticized for her fashion choices, and she’s not one to back down in the face of body-shaming. Last year, she fired back at people who slammed her for posting a bikini photo on social media, writing, “I am not only standing up for myself but for all other girls out there — when they are dressing a certain way they aren’t ‘asking’ for anything — and for to insinuate that is uncalled for.”

This time, Winter was even more straight-forward, telling critics she looked hot as hell in that dress and to “please get a hobby.”

She also posted a second photo of herself in a tank top and jeans, where she wrote, “Embrace all that you are. Don’t let those outside voices become your inner voice #thisismybody #mychoice #loveyourcurves.”

Sounds like good advice to us.

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