Bearaby’s Cuddler Pillow Is Bendable, Moldable, & Oh-So-Comfortable

Cozy just got an upgrade.

by Lauren Beach
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Bearaby customizable body pillows
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As a parent, if you have a chance to kick up your feet and chill (or better yet, nap!), you don’t want the moment ruined by the wrong pillow. And if you’re pregnant, getting comfortable is even more complicated. Whether you’re expecting or not, if you find yourself using five pillows in an attempt to position yourself just right, we found the solution. Treat yourself or send a pointed email to your partner, because Bearaby’s Cuddler full-body pillow is exactly what you’ll want for the holidays.

Bearaby, the sustainable home wellness company that makes snuggly self-care products like the chunky-knit weighted Napper Blanket, has created the ultimate customizable full-body pillow that cradles your entire body. The Cuddler lets you get the shut-eye you desperately need by molding into the exact position you require to get comfortable — all with the help of breathable, ergonomic cushioning.

Fast Facts:

  • About Bearaby: All of Bearaby’s self-care items are sustainably made and medically researched. The Cuddler full-body pillow, along with the new Hugget knot pillow, make up the brand’s sensory pillow offerings.
  • Noteworthy Materials: The Cuddler pillow’s incredible responsiveness is thanks to its proprietary Melofoam that’s derived from rubber tree sap that’s steamed to make the cushiest foam.
  • Sustainability Stats: The entire pillow is vegan, organic, biodegradable, and compostable; the Melofoam is GOLS-certified and the washable outer cover is GOTS-certified, which means the pillow meets the global gold standard for organic latex and organic fibers all along the supply chain.
  • Customization Options: If you get the Cuddler + Cover bundle ($328) you can choose from six lovely colors and two plush cover materials: a luxurious smooth eco-velvet or a soft cotton knit.

What Makes The Cuddler So Soothing

The Cuddler is the aptly named full-body pillow that one reviewer describes as “the one pillow to rule them all.” Unlike more limiting straight body pillows or static curved models that you have to flip when you turn over, the Cuddler is flexible enough that it can be tied into a knot, then bounce back to any position from straight to a U- or S-curve (and everything between) to support your neck, spine, hips, and knees.

Its versatile, customizable shape means it helps everyone find a comfortable position, from side sleepers to back and front sleepers, to those mamas with a growing bump to accommodate. Another bonus: It’s much longer than other body pillows on the market, clocking in at almost 7 feet in length.

Despite its luxe eco-friendly natural materials and impressive length, the Cuddler weighs less than 9 pounds, making it easy to lift and move around as you see fit — from bed to couch and back again.

What’s Inside

Bearaby makes natural products that are as safe for Mother Earth as they are for moms and moms-to-be — there’s no wondering and worrying about this pillow off-gassing sketchy chemicals. The Cuddler is made from natural rubber sap — tapped directly into coconut shells no less — and then steamed into an airy, all-natural foam.

The entire pillow is biodegradable and compostable (not that you’ll want to give it up any time soon!) and it’s created in an entirely waste-free fashion; even the aforementioned coconuts used to gather the sap are later composted to help the rubber trees flourish. The Melofoam used is GOLS-certified, which Bearaby explains means “it’s completely organic, socially responsible, and traceable through every step of the supply chain.”

The pillow’s deluxe removable outer shell is made using silky-soft GOTS-certified organic cotton that is washable to keep your pillow fresh.

Why Moms & Moms-To-Be Love The Cuddler

Whether you’re trying to take a nap while pregnant, need back support feeding a baby on the couch, or you’re trying to find a comfy position in bed while you snatch a few hours of sleep when you can, the Cuddler can ergonomically support your body.

While it certainly can gently curve around and under a pregnancy bump to ease you into the most comfortable position possible, the Cuddler isn’t designed to be solely a pregnancy pillow. This is a buy that will keep you cozy for years, maximizing your comfort when you (finally) get the chance to relax and binge Netflix with a pint of ice cream in hand.

What Are The Cuddler Cover Options?

To match any bedroom — or living room — you can add a removable, washable cover in one of six rich-looking neutral and jewel-toned eco-velvet or knit materials. Even better, the colors (like Cloud White, Evening Rose, Moonstone Grey, and Midnight Blue) match Bearaby’s Napper blankets, so you can create a matching set if you’re interested in creating the ultimate haven.

Final Thoughts

If you’re anything like us, all you want for the holidays is a week or two of solid sleep. Since that isn’t quite possible, the Cuddler is the next best thing. This cushy, soothing pillow will help you get the best possible sleep now — and for years to come.

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