Don’t Sweat It: The 23 Best Deodorants For Women’s Underarms AND Private Parts

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by Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
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Iron Free Deodorant For Women

Looking for the best deodorant for your armpits … and perhaps other various *private parts* (yep, we’re talking vag and butt deodorant)? You’ve come to the right place. Also, you’re not alone: For the record “best deodorant for smelly armpits female” is a common search term, so there you have it. Now, let’s get into it! Sweat: It’s a necessary bodily function — and a sign that your body is working properly — but between pit stains, wetness, clothing discoloration (see also: best laundry detergents!), and odor, perspiration can be the source of some real unpleasantness. Enter: deodorants that actually work. The new options available to fight sweat and the bacteria that make it smell bad are plentiful — which isn’t totally surprising because exactly no one wants damp and/or smelly pits. So which are the best non-toxic deodorants for women and feminine deodorants for, um, “down there”? We’ve done a deep dive to find out.

What to look for (and avoid) in women’s deodorant:

You can usually spot all-natural deodorants from the label, as most brands want to make it clear that they are using clean ingredients. According to dermatology specialist Jennifer M. Wong, if things aren’t so clear, you can always search for natural ingredients on the back of deodorant products. Look for ingredients like clove oil, orange peel oil, cacao seed butter, and the word “natural” in general.

Wong also said it’s important to avoid certain products in deodorants. Things such as parabens, aluminum chloride, triclosan, phthalates, parfum, and alcohol are huge no-no’s! But luckily most of these are not found in natural and vegan deodorants.

“Parabens are added to many over-the-counter products,” Wong adds. “The reason to avoid parabens is because they mimic the effect of estrogen, thus confusing the body’s endocrine system.”

What’s the best natural deodorant for sweat?

Perspiration occurs for various reasons—and not all sweat is the same. An ass-kicking cardio class isn’t going to produce the same type of sweat as stressing out over a work deadline, for example. Other conditions can cause excessive sweating, like menopause (fun) or hyperhidrosis (delightful). Talk to your doc if you’re concerned about your sweat, or if you’ve noticed any changes in the past month or so.

For athletes in particular, Wong suggests natural deodorants such as Native or Schmidt’s (which we’ve included in the list below!).

What’s the best women’s deodorant for odor?

Luckily, there are lots of awesome options to choose from! Whether you prefer a solid deodorant, a cream for sensitive skin, or a deodorant wipe for a quick cool-down, finding the right pick for your specific needs is totally no sweat. (Sorry!) And don’t for a second think that you can skip deodorant now that we’re heading into the cooler months. Guess what? Between trips to the apple orchard, leaf-peeping adventures with the kiddos, and achieving that vital work-life balance (homeschooling and working from home), you’re still going to sweat buckets!

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