21 Easter Baskets That Are Egg-Cellent For Your Spring Celebrations And Beyond

by Michelle Sparks
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Best Easter Baskets

Being the Easter Bunny is hard work. You have to buy the presents, fill the Easter baskets, hide the eggs, get the candy—all without your kids ever catching onto you. We’re tired just thinking about it. And while we can’t help you hide the eggs (good luck with that!) or buy the candy (every parent’s nightmare), we can help you pick the best Easter basket and hopefully give you a few great Easter basket ideas too.

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Sure, there are the classic wicker baskets you remember from your childhood but there are also more colorful and kid-worthy princess baskets, unicorn baskets, and even a color-changing basket for the super extra parents among us (you know who you are). Plus, most of these baskets can be reused year after year or, better yet, as decor or toys year-round.

To help you—or rather, the Easter Bunny—out, we’ve selected some of the best Easter baskets you can order online and have delivered right to your house before the big day. Whether you want something traditional or something a little more over-the-top, these are our top picks. And if you’re looking to fill your basket with Easter crafts and toys (meaning-not candy), we’ve got that, too.

Easter Baskets For Kids

Personalized Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets For Boys

Easter Baskets For Girls

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Adult Easter Baskets

Pre-filled Easter Baskets

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