Mom Approved Rainbow Sparkle Unicorn Easter Basket 2020

How to Create A Unicorn Themed Easter Basket That’s Totally Magical

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Fact: Kids go apeshit for unicorns–but, of course, you knew that already. With Easter coming upon us fast and furious, crush the whole parenting thing by swapping the bunny theme for a unicorn Easter basket this year. Because who couldn’t use a little more magic in their life?

The mythical unicorn trend has been holding strong for a few years now, showing no signs of slowing down or fading from kids’ memories–and really, can you blame them? The sparkles, the rainbows, the flowing manes with flowery crowns, and the utter fantasy of it all–it’s like kid catnip! In other words, perfect for an Easter basket.

Putting together a last-minute unicorn Easter basket is easier than you might think. There are tons–like tons–of horned-horse-adorned options out there, from the actual basket itself to candy and treats to games, activity books, stickers, accessories, and more. You name it, there’s a unicorn-themed version available somewhere.

That said, there are a lot of mythical-inspired picks that are more “meh” than magical. To help narrow down what to buy for your little bunny’s Easter basket, we dove into the world of unicorn everything and found some of the cutest, most beloved, best reviewed, quality items to shop this year–all of which can be delivered just in time for the holiday. Here are nine ways to bring rainbows and sparkles right to your door this Easter.

Unicorn Easter Basket Picks:

Spritz 8" Plush Easter Basket Unicorn

Bunnies are cute, but mythical, horned horses are better–just ask your mini. Switch it up this holiday with a plush pink unicorn Easter basket that brings the extra bit of magic you and your kiddos need this year. Stuff it with small gifts or candy, then let the little ones use it to collect Easter eggs now, and store other “must-haves” (like figurines, Legos, and other essentials) later. I.e., Halloween, anyone? Part stuffed animal, part Easter basket, part storage unit, this is the kind of fun find the kids will want to tote around long after the holiday, which is a total win because who really needs any more unused (or one-time used) stuff cluttering up the house? No one, that’s who. As the saying goes, “Target does it again.”


Twee 3-Piece Unicorn Horn Sidewalk Chalk Set

What’s better than drawing on surfaces that aren’t typically meant to be drawn on? Using a magical unicorn horn to do so, of course! Twee’s unicorn horn sidewalk chalk set comes with three USA-made, horn-shaped chalk pieces sized specifically for little hands–each one is 3.5 inches in height and about 1.75 inches in diameter. Aside from being super pretty to look at (regular chalk could never!), these actually work well, according to reviewers, making them the perfect gift for Easter–or any other day. As one customer said, “I bought the unicorn chalk for my granddaughter for her birthday. They arrived in a nice box and she absolutely loves them. They fit perfectly in her hand and they work so well on the asphalt and concrete. I will definitely be ordering more.” Another raved, I wish I could give more than 5 stars! It’s beautiful – can’t believe it is chalk! Love it SO much.”


Cat & Jack Purple Unicorn Glitter Headband

Obviously, a unicorn Easter basket isn’t complete without a dreamy, on-theme headband. A glittery unicorn horn, ears, and tulle accents all in pretty pale purple? Who wouldn’t love this? A must-have in any unicorn-obsessed kid’s wardrobe, this pick from Target’s Cat & Jack line will pair perfectly with all the rest of the frilly, sparkly, fantastical pieces you’ve already purchased–and it won’t fall apart in a day, either. “I have a few little sisters who are big fans of anything pink and unicorn,” wrote one reviewer, “This headband was a perfect gift for them. The quality is great.” This headband definitely gives us all the magical feels. Making a little someone extremely happy for under $10? That’s what we call a return on an investment.


Unicornucopia Unicorn Barf Cotton Candy

You know you really love your kids when you buy them treats named for vomit. Despite the fact that it’s meant to represent something a mythical horse regurgitated, Unicornucopia’s rainbow cotton candy is actually quite tasty, according to reviewers. One described it as “Great stuff, better than at the fair for flavor,” while another noted “This was great cotton candy…It was also delicious so everyone wanted cotton candy on their cupcake.” With six colorful flavors including cherry, peach, pineapple, lime, blueberry, and grape, this fun tub of fluff is the kind of treat your kiddos will go nuts for. Speaking of nuts, this barf is made in a facility that may process nuts, but is otherwise  allergen-free, meaning no gluten, soy, nuts, or dairy. Pure sugary goodness and happy, hopped-up kiddos? Happy Easter, y’all!


Unicorns & Magic (Paint by Sticker Kids Series)

Stickers are always a gift/activity win–except when they end up stuck on your walls, or in your hair, or on the dog–but we’ll take this much less messy paint alternative any day! In this fun, fanciful book, kids can ‘color in’ images of unicorns, fairies, a princess, dragons, and more by finding the numbered sticker and placing it in the appropriate spot (hence, the Paint by Stickers title). All pages are perforated, meaning your little artists can tear out their masterpieces to hang up or give as gifts. Bonus: It helps little ones with number recognition and makes for a great screen-free activity. “My 5yo daughter LOVES this book! It quietly entertains her for a while. We’ll definitely be purchasing more of these!” said one reviewer. In fact, multiple reviewers rave about how this book keeps kids busy for hours–yes, hours–so, suffice it say, you should probably put this one at the top of your unicorn Easter basket  shopping list.


Baby Mushroom Unicorn Slime Kit

For better or for worse, slime is what kids want–and we can’t escape it, so why bother? For your unicorn- and slime-obsessed kid, this kit comes with a full assortment of tools, containers, and ingredients to make “beautiful, fluffy, buttery unicorn slime.” (Okay.) It includes four packs of colored modeling clay, activator, lotion, and baking soda, as well as a whole bunch of unicorn-adorned items like a slime storage container with sticker and a drawstring backpack. There’s enough here to keep your little Easter bunny occupied for a good long while and according to the reviews, it doesn’t disappoint. “The instructions were super clear. The ingredients were very high quality…They were both able to easily make all the slime (and it came out perfectly – YouTube-worthy even),” said one. YouTube worthy! High praise, indeed.


TWOHANDS Glitter Paint Markers

If there’s nothing glittery included, did you even really make a unicorn Easter basket? This glitter marker set includes 12 colors–all of the rainbow, of course, as well as gold and silver–and are safe for people of all ages to use. Keep your kids busy and encourage their inner artistes with these vibrant sparkly drawing pens, and maybe even give them a try yourself (a daily to-do list feels just more fun when written in glitter, no?). Several reviewers noted how enjoyable they are to use, including one who said “I bought these just because I love glittery things and they write so pretty! The glitter actually swirls around in the ink until it dries! My daughter took them to school to work on an in-class project and everyone loved them! Will definitely buy again!” Something you and the littles can enjoy? Sounds good to us.



Peaceable Kingdom Fairies & Unicorns Tic Tac 3 in A Row Game

Trick your little into learning things like how to follow rules, take turns, and winning and losing! How? By making it fun! Peaceable Kingdom’s games are designed to “bring out the best in every player” by teaching cooperation and kindness. In this take on tic tac toe, instead of x’s and o’s, unicorns play against fairies. What’s more: There are rainbow “wild cards” that allow you to steal your opponent’s spaces. Tic-Tac-Surprise is smaller in size, so it’s easy to stuff into an Easter basket, as well as pack for car rides and other occasions later where you need to keep the kiddos occupied. For ages five and up, it comes with a game board, six unicorn cards, six fairy cards, and three wild cards for both fairies and unicorns. Get ready for some magical quality time!


Klutz Sew Your Own Unicorn Cake Pillow

A fun, whimsical way to intro your kiddo to sewing and related crafts, this fuzzy unicorn cake pillow is easy to make and comes with a kid friendly book of instructions, described by a reviewer as “clear and easy to follow.” The kit comes with faux fur fabric that’s all pre-cut, so there’s no tracing involved, as well as pom poms, pre-cut metallic fabric and felt, embroidery floss, stuffing, a needle, and of course, a cardboard cake stand for display. Depending on how advanced your sewer is, there are four different themes to choose from when decorating, including “Funky Fringe” and “Punk Rock Pegasus.”  One reviewer wrote, “My 9-year-old daughter has gotten very interested in sewing projects recently, so I got this project for her…she loved the design and had a great time making the pillow. And even better, she was able to figure it all out on her own with very little help from me, which gave her a huge sense of accomplishment. She enjoyed all the various decorating options that were included in the kit, and she ended up giving the finished pillow as a birthday gift to a friend.” How adorable!


Now that you’ve put together a perfectly magical unicorn Easter basket, shop more top toy picks that will make you a hero!

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