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A Woman Claims That The Very Best Husbands & Fathers Are Nerds

Does he own a LEGO set? Green flag.

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Sometimes, maybe after a gripe session with the girls, or after watching the news, or after reading the latest statistics about women’s invisible workload, it can be easy to wonder where all the good guys are these days. You know, the husbands who empty the dishwasher without asking, the fathers who learn to french braid their daughters’ hair, the dudes who cultivate wholesome, non-toxic masculinity.

That’s what one single woman on TikTok was wondering when she posed a simple question to the universe: “How the hell do ya’ll find these men that are obsessed with you, good fathers, who can take care of you, spoil you?”

Another woman answered definitively. TikToker Isabel Brown (@theisabelbrown) had a hard and fast answer: seek out the male nerds and you will find a lifetime of comfort and happiness.

“They’re nerds. You go for the nerd,” she said in her response video. “It honestly blows my mind that we have this entire trope in American literature and movies and TV shows about the nerdy girl who gets the glow-up when she grows up. She was this unsuspecting girl next door, always nose in a book. Loves fantasy series and movies girl who becomes super hot and amazing. But we don’t say that for men.”

She then gives a few cut and dried examples of how to find male nerds.

“If he owes a light saber, green flag,” she begins. “If he has purchased a wand from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: greenest possible flag. If he has an unhealthy relationship with Ahsoka Tano, you better run to the altar. Bonus points if he’s obsessed with Monopoly.”

And why nerds? Well, it’s simple.

“Because those little underestimated nerd boys grow up to be men who see what’s in here,” she concludes, pointing to her heart.

Down in the comments, women with nerdy husbands sounded off.

“I was watching this with my fiancé in the room and he peaked his head up and said, ‘What did they say about Ahsoka Tano???’”

“My husband: obsessed with presidents, Titanic, and Twister,” said another.

A few male nerds also spoke up.

“We’re all IN. YOUR. FRIEND. ZONE,” one said subtly.

“I own light saber chopsticks,” another said, perhaps knowing his crowd.

“YOU FORGOT US LOTR NERD,” complained a Tolkien fan.

LEGO even chimed in: “If he owns a LEGO set, green flag.”

Well, there you have it. If you want to find a good guy, get thee to a comic book convention or a Legoland and take your pick. It’s time for your relationship glow-up.

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