For Kids Ready To Rock, Scoot, Pedal Or Drive Around The Block, We've Got The Ride-on Toys You Need

by Jessica Waller
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A smiling girl riding the Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster and Car Set

So you’ve officially entered the ride-on toy phase of toddlerhood. Welcome. It’s a magical place where you can skip the stroller and casually watch (coffee in hand, ofc) as your little one drives themself in a circle around your cul-de-sac and count it as “outdoor time.” Here’s a question: Who *doesn’t* love tearing up the neighborhood in a tiny motorized car? TBH, we wish all vehicles were electric and had open tops and only went 2-5 mph. Wouldn’t the world be a better place? If your tiny person is ready for their license to solo-cruise down the block, look no further.

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From busy buggies for your 9-month-old to ride-ons that actually encourage walking (a two-for-one!) and classic Power Wheels Jeeps for your 3-year-old that’ll actually make you jealous (they’re pretty effing cool), we’ve got the best mom-approved toddler ride-on toys. Ready, set, roll!

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Best Ride-On Toys For Babies

Best Ride-On Toys For Toddlers

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Ride On Toys For 2-Year Olds

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