The Best Under-$50 Toys & Gifts For Middle Schoolers You Can Get At Target

Thrill the trickiest age group to shop for with these stellar finds.

by Erin Celletti
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Ahh, middle schoolers. They’re notorious for being the trickiest age group to shop for during the holidays. While they aren’t teens yet, don’t you dare call them “kids.” (Nope, the 10- to 13-year-old set really doesn't like that.) This aptly-named age range is right in the middle of elementary school and high school, which means their preferences can be hard to pin down.

Their wish lists can vary from games and art projects to trendy clothes, the latest electronics, hottest video games, or whatever TikTok is saying is the “must-have” item of the season. When you add the fact that trends tend to change as quickly as a pre-teen’s mood, you have a holiday shopping challenge on your hands. Thankfully, there’s always Target.

To help you navigate holiday shopping for the middle schoolers in your life, we’ve scoured for the best toys and gifts we know they’ll love — and bonus: They’re all priced under $50!

Here are some of our favorites. Prepare to be the coolest parent on the block (although they’ll never actually admit it).