Bippy’s Bamboo Toilet Paper Does Good and Looks Good, Too

Wipe your butt, save a tree.

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Bippy bamboo toilet paper

As far as I can tell, Bippy is on a mission to do two things. First, transform the humble toilet paper roll into something aesthetically pleasing. And two, save as many trees as possible. Personally, I’m a big fan of both. The cheeky brand makes the one thing we all must do on a daily basis, wiping our butts, both fun and impactful. On the impact side, Bippy opts for responsibly farmed bamboo (a regenerative grass) to create its rolls rather than the 27,000 trees that are chopped daily for the sole purpose of making toilet paper. And in terms of fun? The TP is literally delivered in a box that says, “Your butt is saving trees!” Heck yes, it is.

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Fast Facts About Bippy

  • Bamboo toilet paper delivered to your front door
  • Soft, durable 3-ply double rolls with 250 sheets each
  • Grippy side for deep clean; smooth side for dabbing dry
  • Lint-free, chlorine-free, and free from fragrances and scents
  • Wrapped in recycled prints
  • Septic and sewer friendly
  • Dissolves in 10 seconds

How It Works

Can a roll of toilet really change the world? According to Bippy, yes, thanks to its use of bamboo — the key to helping prevent further deforestation around the world. Bamboo is fast-growing and can be easily re-harvested. Since it regrows from its own root system, there’s also no need to re-plant. And guess what else? It’s soft.

Perhaps bamboo toilet paper will one day be available at your neighborhood grocer. But for now, Bippy is making TP delivery as easy as possible. Simply use the calculator on the website to determine how much TP your family needs per month. According to Bippy, a family of four will wipe through 24 rolls a month which comes to a one-time purchase of $38, or choose the subscribe-and-save option for $32.30.

It’ll arrive at your doorstep in the previously mentioned recyclable package and if you opt for the subscription, you can change, pause, or cancel anytime.

What People Are Saying About Bippy

Here are just a handful of the rave reviews from Bippy shoppers.

“Bippy feels slightly more textured than traditional TP, but compared to single ply toilet paper, goes above and beyond. [...] Have had no issues with it breaking down or using it. The colored paper wrapping adds a nice touch and keeps it slightly more [sanitary] until it’s ready to use. No complaints, I prefer to buy Bippy over regular toilet paper!” — Leena K.

“Easy on the conscience and the butt! I can’t go back. Knowing I’m not contributing to the destruction of carbon capturing forests feels really good on my butt :) shipping is fast. This is the first brand I tried and I don’t feel like I need to try anything else.” — Tanya B.

“I never thought someone would ask me what kind of TP I get, but that happened. The balance of strength and softness is just right.” - Jim C.

“We tried it, but my husband’s bum is very particular so we thought it might be a one off. Nope! When we run out, subscription service here we come.” —Shannon P.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to tree-free toilet paper, Bippy is comparable in price to similar brands — but it’s the silky softness of the bamboo that reviewers love most. Some reviewers did note, however, that the roll was smaller than other brands. But factor in the environmental benefits and — let’s be honest — the really cute packaging, and Bippy seems like something to wipe home about.

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