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The Internet Is Divided Over This “Genius” Cake Hack That Minimizes Crumbs

Some say it’s life-changing, others say it’s time-wasting.

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A "genius" cake slicing hack that promises crumb-free parties has sparked debate among parents on Ti...
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Preventing rogue cake crumbs from infiltrating your floor or covering the table during a celebration or party is a valid concern for any parent. Parties and mess are pretty synonymous. However, one TikTok is making the rounds showing parents that there might be a life hack that means cutting a kid’s birthday cake doesn’t result in vacuuming for hours later on.

TikTok user Sidneyraz shared a clip from another account, insisting that everyone was cutting cake wrong. Some people agreed with him, while others aren’t going to follow his advice any time soon.

Typically, when cutting a circular cake, you cut from the middle of the cake with the knife facing down, creating triangle slices. Apparently, finding the center of the cake and cutting from the inside and out is totally wrong.

The video explains that “cake is supposed to be cut from the side to eliminate crumbs.”

@sidneyraz then demonstrates that in order to avoid a crumbly mess, you need to cut from the outside first and then make your way to the center of the cake.

He then cuts the original way to compare the two to see which exactly has less crumbs. “Instead of cutting down into a cake, if you cut in from the side, you won't have any of those cake crumbs dragging through the frosting,” he further explains.

The video soon went viral — gaining almost 1 million views and hundreds of comments — with several TikTok users chiming in with their thoughts about the crumb-saving cake hack.

“I will never do this,” one user joked.

To which the OP replied, “Fair fair fair.”

However. many others were super impressed by the trick that avoids the mess.

“I have to try it! On to the store to get cake,” one person commented.

“I must now buy a cake for ‘science,’” another agreed.

“The fact that I bake cakes for a living and ain’t know this. Fml,” another wrote.

Others thought that the “hack” was a bit gimmicky, noting that cake is cake any way you slice it (as they say) — and that maybe we shouldn’t listen to anyone cutting a cake with a butter knife.

“I can honestly say crumbs in the frosting have never, ever reduced my enjoyment of a piece of cake!” one person commented.

“Don’t care if there are cake crumbs. Get in my belly!” another agreed.

And others added, “Life is too short to worry about the position of crumbs, just eat the cake and enjoy.”

While it seemed that the hack did work, other TikTok users noted that the way the cake is sliced might not be the be all, end all when it comes a clean cut. “I work in a bakery. I just wipe/rinse off the knife after every 2 slices if I want clean cuts,” one user wrote.

Another echoed, “Something they taught us when I worked in a restaurant that was also a bakery was to get really hot water running and run your knife under it for around 30 seconds before each cut on a cake. It helps prevent the icing and cake from sticking to it and comes out cleaner," one person offered.”

Apparently dental floss will also give cake eaters a clean, crumb-free slice of cake.

“Unflavored floss works the best, in my opinion, and you can cut the whole cake easily into even slices,” one shared.

Another wrote, “My mum uses unflavored dental floss, but I honestly don’t mind if it’s crumbly as long as it’s tasty.”

That’s the spirit!

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