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200+ Cool Gaming Usernames That Are Anything But Boring

“It’s in the game.”

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If you’ve got a kid between the ages of, scratch that — if you’ve got kids (full stop), you’ve probably got at least one gamer in the house. And the chances are good that your gamer has come to you for help logging into a new server or online game on more than one occasion, which means you have to be ready at a moment’s notice to come up with cool names for games. After all, half the fun in starting your online gaming journey is coming up with your username.

Fortunately, cool gaming usernames can be just about anything you want — whether your kid is playing a combat game or one that’s all about strategy and victory. A gamer name shows off creativity and sets the tone for play, so you want to make sure your personality shines through. If your gamer wants everyone to know they’re going to beat the pants off the opponent every time, their game name better be something fierce and assertive. Or perhaps they want people to underestimate them. Then go with something disarmingly delicate so that they won’t see it coming when your gamer knocks them out.

In other words, coming up with a cool gaming username is important (especially to your gamer), but it isn’t Mission: Impossible. Get inspired with this gaming names list, and you’ll be ready the next time anyone in your household comes to you for game naming advice. Just remember, it also comes down to what names aren’t already taken. Keep that in mind on your journey to discovery!

Cool Names for Games

Let’s be real — who doesn’t want to be cool when it comes to their gamer name? You want to set the tone for your game, especially when you know other people will see it. These names are the coolest and can be tweaked slightly to fit your favorite gamer’s vibe (and what’s available).

  1. RogueWarrior
  2. IWinEveryTime
  3. YouMadBro
  4. WonderWoman
  5. GameGuru
  6. StarFighter
  7. LadiesWhoPunch
  8. YouTriedIt
  9. FlagshipEntity
  10. RainbowBrite
  11. SmallButMighty
  12. BeautyQueen
  13. PrincessOfDoom
  14. GirlInBlue
  15. RedDawn
  16. SmellsLikeDefeat
  17. Rattlesnake
  18. UltimateWarQueen
  19. BigBruiser
  20. LegendOfDoom
  21. DeadEyes
  22. FireStarter
  23. BetterThanZelda
  24. ButterflyWhisperer
  25. ShockwaveGamma
  26. AimEmotion
  27. AmongRise
  28. AppleHousing
  29. BackingAdmission
  30. blueEyeAfter
  31. BongoHinds
  32. CampFireShrewdness
  33. CodeSwarm
  34. CriticalFunction
  35. DraftyJury
  36. DyeeLytra
  37. ElopeLabor
  38. ExpandMercedes
  39. FigureHeadInfinite
  40. FlukeKaput
  41. FrittataSpokesman
  42. FussyPager
  43. GildTick
  44. GownEnd
  45. HuskyMurmur
  46. IslandsSearch
  47. KettleSpread
  48. LiquidOfficer
  49. LivelyExternal
  50. LoverPhilosophyMarrowWedding
  51. MeekButcher
  52. MenacingAnother
  53. MexicanRink
  54. MouseNag
  55. OinkerReject
  56. PenDivulge
  57. PoloSir
  58. PrairieDogBoundless
  59. RepresentInfection
  60. RepulsiveiInsane
  61. SectorHat
  62. SensitiveTime
  63. SmokedChief
  64. StatuesQueInvite
  65. SuccessCommitment
  66. TomatoeSnod
  67. TrainerBeets
  68. TranquilLeeks
  69. ViolentJoy
  70. WalkerFelt
  71. WatermelonMacedonian
  72. WillowHerbPhantom
  73. WoofBiddy
  74. ZombieRibbon
  75. ClawHead
  76. IslandRipper
  77. DestroyerOfWorlds
  78. TerrorSnake
  79. WildWestWonder
  80. UnbeatableYou
  81. WowBoom
  82. ExplodeWorlds
  83. ToughCookie
  84. FighterSpirit

Cool Short Gaming Names

If you want to get straight to the point and not mess around with a gamer name that’s 20 characters, that’s totally fine too. All of these names are short and sweet and let you get right down to business. Bonus: If your kid is making you log into the server for them, you’ll have fewer characters to type.

  1. SunBot
  2. StarGirl
  3. 2Nice
  4. IWin
  5. TacoLuv
  6. Oopsie
  7. Blaze
  8. Kitty
  9. ISpy
  10. DrySpell
  11. AbFab
  12. RedDed
  13. Cosmyc
  14. Cobra
  15. DidIt
  16. Skinner
  17. Hearted
  18. IDunIt
  19. UrMom
  20. Dazy
  21. StarCloud
  22. Junker
  23. Beasted
  24. NeoFight
  25. ItsaMeMario

More Gaming Names

  1. TheArmor
  2. TheAnnihilator
  3. ExtremeArbitrage
  4. TeamArsenic
  5. AlienAbyss
  6. CrazyBullAgitator
  7. Albatross
  8. AmazonAgony
  9. CompleteAmbush
  10. Anonymous
  11. ExtremeElements
  12. EarthsCore
  13. TheMoment
  14. DigitalBlood
  15. PrincessScalpSky
  16. BigBullyJawbone
  17. DeliveryBoy
  18. TheBruceLee
  19. RealMafia
  20. CobraBite
  21. EnforcerFalcon
  22. SilverKnuckles
  23. StoneTurtle
  24. RoarSweetie
  25. BustedKneecap
  26. AcidSnake
  27. IronHazzard
  28. GrizzlyBreaker
  29. VultureCut
  30. RazorSkull
  31. CannonCrusher
  32. DarkoSlam
  33. PalofZelda
  34. BlisteredOutlaws
  35. SuperDoom
  36. FinalBowser
  37. InvaderPenguin
  38. MetaKnight
  39. MarioLegend
  40. SuperLink
  41. Evil Genius
  42. WarioRaptor
  43. SuperWaluigi
  44. DiabloJunkyard
  45. AdvancedGaming
  46. SuperboyFallout
  47. DragonKong
  48. RagingOgres
  49. Powerdrive
  50. WarcraftNinjas
  51. CroftBlitz
  52. BallisticUprising
  53. WildcatAero
  54. ElectricSaturn
  55. FireSteel
  56. WolfVein
  57. SocketSkinner
  58. FastClawDraw
  59. BlisteredOutlaw
  60. AmazonX
  61. SystemSnap
  62. ClickingArmor
  63. Jakku
  64. RedReaperSlice
  65. CoolCobra
  66. CutthroatRattler
  67. MadDogs
  68. Karen100
  69. PainGain
  70. LifeofPie&Die
  71. TragedyFriction
  72. RickNMorty
  73. PickleRick
  74. RiptideCrank
  75. BoltColt
  76. BroCodeSkinny
  77. GunnerMitaka
  78. DoomsdaySoldier
  79. TreasureTroop
  80. LadyBugSlashers
  81. LastLifeSimpsons
  82. DarkLuna
  83. DaylightDandelions
  84. GamerSanctimonious
  85. SasquatchInsidious
  86. AirBender
  87. WaterBender
  88. FireBender
  89. EarthBender
  90. KillerWrath
  91. BruisedKnuckles
  92. Knuck&Buck
  93. SteelWarDogs
  94. HurricaneMachine
  95. AssassinSquadUprisings
  96. DescendingRebels
  97. WarlockAdmiral
  98. GoodFools
  99. InsurgentsAreHere
  100. AcidFlux
  101. ArcherIronHands
  102. BlackLightning
  103. BeardedDude
  104. BloodSport
  105. WarriorsBelt
  106. FightTime
  107. FistOBlisters
  108. FightClub101
  109. Suit&Fire
  110. FollowThrough
  111. BodySlamSoldier
  112. SailorFight
  113. YesMan
  114. Winner1
  115. WarriorPatrol
  116. FireAssistant
  117. IronClad
  118. ColdKing
  119. AlternativeMenace

Choosing Cool Names for Games

You might be wondering, “How do I choose a username for online games?” Frankly, your gamer name can be whatever you or the person you’re creating it for wants it to be. But different games or servers might call for different vibes. You probably wouldn’t pick the same username for World of Warcraft that you would for Animal Crossing, ya know? So, if your kid comes to you asking for help coming up with a cool gaming username, your first question should be which game or server they need it for and the vibe they want to put out. From there, try thinking of things you like or numbers that are special to the gamer. When you come up with a username that is already taken (it’ll happen — it happens to the best of us), a simple solution is to add numbers to word combos. So, “NeoFight” becomes “NeoFight422.”

You can also come up with a play on the gamer’s name or initials. As a parent probably already wary of shadowy presences lurking online, we probably don’t have to tell you that using actual names isn’t the best idea (we’ve all seen shows like Law & Order and Criminal Minds). But you can do something related. Maybe you take the meaning of your gamer’s name and spin something off of that or a nickname. The options for going that route are practically endless, and then the name still feels personal.

If nothing else, just slam a couple of words together and call it a day. “LikeAWormDude” may not make sense to anyone else, but it made you scratch your head and wonder where the heck it came from just now, right? Great, you’ve figured out how to throw off your opponents, so it’s a job well done.

Gamer names are an opportunity to be creative and show opponents who they’re dealing with. (It’s also just a way to make up ridiculous usernames for fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that.) Let your creative juices really flow!

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