Hedy Phillips

Hedy is a freelance entertainment and lifestyle writer whose bylines have appeared on sites like InStyle, TV Guide, Reader’s Digest, and more. She previously was an editor at POPSUGAR and HelloGiggles. She devotes 99% of her time to snuggling with her cats and 100% of her money to following Harry Styles around on tour. She's always on the lookout for another slice of New York pizza and she's never met a Starbucks drink she doesn't like.

Tea, Please!

7 Best Non-Coffee Drinks At Starbucks For When You Need To Lay Off The Java

ByHedy Phillips

Because sometimes you just need to change it up a little.

The Good Old Days

35 Cartoons From the 2000s That’ll Take You Way Back

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Core memories unlocked!

Think On It

75 Trivia Questions For Teens That They’ll Actually Find Entertaining

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You’re probably looking at two (maybe three) eye rolls, tops.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Is It Safe To Drink Kombucha While Pregnant? An OB-GYN Answers

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It might be time to find a new brew (at least for a bit).

Happy Watching!

Here’s Where You Can Stream All 100+ Episodes of Bluey

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Your kids will thank you.

Fingers Crossed

Is There Hope For 'Mare Of Easttown' Season 2?

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The ball’s basically In Kate Winslet’s court.

Watch List

Everything We Know (So Far) About 'Succession' Season 4

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Alexa, skip to new episodes!


41+ Bridgerton-Inspired Baby Names That Will Be The Talk Of The Ton

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These names are all Lady Whistledown approved.

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Is Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 Ever Happening? What We Know

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Lily Rabe doesn’t want to say goodbye to Emma, either.

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23+ Addictive Mysteries Like Mare of Easttown With Complex Female Leads

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Crime? Drama? Messiness? Yes, please.

Hot (& Steamy) Shows

Even Lady Whistledown Would Love These 25+ Sultry Shows Like Bridgerton

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Be forewarned, dear readers: You’re about to be filled with burning desire.

watch list

13+ New True Crime Documentaries To Watch In 2022

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Grab your popcorn.

Dearest Readers...

A Bridgerton Season 3 Teaser Trailer Is Here & It’s A Little Spicy

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It’s all about Penelope this season.


'80s & '90s Kids, These Rebooted Shows & Cartoons Are For You

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Need a break from 'Encanto'? If you're a Gen X'er or Gen Y'er, you'll want to watch these rebooted TV shows and cartoons with your kids.


Is Disney's Dark 'Cruella' Too Scary For Kids? What Parents Should Know

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Definitely one of the more chilling Disney flicks.

rid'n the baby name wave

75+ Gnarly Baby Name Ideas For Your Future Surfing Legend

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Classic films

23 Mischievous Family Movies To Watch If You Love 'The Parent Trap'

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pg or pg-13?

Is 'Ginny & Georgia' Appropriate For Kids? Here's Your Age Rating Rundown

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Here’s the real deal.

Tune in

30+ Hilarious Shows Like 'Schitt's Creek' To Watch When You Miss The Roses

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Series that’ll leave you in tears — the happy kind.

Love lessons

Am I Aromantic, Or Just Burned Out On Romance? How To Tell The Difference

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Is romantic love for you?