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Costco Has Unveiled A 5-Pound Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie

And everyone is losing their minds over it.

Costco unveiled a peanut butter chocolate pie on Pi Day.
@costcohotfinds / Laura Lamb / Instagram

Take my money, Costco. Everyone’s favorite wholesale club has quietly released a new, almost 5-pound peanut butter chocolate pie, and the internet is losing it.

And they dropped it on Pi Day.

The news broke thanks to the ever-popular Costco Hot Finds account (@CostcoHotFinds on Instagram and TikTok), run by super shopper Laura Lamb.

"Costco bakery just brought out a peanut putter chocolate cream pie for the first time ever and I am screaming," Lamb says in the video, which picked up over 3 million views in just two days. "Peanut butter pie is my all time favorite and this Costco pie is four and a half pounds. It is huge. It has a buttery graham cracker crumble crust. And the center is the perfect peanut butter, chocolate mousse combo. This one is dangerously delicious."

The pie retails for $19.99, which seems a bit steep until you figure that it’s only $4 a pound, and can easily be cut into small slices to feed a crowd. Even if you go big and slice it into eight pieces, that’s $3 a slice. Not bad!

Lamb says a baker she knows at Costco tipped her off to the new offering. But Costco itself hasn’t made any comment on the treat.

“Honestly it’s rich, but it’s almost light and fluffy at the same time. It’s basically half peanut butter, half chocolate cream and then it’s got that crumbly graham cracker crust,” Lamb told TODAY. “It’s just really, really good.”

Costco’s giant-sized bakery has long been known for their pies. Their heroic pumpkin pie recipe hasn’t changed in almost 35 years, while pecan and apple pie offerings in fall are one of the best signs of the fall season. And never forget their nine-layer rainbow cake or their chocolate cake weighs in at seven pounds, which is a good-sized newborn for anyone counting.

“We all know that Costco likes to give us something and take it back for a little while,” Lamb told TODAY. “As long as it’s in store, I will be purchasing it and taking it to all the barbecues this spring.”

Reports from the comments suggest that only a few Costcos have these pies nationally at the time, though they’re expected at more locations soon. Several people who claim to work in Costco bakeries, though, warn that the pies have sold out in many places and can’t be replaced because of whipped cream supply chain issues. That is the worst supply chain issue I can imagine.

“It’s on hold for a lot of locations now! We’re waiting on the whipped topping,” one insider explained.

“I work for Costco, the whipped cream is on back order!! And Costco can’t keep up,” another explained.

And if chocolate and peanut butter are not your things, well, first of all you should talk to your therapist, but also, no worries, because Costco’s mini carrot cakes are also back in stock. There’s something rich and sugary and delightful for everyone this spring.

Down in the comments, everyone just wants a Costco peanut butter chocolate pie now.

“Omg, need,” one person said.

“This video just gave me a cavity,” another shared.

“Sonofa... now I need a membership,” said one.

“My summer bod aspirations aren't looking good,” another wrote.