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9 Affordable & Cute Pencil Cases That Everyone At School Will Ask About

“Omg, where did you get that?!”

by Kerstin Shamberg
Best Cute & Functional Pencil Cases For Back To School

The full and oh-so-hot days of summer are quickly whizzing past us one by one and, somehow, it’s already time to start thinking about the upcoming school year, cool backpacks, fresh lunchboxes that don’t have permastink (yet), clothes and shoes that are not only weather appropriate but actually fit, and the other endless minutiae of back-to-school planning. Cute pencil cases for kids might not be at the top of your school supply priority list, but a thoughtfully-selected storage situation for pencils, pens, and other supplies like calculators, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, charging cables, and headphones can help get your kiddo off to an organized start this school year.

We’ve read loads of reviews and pulled together a list of highly-rated, super cute, and unique pencil cases for a variety of needs and tastes to help make this part of your back-to-school journey a little easier.

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Unique Zipper-Style With Monster Eyes

With adorable monster eyes, lots of available colors, and a durable design made of one long zipper, this pencil case is sure to stand out in your kiddo’s classroom. It’s machine washable, holds up to 30 pens and pencils, and has a wide opening for easy access.

Helpful Review: “I bought this for my 6-year-old kindergartener and he absolutely loves it. We’ve had it for about four months now, and there is no sign of it falling apart. It was nice to find a pencil pouch on here because when I went to Target/Walmart, all I could ever seem to find were pencil boxes or overpriced pencil pouches with funky patterns.”


Multi-Tasker School Pouch For More Than Just Pencils

With a large and wide opening and interior pockets, this pencil case isn’t just for pencils. It can hold calculators, rulers, and lots more. It is made from sturdy canvas material, has a strong, high-quality zipper, and comes in six different bright and playful colors.

Helpful Review: “These are sturdy, stable, and fit a lot of school supplies. They are perfect for my first and third grader. I may get one for myself. They stay open on their desks without falling over. The price is great, too.”


Lightweight Case With Triangular Design For Easy Access

This pencil case has Goldilocks vibes: not too big and not too small. Thanks to a triangular design that gives it stability to stand open wide and five convenient storage compartments within, it can hold more than 30 pens and pencils and some additional writing supplies. Plus, it comes in eight understated and tasteful colors.

Helpful Review: “Great for school supplies!! Has a ton of room. You can fit full-size scissors and calculators in there too. Definitely a great product and a super great price!”


Telescopic Pencil Bag That Becomes A Stand-Up Pencil Holder

This pencil case has a telescopic design that allows it to act both as a convenient pencil bag when zipped up and as a stand-up pencil holder when unzipped with the top part pulled down. How cool (and cute) is that?! It also comes in five colors.

Helpful Review: “My kid loves this. It's adorable and it really does stand up as a pencil holder (I was worried it wouldn't be sturdy enough), and when you pull it back up works great as a pencil carrier. I love [that] it's decorative and transportable. Very well worth the price!”


Versatile Retro Tin Box

Made of durable tin with a clasp, hinge, and beaded handle, this pencil box has a cool retro look and versatility to boot. It’s available in many popular styles that highlight favorite shows, games, and movies, like Mandalorian, Avengers, Blue’s Clues, Minnie, Frozen 2, Minecraft, and more. These tins are also great for on-the-go storage of toy cars, rocks, trading cards, and other treasures.

Helpful Review: “My grandson loved it. All other types of ‘pencil holders’ were not working for him. [T]oo flimsy or the zipper would be a problem. We are very happy with it!”


Multi-Compartment Pencil Bag With Over 19,000 5-Star Reviews

This pencil bag has multiple convenient compartments to help organize a variety of school supplies, boasts high-quality materials and stitching for durability, and comes in a dozen colors. With all of that, it’s no wonder that over 19,000 Amazon users have given it five stars.

Helpful Review: “I bought this for my daughter for back to school, and she likes it better than anything that we saw at the store. She loves the pen organization bands and the other little pockets they have on the inside.”


3-Ring Binder Pencil Pouch With Monster Eyes

This pencil case has all the great design and durability features of the smaller ZIPIT pencil case reviewed above but can also be snapped into a three-ring binder so that your kiddo always knows where to find it. Choose from one of four bold colors and stuff it with 45-50 pens and pencils.

Helpful Review: “I purchased this pencil case for my fifth grader. She loves it! The pencil case is bright, colorful, and unique. The case is made of one, very long zipper that is stitched into long strips, forming the pouch. There are two pop-up eyes, and three reinforced rings for binder use. I liked the attention to detail and the quality of the work. The stitching was immaculate and sturdy. This will endure several years of school use.”


Huge Capacity For Your Little Artist

If your kiddo is an artist with a large collection of colored pencils and pens, this is the pencil case you’ve been looking for. It holds a whopping 202 colored pencils or 136 gel pens in multiple compartments with elastic bands to keep everything neatly in place. It comes in eight other delightful designs.

Helpful Review: “My daughter bought this case to organize dozens of her colored pencils and markers and loves this thing! She can even fit a small coloring book inside of this case. This is perfect for traveling or just taking it on the go-it’s small and compact but extremely roomy so that you’re able to fit enough items to keep the kids busy when they’re in the car, at a restaurant, etc. durable and definitely worth the money!”


Cute Hardsided Construction To Help Protect Contents

If you’re looking for more protection than a soft pencil case can provide, the hard-sided exterior, durable zipper, and lovable beast face of this pencil case add up to a winning combination. It can hold up to 60 pens and pencils, comes in six styles, and is machine washable.

Helpful Review: “I love love these boxes. They are sturdy and super cute and hold a reasonable amount of supplies. I keep coming back to buy more. We currently own 4. My kids are so hard on everything we own, and the first box I bought years ago is still going strong.”