25+ Best Backpacks For Kids To Kick Off Their School Year In Style

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best kids backpacks

Trying to find the best kids backpack for back to school? Back-to-school shopping is in full swing, and if you’ve already purchased most of their book list and a tablet for some kid-approved e-learning, it’s time to think about the backpack that everything’s going to go into. Don’t let this key item be an afterthought — you want your little one to feel confident marching into school on their first day with the best backpack ever.

The right knapsack can make a bold fashion statement, but it’s also important to consider how the backpack feels for your kid and if it’s made with materials to last through the school year. Functionality is just as important as aesthetics! Remember: Your little Einstein will be wearing this thing every damn day, so it’s important to invest in a good backpack — one that (literally) doesn’t break their backs. And once you find the book bag of your kid’s dreams, be sure to adjust the straps of your child’s backpack properly before they bolt toward the bus stop on the first day of school. It’s never too early to set them up for success, after all.

Check out the coolest backpacks for this school year!

Best Kids Backpacks

If you remember a time when Jansport backpacks were the coolest thing on the planet, it’s probably time to start applying a face serum. But don’t take that personally, Mom. After all, you’re not like a regular mom — you’re a cool mom. Especially if you buy your kid a Jansport. Spoiler alert: They are still totally cool. Jansport backpacks have proven to be a year-over-year trend that way outlived the ’90s, and this roomy bookbag — outfitted with a side water bottle pocket and a front zipper compartment for ultimate storage — can fit everything from schoolbooks to all that athletic gear (yep, even the shin guards). It’s also made of durable fabric that’s great for kids but also transitions with teens to college.

The Vaschy Unisex Classic backpack is made for everyone, and every kid can agree — it’s perfect. It’s made from water-resistant, durable polyester (that’s also heat-resistant, shrink-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant), so you won’t have to replace your kid’s backpack every year. (Damn, that can become expensive fast, right Moms?) Well, not with this pack. Not only will it last probably until they go off to college, but your kid will also get a ton of use out of it. It’s heavy-duty and can fit everything your kid could ever need to bring to school, camp, the track, or a sleepover. For older kids, it can even fit a laptop up to 15” and features a mesh interior pocket that’s perfect for holding their phone. (Plus, they’re less likely to drop and break it that way.) After all, the bottom of this pack is reinforced, and the interior pocket is padded to absorb any shock from unexpected falls.

Not every kid wants a flashy backpack, and that’s perfectly okay. For your child who just wants something sturdy and functional, this Weiatas Kids Backpack is a great option. It’s also quite a sophisticated design perfect for older kids or your littles who are already ready to grow up (*sniff*). It has enough room to carry all their books and school supplies and side pockets for even more. Plus, it comes in two sizes so you can pick the one that fits your kids’ needs.

Your LO is going to love this rainbow camo design! Safe to say no one will have a bag quite like this. It comes from a Rockets of Awesome and STATE collaboration, featuring padded shoulder straps for extra comfort, a special leak-proof snack pocket (because you know how they can be), and a roomy main compartment to fit everything they need to kick butt at school.

Best Boys Backpacks

If their love for Legos and building sh*t is any indication, then they’ll be instant fans of this trendy block-print backpack. The vibrant Crayola hues are sure to turn heads (when waiting for the bus, of course) and rack up the compliments from fellow kindergarteners during show and tell time. When shopping for backpacks, one of the biggest struggles you’ll be faced with is determining the correct size. But this one — at the risk of sounding like Goldilocks and the Three Bears — is just right. It’s big enough for the pre-teens in your household, yet still manageable for elementary schoolers. In addition to cozy shoulder straps, the interior compartment is super spacious (fits a 15.4-inch laptop).

For parents on a budget, this Champion Youth Backpack is a super affordable option. Even if you’re not on a budget but you have a kid who’s incredibly destructive, this backpack won’t set you back too much! Despite the cheap price tag, this bag doesn’t sacrifice functionality. It has a laptop sleeve on the inside and two water bottle pockets on the outside. It’s a handy little knapsack that’s great for school, sleepovers, vacations, and every other situation.

You may think this is the perfect backpack for your child (it is), but it’s also the perfect backpack for you if you want it to be. Look, we know how much Legos can suck when they’re left around the house (our feet hurt just thinking about it), but it won’t hurt if you step on this backpack! Anyways, whether you pick up this LEGO Brick Backpack for you or your child, it’s a roomy option that’s just so damn cute. And can we talk about the print on the inside? Too good.

Best Girls Backpacks

3, 2, 1, who’s ready for their first day of school? Equipped with one of Mygreen’s cute printed backpacks, your little one will easily get an A+ in the style department (taking after their mama, of course!) How cute is this summery strawberry pattern? The backpack itself is made from water-repellent polyester and contains a 13-inch shoulder drop. Fashionable and functional, it has tons of space — in addition to the main compartment (roomy enough for a 13-inch laptop), you’ll find two side pockets and a front utility pocket for the essentials (namely, a scrunchie, some spare change, maybe their favorite Coca-Cola Lip Smacker).

Go ahead and let your little JoJo Siwa fan know that the greatest backpack is about to belong to them. This Nickelodeon Jojo Siwa Backpack Lunchbag Set is bright, fun, and everything your LO wants. What we love most about this set is that you can clip the lunch bag right onto the backpack so it (hopefully) won’t ever get lost. This backpack also has pockets on the side that you can use for a water bottle, but we think it’s a great spot for a collection of JoJo bows. After all, you can’t expect your kid to go anywhere without all their JoJo bows, can you?!

Your little athlete needs the right sporty backpack for school, practice, games, and everything else. This Adidas backpack is sturdy and functional so your child can throw it around on the bus and the field. There’s a spot for the much-needed water bottle and the bag itself can easily hold sports uniforms, cleats, a change of clothes, and everything else your child needs for their athletic lifestyle.

Best Kindergarten Backpacks

How fun is the space print on this Cusangel Kids Backpack? Dare we say it’s … out of this world? This backpack is equipped with so many different features, including breathable material (so your kid doesn’t get too freakin’ hot carrying everything), a safety buckle, a water bottle pocket, and reflective pieces just in case they’re out after dark. It’s also made from waterproof nylon in the event that their water bottle leaks all over the place.

Send your child off to school in style with a Wildkin 15 Inch Kids Backpack. Perfect for their first foray into school, this backpack can hold all their folders, pencils, crayons, a water bottle, and whatever else they need for class. Plus, it has a name tag on the inside in case it gets lost and zippers that are easy for tiny hands to operate!

What kid wouldn’t want to bring Minnie Mouse to school with them? With the Simple Modern Kids’ Fletcher Backpack, they can do just that. This bookbag has padded straps for comfy carrying and a fastener on the front to keep it in place while little ones are on the move. It’s also got a place to keep a water bottle on the side (one that’s Minnie Mouse-themed, perhaps?). Amazon shoppers noted that the 12L-size backpack is perfect for kindergarten-age students and the smaller 7L size would be a fun little backpack for toddlers.

Best Rolling Backpacks For Kids

Bring a touch of shimmer to your child’s school day. This unicorn-themed rolling backpack comes with noiseless wheels (can we get an amen?). There’s also a matching lunch box and pencil case thrown in there for good measure and extra style.  For your little princess who loves a bit of whimsy, we wouldn’t expect anything less. Just FYI: Once they experience the luxury of having a backpack with wheels, they’ll never want to go back.

This super durable rolling backpack might be lightweight but it definitely puts in the work so that your kiddo doesn’t have to. It features wide, sturdy straps for when it needs to be converted to a backpack, unidirectional wheels, and a cover to prevent the wheels from getting dirty. Also, it comes with a rust-resistant aluminum alloy rod so bad weather days won’t ever get in the way. If your little one is beyond cartoon monkey backpacks (been there, done that), then this travel backpack might as well be the equivalent of adulting. The pared-down style and navy hue means business… your future CEO-in-the-making will feel so grown-up lugging their textbooks to class with this bad boy. Space will never be an issue. We checked the specs, and you’ll be delighted to know that it’s big enough to fit a 14-inch laptop. International travel (with parental supervision, of course)? No problem.

Take (some of) the stress out of your kid’s school day by outfitting them with this J World New York Sundance Rolling Backpack. They’ll no longer have to hoist a heavy backpack onto their backs if they don’t want to! This bag has so many pockets too — it can hold a laptop, all their books, the homework they forgot to turn in, yesterday’s lunch leftovers they forgot to take out, and so much more. It’s also made with durable fabric so it can take a beating and rubber wheels so their stroll down the school hallway will be quiet.

Cool Backpacks For Kids

Roar! Do we really need to explain why this is one of the best backpacks for kids under the “don’t-kiss-me-in-public-Mom” age? Come on! Dinosaurs! Visual, 3D spikes! Bright colors! Comfortable straps! All the pockets! This design by OFUN really is the whole package… especially if you’re 4 years old and prone to watching Nick Jr. shows as you eat finger foods. As if you need more of a reason, kids will love its roomy main compartment and extra storage pocket. Moms will love that it’s lightweight, washable, breathable, and easy on little shoulders. You know what else moms love about this backpack? It’s not made with any harmful, nontoxic crap that some other packs are. It’s BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free, and passes the SGS test so you can feel about this choice of pack. Not only can this backpack fit all your kid’s school supplies, but it can fit, like, at least 100 plastic dinosaur toys!

Because blending in with the crowd isn’t an option for your tiny tastemaker. Go big or go home with this trendy sequin backpack that would light up any dance floor (err, school gymnasium). This shimmery, mermaid-esque elementary school backpack has a main compartment for your kid to store all their notebooks and ish, as well as a side pocket for a water bottle or umbrella. For around-the-clock comfort — from waiting for the bus in the morning to hanging around the school playground in the afternoon — this bag has a foam padded back and great airflow. Designed with children 4 to 18 in mind, this fun sequin backpack is as fun as it is practical.

This Marvel Kawaii Avengers Backpack puts a fun spin on your run-of-the-mill superheroes. What we like about this pick is that it’s roomy but not overwhelmingly large. That means your smaller kids won’t feel bogged down with a too-huge bag. It also earns top marks for being comfy on small shoulders and great for organization. The inside even has elastic straps to keep all kinds of things in place. Hopefully, this will prevent too much crap from getting lost in the bottom of the backpack!

Rockets of Awesome fans, rejoice! There’s a backpack you can add to your bundle, which we’d highly recommend subscribing for if you love high-quality kids basics at a discounted price. But back to business: The new Brush Camo Backpack, a collaboration with STATE Bags, doesn’t just look cool — it is cool, because it’s sustainably made with recycled materials. Parents will appreciate that it has a waterproof inner liner, while kids will enjoy that it’s just their size, features padded shoulder straps, and has two mesh pockets on either side to stash their water bottles. You can grab the matching luncbox and rain jacket, too.

Best Sprayground Backpacks

It doesn’t get much cooler than this Sprayground Spongebob Checkered Backpack. This comfortable bookbag will sit tightly on your child’s shoulders with padded straps. It has plenty of zippered pockets to hold all their stuff — whether it’s actual schoolwork or random knickknacks that they’re carting around. It also fits nicely onto a rolling suitcase if your kid takes this bag on vacation. Just be prepared for your little one’s ego to be through the rough with this bag on their back.

Though many Sprayground backpacks are loud and flashy, this one is slightly more subtle — but no less cool. The scaly-looking Sprayground Unisex 50 Shades of Rython Backpack has super padded straps so your kid won’t totally hate carrying everything around. The inside has a ton of pockets so they can keep their things organized too. Well … you can keep their things organized and hope that they don’t mess it up, anyway. It has a few pockets for pencils, more for miscellaneous items, and a laptop pocket, too.

Every Star Wars fan needs this Sprayground Star Wars: Storm Troopers Crammed Backpack in their life. It’s actually one of the coolest backpacks we’ve ever seen, and if we’re grabbing one of these for ourselves … you can’t blame us! It has a very cool all-over print of Storm Troopers with Darth Vader at the center of it all. With this backpack, though, the feature is really the print and it doesn’t have a ton of other bells and whistles. It does have a laptop sleeve, though, and even a slot for your kid’s sunglasses … because, obviously.

Best Pink Backpacks

We hate to see it: Little grade-schoolers loaded down by a backpack that’s bigger and heavier than them. It’s not worth having back problems later in life. Enter the 12-inch Bestie backpack (available in pink as well as a plethora of other rainbow hues). This fun-size backpack holds just enough for a regular school day or even an overnight summer camp. It’s made from water-resistant polyester and contains a bevy of pockets on both the inside and outside. It’s just the right size for a coloring book, crayons, their favorite Lunchables variety pack, you name it. The shoulder straps can be adjusted to fit toddlers, but they’re also long enough for an adult.

Does your kid love to stand out? Then this highlighter-pink backpack from Abshoo is the ideal fashion statement. No joke, you’ll be able to spot your kid at least a mile away when picking them up from school, which could really be a good thing. Water-resistant and made with breathable, anti-sweat shoulder straps, this backpack is lightweight and ideal for carrying everything your student needs. With three compartments and small pockets for a phone and wallet, your child will have no problem fitting everything in here. Seriously, everything. Tennis shoes for gym class, textbooks, a laptop, lunch, the list goes on. It’s not enough for a backpack to be easy on the eyes — it has to pass the parentals’ approval, too.

Kids will adore the delicate pink shade on this Caran-Y Kids Backpack. (If they don’t, though, it comes in a number of other colors and patterns.) This nylon backpack has a ton of pockets, including one in the back that provides extra protection. It also has a laptop pocket on the inside that’ll fit a 15″ laptop. It’s pretty durable so it’ll last your little one for a few years — provided they don’t decide after one year that they want something new!

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