The Most Fun Fire Truck Toys For Your Lil' Firefighter

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by Caroline Macon Fleischer
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My son is obsessed with fire truck toys. They were his first real love. Now that he’s three-and-a-half, his affection for fire trucks and firefighters continues to evolve. When he was a baby, he was drawn to their lights and loud sounds. Now, he likes to pretend he’s a firefighter himself — on call for the next emergency. If your kid is anything like mine, you probably spend a considerable amount of time searching for fire trucks for kids. And garbage trucks. Or really anything on wheels, including four-wheelers.

If there’s one thing my boy’s fire truck fandom has taught me, it’s that not all fire trucks are created equal. From Play-Doh sets and beyond, here are 10 fun fire truck toys that will bring a unique take to this kidhood classic.

Best Fire Truck Toys

This is an ultimate 10-truck storage unit that will help keep other clutter at bay. With one big truck that houses 10 mini trucks, the makes and models of fire engines seem limitless. Kids will love playing with these as a full set, or just bringing one on the go. Mini fire trucks will fit nicely into tiny hands and pockets for a day out.

One Reviewer Says: “I bought this on impulse for our 3-year-old grandson. I had already finished Christmas shopping but saw this and just knew he would love it. It ended up being one of his favorite gifts. The compartments that open, [and] the number of police vehicles included were fascinating to him. He wanted to drag it everywhere, even in the car. It's a bonus that the opening sides can latch securely so nothing spills out.”

This light-up firetruck will ignite kids’ imaginations. The 3D effect will bring so much depth of play into your child’s favorite firetruck scenario. Featuring vibrant sound effects and mesmerizing lights, this one will be hard to put away when it’s time for bed. (But seriously, put it away.)

One Reviewer Says: “I gave this as a gift to a friend's son for his birthday. He told me a few days later that it was his favorite present. He also said that his son had played with it nonstop. I would recommend this gift to anyone that has a child that loves fire trucks.”

Make a scene with this Burger Bar Fire Rescue LEGO set. Save the Burger Bar from permanent destruction! Ensure they can save their business! This set features three characters — two firefighters and a desperate chef — on the high-stakes quest to prevent this restaurant from burning to the ground. Can you help save them?

One Reviewer Says: “My 8-year-old loved it! His Dad is a volunteer firefighter, so it was special to make it and he did it quickly with the instructions. The best part was that he could play with it afterward, which he did, for hours! Amazing.”

So fun! This toy firetruck Play-Doh set offers five non-toxic colorful formulas to put out pretend fires. Young players will enjoy swirling together different colors to make water. You can also build fire hydrants, badges, and more with realistic molds. Even adults will love the stress release of pumping Play-Doh through this epic “water” cannon.

One Reviewer Says: “[The] kids had a ball playing with this, the toddler and older kids, as well. There are two areas where the Play-Doh comes out and the truck is a nice size. The toddler plays with it without the Play-Doh, just a truck, too (the wheels spin). Good value and [gets] a lot of play.”

This sturdy, roomy fire truck tent is one of the coolest playhouses I’ve ever seen. Safe for ages three and up, this spacious tent easily allows multiple children to play in it at once. Kids can pretend to drive the truck and put out fires or just chill out on the inside. Detailed illustrations of realistic fire truck décor will make playtime feel realistic.

One Reviewer Says: “The kids I nanny for LOVE this tent. It was easy to assemble and has lived on the porch all summer (haha) which is a testament to its weather durability. I also like that the tent doubles as a reading nook when it isn't being used for imaginative play. Sometimes my girls (who are almost 3) enjoy eating their snack in the fire truck as well.”

Fire Truck Toys for Toddlers

This playmat and truck set has seven different firefighting trucks your child will have a blast navigating through the busy town streets. “Driving” these cars will help with hand-eye coordination and dexterity while the trucks will encourage afternoons of imaginative play. Bonus? Playmats keep the floors protected and help soak up noise. HONK HONK.

One Reviewer Says: “I got this for my son because he loves cars and trucks. His eyes lit up the second he saw the box and couldn’t wait to open it. He loves playing [with] the trucks on the map and always asks me to play with him, definitely spending some quality time with him playing [with] this toy.”

Paw Patrol and fire truck lovers unite! This comforting Marshall plushy is both a cuddling companion and a night light. This friendly Pillow Pet Dalmatian adds magic and wonder to the room with a starlight feature. Kids can fall asleep dreaming of sparing Adventure Bay from chaos and destruction.

One Reviewer Says: “I have two very rough and tumble boys aged four and two. They cannot have anything in their room including a nightlight because it will get broken in no time. This is the ultimate lifesaver!! The boys LOVE their pillow pets with stars that project on the ceiling. It's so much fun that often the whole family will just sit mesmerized in their room looking up at the ‘stars’. It really is an amazing gift and has a wonderful 20-minute timer so you don't waste the battery.”

A kid’s greatest dream and a parent’s worst nightmare, this blinking, squirting, noisemaking fire engine is here to help save the day. Maybe save it for outdoors if you’re using water? I’m sorry for even including this, but you gotta admit it’s fun. Give it to a nice niece or nephew so you don’t have to suffer the consequences, yet still, gain the title of Best Aunt or Best Uncle Ever.

One Reviewer Says: “This is the coolest toy! For the money, it is worth it. My son ADORES IT! He is 2. He loves to just sit and operate this cool truck. The ladder has realistic controls as you would see for some hydraulic cranes. I think it was done pretty well. There are boots over the levers to protect from water entry to the switches. The squirter actually sprays water far. I would say about 15 to 20 feet.”

If you’re looking for a classic, novelty fire truck toy, this may be the one. With a realistic model, water sprayer, and sound feature, this truck is just like the real thing. Kids and adults will love the authenticity of this well-made truck. It’s designed to last for years, making it the perfect gift for young firefighters.

One Reviewer Says: “It is an amazing toy. We have a very rough 3-year-old, and it has held up wonderfully! It survived a dinosaur attack, alien invasion, and earthquake all in one day. The lights are bright and the sound is amazing.”

This sweet five-in-one set is destined to be a toddler fav. With a big cargo truck to transport miniature helicopters and trucks, this unique set poses limitless storytelling possibilities. Good for indoor and outdoor, this toy will help ignite creativity and joy in young people.

One Reviewer Says: “Bought this for my [two and a half-year-old] grandson and he loves it! Truck seems very sturdy and he loves that it lights up and beeps. All the little vehicles that came with it fit nicely onto and inside the trailer. He especially liked the little helicopter. Definitely a great choice.”

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