These Peanut Butter Powders Taste *Just* Like Your Favorite Dessert — & They’re 15% Off

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Let me level with you. I have licked just about every kind of batter straight from the spoon. Cake, brownie, cookie — only pancake gives me pause. Similarly, I have been known to send a spoonful of peanut butter right down the hatch when the mood strikes (read: nearly every day). All of these things taste great and I love them equally. Unfortunately, straight-up cake batter and dollops of peanut butter are hard to get all at once without some serious acrobatics — or so I thought. Friends, I have discovered a way to have my cake and eat it, too (YES, LITERALLY) with Flavored PB Co.’s dessert-flavored peanut butter powders.

I’m talking flavors like party cake, churros, salted caramel crunch, cookies and creme, coconut donuts, and more. It sounds like an ice cream shop menu but no, dear friends. This could be your pantry — and you may as well clear some shelves because right now, Scary Mommy readers can save 15% off a Flavored PB Co. purchase with the exclusive code: SCARY15

First, What The Heck Is Peanut Butter Powder?

You may have heard the term “peanut powder” out in the zeitgeist but what exactly is this thing that somehow is and yet also is not actual peanut butter? Turns out, the answer is a lot more simple than you’d think.

Flavored PB Co. creates peanut powders in a four-step process. First, peanuts sourced from farms are slow-roasted to bring out the nutty flavor. Next, they’re pressed to remove access oils and fats before, third, they’re ground into a fine powder. Finally, the powder is combined with flavorings that are free of artificial dyes and food colorings. At this point, all you have to do is add water to bring it back to a creamy consistency.

The result is that Flavored PB Co.’s peanut powders have an unexpected nutritional profile; they have fewer calories, sugar, fat, and protein than you’d expect from peanut butter.

The Most-Loved Flavored PB Co. Flavors

Flavored PB Co. had me at “cake.” So, if you’re anything like me, I’ll get right to the good stuff here — the wildly imaginative peanut butter flavors that you can (and should) treat yourself to without a moment’s hesitation.

For the days when you’re not herding kids through Sleeping Beauty’s castle in search of a famous Disney churro, there’s this: a Churro Flavored peanut powder that’s really the stuff dreams are made of. Fewer crowds, fewer meltdowns, and not a queue in sight. That buttery cinnamon flavor simply requires a little water and a stir before it’s all yours.

One shopper reported, “I have tried most flavors and love them all. I had intentionally not bought Churro because honestly I didn’t have high expectations. I assumed it would be just like any other product trying to taste like churro and just tasting like cinnamon. [...] I took a chance and tried it....WOW. I was so wrong. Glad I tried this it is so good! I love it in my oatmeal and as a topper in my protein ice cream. A must have if you like churro flavor.”

Every day is a celebration when there’s cake involved. Party Cake is a sweet cake flavored peanut powder elevated with real vanilla and brown sugar — and, here’s where it goes from good to freaking amazing: It has the delightful crunch of all-natural sprinkles. Personally, I’m eyeing this flavor to mix into some post-school protein balls for my kiddos. (Protein balls that I will also absolutely demolish at the end of the day when they’re finally in bed.)

Or take a page from this reviewer’s playbook: “The Party Cake flavor is so yummy! I use it to top rice cakes or eat with bananas. Definitely satisfies my sweet tooth!”

For that perfect fall flavor, you need to pick up this Toffee Apple peanut powder. The buttery caramel and fruity apple flavored power is also loaded with actual toffee bits for an authentic autumn harvest taste. Fans reported using it on everything from overnight oats and baked muffins to pancakes and protein shakes.

One shopper dropped the mic with this reco: “I love eating this flavor on my apple nachos! It’s amazing!” Yes, you heard it hear first: APPLE NACHOS.

Once a favorite, always a favorite. With a combination of black cocoa powder, 100% natural extracts, and all-natural vanilla sprinkles for a classic chocolate cookie and vanilla cream flavor, it’s no wonder Cookies & Creme is a top seller. A scoop of this blended with almond milk and a frozen banana? Need ASAP.

“It's FREAKING DELICIOUS!” raved one shopper. “And so satiating. I'm a registered dietitian and I push these products on everyone! Nutritious but so indulgent.”

It’s hard to beat the combination of sweet and salty but fortunately, Flavored PB Co. has it in the bag with its Salted Caramel Crunch flavor. Savor the fleur de sel paired with bits of real toffee pieces and all-natural buttery flavor atop your morning oats for a breakfast you’ll literally want to eat it every day of your life.

“This is my favorite of the three flavors I have Tried. Full of caramel flavor, with a touch of salt and some crunchy bits. It’s delicious in plain Greek Yogurt - like eating dessert for breakfast,” noted one satisfied shopper.

Here’s what you get when you combine actual toasted coconut flakes with cocoa powder and natural coconut flavor for a delicious glazed-chocolate-cake-donut taste. The Cocoa-Nut Donut flavored powder is decadent and yet keto-friendly, low cal and low sugar, so you might find yourself putting it on any and all things. Fans call it a “game changer,” a “must buy” and an “amazing find.”

One reviewer noted, “The Cocoa-Nut Donut is simply wonderful. Upon opening the bag, you can already smell the coconut. The flavor is fantastic, too! I used it in my overnight oats and it is a dream!”

Maybe you just want peanut butter. Enter Flavored PB Co’s Plain Peanutty flavor. It’s everything you love about salty, nutty peanut butter but healthier.

One reviewer summed it up, “The flavor is so close to the real thing it's scary. Tastes great!”

How Do You Use Peanut Butter Powder?

Finally, we arrive to the fun part. If you want a spreadable butter similar to the consistency in a jar of traditional peanut butter, simply mix a serving of peanut powder (there are approximately 15 per bag depending on the flavor) with 2 to 3 teaspoons of water. From here, you can spread it on toast, waffles, yogurt, or even enjoy it as a fruit dip. Alternatively, the powder can be mixed directly into a smoothie, protein shake, or oatmeal. (Is that a churro smoothie in your future?) You can even bake it up into a single-serve microwave mug cake — and all the snack-lovers rejoiced.

The truth is, there are innumerable ways to use peanut powder and you can bet Flavored PB Co. has plenty of inspired ideas to get you started.

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