From The Confessional: Your Money Secrets

“I just paid off 20K in credit card debt that my DH had no idea about.”

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

One way or another, money plays a huge role in just about everyone’s life. But it’s also one of the most sensitive topics there is. So whether you have too much or not enough, chances are you avoid going super deep on the details with friends, family, Facebook followers... maybe even your own partner. Here are 33 stories — about everything from secret credit card debt to a surprise inheritance — that readers saved for our anonymous Confessional.

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I am The Giver. I send $$ randomly on $$ transfer apps, buy gifts from amazon wish lists & pick new welfare moms to clean their houses for free. I say that loved ones paid for it so they wonder who in their family was so nice & relationships improve, too

Confessional #25786316

I won $500 on a lottery scratch ticket, and didn't tell DH or the kids.

Confessional #9321618

Started to tell DH about going to get a lottery scratcher. He jumped in about how dumb that is, what a waste of money, only idiots blah blah. Told him he was right, I won't go get a ticket. So, SMs, I'll just keep the $2500 I won this morning to myself.

Confessional #20593884

I found a pretty ring at the thrift store and my 4yo 'bought' it, paid 50c. It's too big for her so I wear it and a jeweler friend asked where I got my sapphire because someone must love me. Turns out it's worth $600+...

Confessional #9274583

Our pay scale changed and mine was supposed to go down by $300. But it didnt. Someone in HR screwed up and my pay increased by $300 instead. And I'm not telling a soul.

Confessional #8214012

I think it's gross when people benefit from inherited money and refuse to admit the advantages it gave them.

Confessional #25871350

I won $5,045 at the casino last Thursday but I can't tell my family because they always need money and I always give it to them. So my husband and I booked a trip to New Orleans to see one of our favorite bands. And I paid CC bills. I'm OK with that

Confessional #14716903

I paid off a secret cc debt of 12,600 all by myself, over a 2-3 year period

Confessional #7857764

I won a small lottery. Instead of blowing it on stupid shit for me I donated to neighbors for fertility treatment. Only enough for 4 treatments. #3 worked! Helping feels way better than buying a boat!

Confessional #4980654

When I was a cashier I used to just "accidentally" slide stuff down the belt if I sensed a family needed it but couldn't afford it. No guilt about that whatsoever.

Confessional #7900398

After 5 years of not being able to buy anything for myself,not even underwear because of poverty.I came into a substantial amount of money.Spent 10k just on clothing for myself.Feels amazing!

Confessional #2169324

Six figure salary, small house, 10 yr old cars, few vacations. But we have money in savings and will be able to retire in late 40's if we want. Not needing to impress anyone is priceless.

Confessional #7079236

Finally reached middle class after being slightly above the poverty line for years. Have 2k saved and can actually buy things if I needed to. Never thought this could happen. Never had this kind of security before.

Confessional #6646737

H’s salary is about to double doing a new job he genuinely loves. He’s SO much nicer to be around and I get to shop at Whole Foods and Nordstrom instead of WalMart. I feel stuck up saying that but I’m happy too.

Confessional #9411626

H just got his annual raise, but combined with the increased health ins deductions, we're now short $140 a week. He's a nurse. THIS is how our healthcare staff are being treated. Greedy corporate f*cks.

Confessional #25870674

I live in the Bay Area and will never make enough money to own a home here. Even if I could afford the mortgage, I would need at least $200k downpayment, maybe more in order to make a competitive offer. So bummed about this.

Confessional #25870726

Every time I go to the grocery store, I take out $50 extra with my debit card. I use the money on shoes my husband would never approve of.

Confessional #1312206

Couldn't really afford Xmas this year, but insisted ds2 have SOMETHING to open, so went to dollar tree and got him 4 gifts. Wrapped them in newspaper. He loves them. Glad he's still young enough not to care about money

Confessional #2133421

My FIL passed away recently, and we were all devastated. Just found out that he was secretly worth millions. Literal millions. He was such a humble man, none of us had any idea. We are set for life and I don't have words to express how I'm feeling.

Confessional #6275777

Was about to become homeless because I can’t afford this house as a single mom. Found low income apartments and the office helped me fill out the paperwork & bumped us to the top of the list. I can’t get over that we’ll be able to afford food now!!

Confessional #13653161

If I win the lottery, the first thing I'd buy wouldn't be a car, house, pay off loans, etc. I'd buy like 20 bras and feel like a queen.

Confessional #1838630

0 dollars in our bank account till payday, but take kids to the library, the park, and singalongs in the car. They are so happy. They don’t know we are broke. They make life worth living.

Confessional #15821558

Last year my kids got lottery tickets in their Christmas stockings but were too lazy/spoiled to bother. I scratched them off, one of them was a winner for a few hundred dollars. I cashed in the ticket, kept the money and never told the kids.

Confessional #8633837

I just paid off 20K in credit card debt that my DH had no idea about. Determined to NEVER let that happen again.. The guilt was awful.

Confessional #2179133

I hid 5k in CC debt from my husband. He found out. He found out, asked if I wanted to go to therapy and said, "Don't worry we'll fix this". I married a friggin saint.

Confessional #7674466

I was at my kind of dinky yearly review at work and they offhandedly mentioned I would be getting a merit raise. I was expecting almost nothing. They gave me a $7k raise! After taxes/401K I take home an extra $475 a month! It feels incredible.

Confessional #25842034

I am cash poor right now, but the bills are paid and the fridge & pantry are full, so it's all good.

Confessional #25871092

I messed up big time at work today. Im sure I will be fired. I will have no money to pay my bills, or feed my kids.

Confessional #25870702

I wish I went to university. I left with good grades but the most basic grades, only gcses. If I had a degree I could be working my dream job and be getting paid good money for it. The only thing stopping me from doing it now? I can't afford £20,000.

Confessional #25870966

I became a millionaire overnight. This is uncomfortable and I want no one to know, not even family; it's been nearly a week. I've read these confessions and have been most of them. I would take the money to the grave if it meant no one finds out.

Confessional #25871043

If everyone could work at home or make enough money off a side hustle, don't you think we'd all be doing just that?

Confessional #25871074

Scared the sh*t out of my MIL the other day when I told her if DH and I win the Lottery we will tell NO ONE just disappear one day. Yes, that includes her and she knows it.

Confessional #25871150

If I ever became a millionaire I wouldn't tell a soul. I'd just act normal-keep working, keep living in this apartment, keep driving my 9 year old car. I would be a rich poor person. Then I'd leave the $$ to my kids & grandkids after I die. Surprise!

Confessional #25871093