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These Funny Letter Board Quotes Will Put A Smile On Your Family's Faces

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Letter boards are a fun home decor item the whole family can enjoy.
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Do you have a letter board yet? If not, well, what are you waiting for? A letter board is a fun piece of household decor that lets you leave a positive message for your family and loved ones to see. Trust, your kids will look forward to the notes on that little square (or rectangle or octagon or whatever shaped board you get) even more than they anticipate that infernal Elf on the Shelf during the month of December. Have older kids? You might be shocked by how much they enjoy trading funny letter board quotes with you — it could even become the go-to form of communication between you and your tween or teen. Bonus: If you want to fill your family’s Instagram feed, letter board quotes are a no-brainer.

Of course, the sky’s the limit when figuring out what to put on your letter board. You could go with inspirational letter board messages. Or messages related to the time of year you’re posting, like spring letter board messages. But, hands down, one of the best categories of letter board content is funny letter board quotes. What’s better than putting a smile on your family’s face every day? Catching your typically sullen teen crack up when they walk by your hilarious letter board note? It’s a feeling that’s hard to beat.

So, bookmark this page for all of the funny letter board quotes inspo you need. And who knows? Maybe by sharing them on social, you’ll connect with other letter board moms who’ll understand and appreciate your obsession.

Funny Letter Board Quotes Your Whole Family Will Love

  1. We’re probably even weirder than you think.
  2. This house was clean yesterday — sorry you missed it.
  3. If you made it through middle school, you can do anything.
  4. There is no angry way to say bubbles.
  5. I snack so my kitchen doesn’t get lonely between mealtimes.
  6. Never let anyone treat you like a yellow Starburst. You are a pink Starburst.
  7. Alexa, what day is it?
  8. When we get moody, we need some foody.
  9. Don’t be sad — because sad spelled backward is das, and das not good.
  10. The only marathon I run is six seasons on Netflix in a weekend.
  11. Make it awkward!
  12. And IIIIIIIIII e IIIIII will always love youuuuuuuu.
  13. More tacos, less negativity.
  14. Love yourself as much as you love pizza.
  15. Today’s goal: Keep the tiny humans alive.
  16. Today I will be as useless as the “g” in lasagna.
  17. You can’t make everyone happy. You’re not pizza.
  18. Put on your positive pants.
  19. Whatever sprinkles your donut.
  20. Dear Monday: My mama don’t like you, and she likes everyone.
  21. I don’t even believe myself when I say I’ll be ready in five minutes.
  22. I am unable to quit as I am currently too legit.
  23. What kind of shorts do clouds wear? Thunderwear.
  24. Alexa, do my chores today.
  25. Maybe if we all sit extremely still, Monday won’t be able to see us.
  26. Eat cake. It’s someone’s birthday today.
  27. Exhale negativity, inhale tacos.
  28. My favorite childhood memory is not paying bills.
  29. Long walks around Target are my favorite form of cardio.
  30. Throw sass like confetti.
  31. I wonder if pizza thinks about me too.
  32. Stay trippy, little hippy.
  33. Probably late for something rn.
  34. Save the drama for yo mama.
  35. All panic, no disco.
  36. Sarcasm — it’s how we show love.
  37. Talking To My Kids
  38. Me: I’m not going to tell you again. Narrator: She did, in fact, tell them again.
  39. I used to just crastinate, but I got so good I went pro.
  40. Our house looks like we’re losing a game of Jumanji.
  41. What does a thesaurus eat for breakfast? A synonym roll.
  42. Life is short — spoil your mom.
  43. We hope you like dog hair.
  44. Alexa, skip to spring.
  45. I wish I was as tired as I thought I was before I had kids.
  46. Don’t mind the mess. My kids are making memories…
  47. Of me yelling at them… To clean up the mess.
  48. Still waiting for that fairytale scene where the animals clean everything for me.
  49. Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles.
  50. Y’all gon make me lose my mind, up in hurr, up in hurr. — Mom
  51. Raising kids is a walk in the park… Jurassic Park.
  52. My nickname is Mom, but my full name is Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom.
  53. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. — Dory
  54. My kids are turning out to be just like me. Well played, Karma.
  55. What did the baby corn say to the mama corn? Where is pop corn?
  56. In my defense, I was left unsupervised.
  57. Going to bed early.
  58. Not leaving my house.
  59. Required naps.
  60. My childhood punishments are now my adult goals.
  61. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
  62. The mom in E.T. had an alien living in her house for days and didn’t notice.
  63. Website: We use cookies to improve our performance.
  64. Me: Same.
  65. My Disney princess name is Taco Belle.
  66. I’m not great at advice; can I offer you a sarcastic comment?
  67. I’d like to announce I have no idea what I’m doing.
  68. Bonjour!
  69. That’s fancy for “hey.”
  70. Bad puns.
  71. That’s how eye roll.
  72. Went outside today.
  73. Very cold. There were people. Zero stars — do not recommend.
  74. I would walk across Legos for you.
  75. It’s OK if you fall apart sometimes. Tacos fall apart, and we still love them.
  76. You never know what you have until you clean your room.
  77. The early bird can have the worm, because worms are gross and mornings are stupid.
  78. Spread love as thick as you would Nutella.
  79. I’d like to think money wouldn’t change me…
  80. But when I’m winning Monopoly, I’m a terrible person.
  81. Sometimes it takes me all day to get nothing done.
  82. When life gives you lemonade, make lemons.
  83. Life will be all like, Whaaaaaat?
  84. Life is too short for fake butter, cheese, or people.
  85. They say the best things take time.
  86. That’s why we’re always late.
  87. If Plan ‘A’ doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.
  88. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.
  89. From the window to the wall. Till Santa decks the halls.
  90. Trick or Treat yo’self.
  91. I don’t need an inspirational quote. I need coffee.
  92. Less to-dos. More ta-das.
  93. Being an adult is having the we have food at home talk with yourself over and over.
  94. How do I like my eggs? Um, in a cookie.
  95. You are my rock. My Dwayne. My Johnson.
  96. Today is canceled.
  97. Be strong," I whispered to my WiFi signal.
  98. It's better to be happy in leggings than sad in jeans.
  99. "Alexa, water the plants."
  100. I can't believe I forgot to go to the gym today. That's seven years in a row now.
  101. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's caffeine.
  102. I hate it when I gain ten pounds for a role and then realize I'm not even an actress.

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