'Selling Sunset' Star Heather El Moussa Is Sharing Her Fertility Journey On TikTok

by Madison Vanderberg
Selling Sunset' star Heather El Moussa who shared her fertility journey on TikTok

Selling Sunset star Heather Rae El Moussa is documenting her fertility journey on TikTok

Heather Rae El Moussa (previously Heather Rae Young before her recent marriage to HGTV star Tarek El Moussa) is planing for a family with her husband and thanks to TikTok, the Selling Sunset star is taking fans along on her fertility journey on TikTok.

Heather, 34, shared a TikTok from a fertility clinic on Tuesday, talking fans through the process as she prepares to undergo the egg-freezing process next month.

After explaining that she’s previously frozen her eggs (“Last time I did this, I got six healthy eggs. So I have six on ice right now…in the past, I had low fertility and low egg count”), she live-blogged her recent experience post ultra-sound, telling fans, “I [now] have six on one side, and then on the other side I have a cyst. Which is fine, they just monitor it, but she could not find any follicles on that side.”

“If we decide to move forward, we will start the process next week to get me ready for the egg-freezing in January” Heather shared, which includes blood work to determine what her egg count is and check her progesterone to “see where my levels are at.”

Back in November, she and Tarek shared with E! News that they had plans to “freeze embryos first, go from there and then see what happens.”

At the time, Heather shared that she was enjoying being Tarek’s kid’s step-mom, or “bonus mom,” as she lovingly refers to it.

“We’re raising two kids. I’m already a mommy. So I’m like, well, why not have just one more?” Heather told E!

It seems like Heather hopes to demystify the IVF process as she documents her on-going fertility journey on TikTok, or as Heather put it, “[I’m] going to be sharing my fertility process on ig, hope this can help some of you ladies.” We love to see it.