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From Fall To Hanukkah, Here Are 22 Festive Mugs For All Your Holiday Coffee Needs

For PSLs to peppermint mochas to hot cocoa and more.

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Holiday mugs are just more fun to drink out of this time of year!
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Coffee season takes place year-round, but in the fall and winter, coffee (and tea!) drinkers frolic with an extra pep in their step — and it’s not from an exuberance of caffeine (OK, maybe *a little*). For starters, there are just so many more seasonal drinks to choose from, such as pumpkin spice lattes, harvest teas, peppermint mochas, maple lattes, or cranberry herbal teas. Secondly, and more importantly, holiday mugs are a million times more fun to drink out of. A coffee cup shaped like a pumpkin? Adorable. Coffee mugs with motifs of our favorite fictional Christmas characters? We need them all!

Whether your goal is to make homemade PSLs this autumn or you have plans to throw a boozy hot cocoa gathering, these festive mugs will carry you through all the holiday festivities to come. There’s nothing like curling up with a mug of hot coffee and a cozy book, or settling in for a Christmas movie marathon and a round of hot apple cider with your kids. Get sipping below!

Fall Coffee Mugs That Pair Well With Crisp Morning Air & Pumpkin Lattes

1. Nefelibata Fall Pumpkin Glass Mug

This mug enraptures all our favorite parts of fall, from voluptuous orange pumpkins to crisp falling leaves. It’s made of clear, break-resistant glass that can withstand hot and cold temperatures, and it holds up to 15 fluid ounces (about equivalent to a grande coffee at Starbucks).

2. Honeycomb Tile Cozy + Warm Coffee Mug

Some people love kitschy decor; others don’t. If you fall in the latter group but still want to bask in autumnal festive vibes, this chic mug is right up your minimalist alley. It features a luxe gold tile design and holds an extra two fluid ounces compared to other mugs on the market. Pro tip: Wash by hand and avoid abrasive brushes and sponges to preserve the tile design.

3. Fall Glass Cups with Lids and Straws

Where are all our iced pumpkin coffee drinkers at?! Enjoy your maple iced coffee or hazelnut iced latte on the go in these adorable iced beverage tumblers. They’re dishwasher-safe, and the bamboo lids and glass straws are eco-friendly.

4. Fall Sweaters, Leaves & Lattes Coffee Mug

As if you needed a reminder as to why fall is the best season, this white ceramic mug pretty much sums up our thoughts and moods heading into autumn.

5. “I F*cking Love Pumpkins & Leaves & Shit” Campfire Mug

No one will dare question your affinity for all things fall with this funny yet *totally* accurate campfire mug.

Celebrate the Festival of Lights With These Hanukkah Coffee Mugs

6. Happy Hanukkah Coffee Mug

Bring a little bit of the Hanukkah festive spirit to your work desk this holiday season with a Hanukkah coffee mug. Made of durable ceramic, the cup is both machine and dishwasher safe.

7. Meowzel Tov Mug

There are gag gifts, and then there are gifts that hold both meaning and laughs. Your feline-loving Jewish friend or relative will get a hearty chuckle out of this Hanukkah coffee mug.

8. “Latte Then Latkes” Hanukkah Mug

Festive yet simple with its single-sided design, the mug makes a great gift for those who prefer coffee cups with understated motifs. (Plus, lattes then latkes does sound amazing.)

9. “That’s How I Roll” Dreidel Mug

The best gifts elicit a smile, and this ceramic mug guarantees a few of those (and maybe a few laughs). The mural is a comedic spoof on the popular Yiddish song “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” about the four-sided spinning clay toy.

10. Oversized Blue Menorah Hanukkah Mug

This mug’s 16.9-ounce size is perfect for the people in your life who feel like coffee is best consumed in copious amounts. And at only five bucks, it’s a steal!

Christmas Coffee Mugs That Are Merry and Bright

11. Rustic Christmas Coffee Mug

Another campfire-style coffee vessel, this rustic Christmas mug is the perfect way to ring in the chilly and snowy holiday. And it can hold up to 16 fluid ounces, all of which you will definitely need to fuel your last-minute Christmas shopping.

12. “‘Tis the Season” Christmas Mug

After a heated debate of when it’s socially acceptable to put up the Christmas tree, we’ve resorted to Christmas tree mugs instead. Don’t bat an eye if you catch us drinking out of the mug come mid-November, we’re just trying to get into the holiday spirit (and plan our Thanksgiving Day menus, ha!).

13. Merry Holiday Coffee Mug

Reverting back to the monochromatic aesthetic, Sweet Water Decor’s “Merry” mug leans more on the austere side while still embodying the jolly spirit of Christmas. It can also hold the most liquid (18 ounces) out of all the mugs on this list.

14. Holiday North Pole Mug Set

A Santa mug for you, and an elf mug for them! Pairs best with twinkling lights and Christmas movies.

15. Naughty Christmas Mug

Who needs the Nice List when you can be on the Naughty List instead? Complete your naughty drinkware collection with this mug’s coordinating options: “Let’s Get Lit,” “Jolly Juice,” and “Gangsta Wrapper.”

16. The Swift Xmas Coffee Mug

The Swiftie in your life won’t have to think twice about the meaning behind this adorable mug! The 11-ounce vessel features all the albums of Taylor’s Eras in a holiday-themed design.

17. Set of 4 Christmas Tree Mug with Peppermint Handle

These Christmas tree mugs look like they were plucked right off the set of a Nancy Meyers film! A holly berry motif is painted on the backside, and don’t forget the peppermint handle either. The mugs are made out of freezer-safe ceramic and can hold 14 fluid ounces.

18. Christmas Movie Mug

Speaking of festive films, swap out your standard coffee mug this season in favor of a very merry holiday version. This little stoneware beauty holds 16 fluid ounces and will only set you back five bucks.

19. “Bite Me” Gingerbread Mug

I mean... don’t we all feel this way at some point during the holiday season? Let this little gingerbread gem do the talking for you when the relatives become a little too much to bear.

20. “Dear Santa, I Regret Nothing” Mug

Available in both 11-ounce and 16-ounce options, this cheeky mug lets you live your best Naughty List life... while well-caffeinated, natch.

21. 3D Holiday Gnome Mug

Stop. Staaahhhppp. Could this handmade 3D holiday gnome mug be any cuter? Available in three colors and 10.5- or 16-ounce options, it’s a thoughtful gift for anyone on your list. (Or, you know, you.)

22. “Just A Girl Who Loves Christmas” Mug

Is there any other kind, really? It is the hap-happiest season of all.

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