A Husband Left Behind A Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes But There’s A Plot Twist

A small act of thoughtfulness can go a long way.

A man left a sink full of dishes after watching sports with his friends, but he also left a note for...
@susandoingsusanthings / TikTok

There is an endless amount of content on the internet about men being the absolute worst, specifically husbands who consistently drop the ball in their marriage. Women are jaded and fed up. I get that. However, when one woman showed a small act of thoughtfulness from her husband, the comment section turned into an all-out brawl over whether this guy was a hero or just another husband who could not get it together.

TikTok user @susandoingsusanthings woke up to a mess in her kitchen. Her husband had some friends over the night before to watch some sports, and the sink was filled with dishes.

Initial reaction: anger and the urge to take all those pots and pans and dump them on his side of the bed.

However, this now-viral video comes with a plot twist.

As she walks up to the sink, there’s a note placed on the counter that reads, “I got it!” with an arrow pointing to the sink of dirty dishes.

“What a good guy,” she says. “But see, the thing is just because he left me the note makes me want to tackle it, right? I have morning energy, it's fine, but I just love that he acknowledges that you left a mess in the sink, and don't worry, he'll take responsibility for it, but anyways, we've come so far.”

The surprising ending to this video is a welcomed change from the typical videos of women sharing that their husbands didn’t fill their stockings for Christmas or ruined their finished puzzle after working so hard to complete it.

This guy knew he left a mess, had the foresight to realize that his wife was going to wake up in the morning and come upon this mess, and made sure to ease her anxiety and anger by assuring her that he would take care of the dishes later.

Some TikTok users applauded Susan’s husband with one user writing, “I love this communication. He was too tired to do it after a fun 'party' but knew that if he didn't do it, you would've been annoyed :)”

Another wrote, “I love this. Like he was tired and didn’t want to do it but knows you shouldn’t have to. What ace communication and all it took was a post it”

“It’s that easy!!! Like do I want to do the dishes after hosting? Heck no. Let me sleep and I’ll do it in the morning. But the note changes it ALL🥰,” another echoed.

One user said, “It’s not even a mess, he left it as neatly as he could in the sink. I’ve seen other videos where the whole kitchen was disheveled 😭”

“We both appreciate a tidy kitchen! Just not when exhausted😂❤️,” the OP replied.

Despite the hefty dose of positive feedback, Susan was also met with some disgruntled viewers who didn’t see this note as an act of heroism.

“Bar is on the floor. The fact that this makes us happy,” one user wrote.

“F**k it it’s not the only thing he does😂❤️this video is about communication!!!” the OP defended.

Another said, “Bar is on the floor. Wow man child cleaned up his own mess. Everyone clap”

Again, the OP replied, “This video was about communication👍🏻 newfound negativity. Speaks volumes for your future relationships.”

“That big sigh and you’ve come so far, I wonder how many fights it took 😫,” one user said.

Susan clapped back and wrote, “We’ve been together for 20 year… Fight = growth.”

Several other TikTok users questioned if Susan’s husband followed up with his promise to clean the dishes, and spoiler alert: he did!