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"Mombies" Raise Money For A Good Cause Every Halloween

And their viral dance moves are so spot on.

A group of moms in Connecticult transforms into zombies each Halloween for a good cause.

As a mom with a full life and way too many responsibilities, do you ever feel like the walking undead? Well, I have some good news for you! The bags under your eyes, your dull skin, and your dated wardrobe could help support a good cause, and even eventually cure cancer.

Or, well, kind of.

In Fairfield, Connecticut, a group of do-gooder moms has gotten together every Halloween since 2016 and combined two wonderful things: moms and zombies. The result is the Mombies, who dance the night away every October 31 in order to raise money for The Cancer Couch Foundation, which fights metastatic breast cancer.

The Mombies were created and founded by Terry Davis, who decided it would be fun to have a flash mob of moms-turned-zombies perform Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in their neighborhood as a surprise on Halloween.

“Picture the neighbors' astonishment and our children's eyes widening as zombies emerged stealthily from bushes, driveways, and the front porch,” she writes on the Mombie website. “We were eerily enchanting in our homemade costumes as we disrupted the trick-or-treat routine and took charge of the street.”

Once that first video went viral, the group got much more organized, bigger, and more impactful — with 100% of profits to breast cancer research. They’ve raised $170,000 so far.

Here’s their first dance.

In more recent years, the event has grown; they are now working with choreographer Paul Herman. They also do much more than one neighborhood event. They can be found doing photo ops, multiple shows at Spooky Season festivals, and more, all for chartity.

“We’re really just ordinary neighborhood moms,” Davis told a local news station, before staring at the camera as her eyes glowed yellow.

And recently, another video has gone viral.

“Wait they’re so good!”

“I’m moving there,” another said.

“This is so freaking cool and adorable.”

While many have asked, it remains unclear if you can join the Mombies, but from the information available, it seems like it will remain a tradition that only involves the neighborhood. That still doesn’t stop Davis from encouraging other groups of moms to step out of their comfort zones and have some original fun this Halloween, perhaps for a good cause.