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Why Jell-O Water Is The One TikTok “Cure-All” You Might Want To Try

It won’t actually cure all, but tons of TikTokers swear by it for sick days.

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Jell-O water is a trending wellness trend on TikTok that actually has some health benefits.
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It's just a part of parenting we've all resigned ourselves to: Once your kid starts school, your family will constantly be sick. If you're "lucky," it'll be a quick cold with stuffy noses and rattly coughs that pass in a few days. More disconcerting are things like stomach bugs which, though they often don't last very long, wreak havoc on your routine, your laundry, and your gut. You probably already know some anti-nausea tricks from your days of morning sickness from growing a babe (or just living life), but have you tried Jell-O?

Drinking Jell-O water for sickness is a "fad" currently making the rounds on TikTok, so it feels like a fairly new idea. And, if you know anything about TikTok, you know that influencers aren't always trustworthy sources where your health is concerned. Surprisingly, though, there's actually some merit to this whole Jell-O water trick!

If your grandma is still around, she can probably give you a very wild (and not entirely incorrect) reason why it works to soothe tummies and make you feel better. But since many of us are missing our Nanas, Mamas, and Grammies, the internet is here to explain why Jell-O water works and how to make it. Hopefully, you'll be slurping down some cherry goodness and feeling better soon.

How To Make Jell-O Water

You Need

  • 1 Box Jell-O (any flavor)
  • 2 Cups boiling water
  • 2 Cups cold water
  • Honey (optional)

The recipe is pretty simple — you just follow the directions on the back of any Jell-O packet until you come to the refrigeration step. Skip the fridge and let your warm Jell-O liquid hang out on the stovetop. Ladle some into a mug, add a squeeze of honey if you like, and microwave until your desired temperature.

Why Jell-O Water Works

There are a few theories on why Jell-O helps remedy various illnesses, and there's truth in most of them. For stomach bugs, MedHealth explains, "Jell-O, or gelatin, is another virus-friendly food. Gelatin is easy on the stomach, and it helps keep your blood sugar regulated, giving you the energy you need to fight off your sickness." Meanwhile, drinking it warm also helps with sore throats and mucus issues. You know how your mom dumped hot tea down your throat every time you were sick as a kid? Same idea, only you're drinking something with a little more flavor this time!

Jell-O (or gelatin) in a liquid or its more gelatinous form has long been part of the BRAT diet. When listing foods and beverages to try when sick, everyone from The Oregon Clinic to Gastroenterology groups lists liquid Jell-O along with apple juice, electrolyte beverages, tea, and broth as things to try when easing back into eating. Even WebMD sings the praises of gelatin, citing, "Gelatin is a protein that may promote skin, joint, hair, nail, and gut health. It also provides essential amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, which can provide potent health benefits."

That's right. If Jell-O water isn't your jam, you can also find gelatin supplements or make ginger gelatins yourself. And even if you're not "sick," including more gelatin in your diet can still help with many digestion issues — plus, it can strengthen and keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy. It's pretty much a win-win in the health department.

Why gelatin now? According to WebMD's article, early humans got ample gelatin and collagen from eating connective tissues, tendons, and other parts of animals containing those nutrients. Now, we tend not to eat those parts of the animals and miss out on the vital nutrients.

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