The Best Laser Tag Sets For Making Playing At Home Just As Fun As In The Arena

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by Bailey Cox
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best laser tag sets

An intense laser tag game is one of the best ways for your kids to have fun, whether it’s for a birthday party or just to kill time over the weekend. They get to run around and spend some quality time with their friends and/or family members. And afterward, they’re ready for bed by 7 p.m. The best laser tag sets are a win/win for everyone. Since paying for a laser tag outing can be expensive, they can be a good way for your kids to get some energy out without having to travel far and fork over admission fees.

Picking up your own laser tag toys isn’t as costly as you may think — especially if your kids are big fans of the game. One set of four is roughly equal to the cost to play laser tag just for one child. Make a day of it with your kids by letting them get creative and design the obstacle course themselves. Make the best laser tag course on the block by stacking the couch cushions, hanging some bedsheets, and cutting up all those spare Amazon boxes.

Getting your kids’ friends to come and join the fun definitely won’t be a challenge. “Laser tag is an extremely popular at-home game for kids typically ages 8 and up,” says Marissa Silva, editor-in-chief of The Toy Insider. “Laser X is by far the most popular brand out there, and they make tons of awesome blasters in a variety of styles that are all compatible, so tons of kids can play together. The best thing about laser tag is that it gets kids up and moving, keeping them entertained in a screen-free way.”

There are a lot of different laser tag sets on the market, so we did the research for you. Here are 11 of the best laser tag sets for both kids and adults.

Best Laser Tag Sets

This laser tag set is for serious laser tag enthusiasts. Instead of being battery operated, this set is fully rechargeable, allowing you to play up to eight games per charge. The box set includes four blasters and vests that are compatible with each other so team sizes can be expanded if you purchase additional vests and blasters. Each blaster and vest has an LCD screen that shows the battery level and how many lives the player has left. This laser tag set also features a ton of advanced features most kits don’t offer, like different weapon modes and a stealth mode. “We bought this set for screen-free family time and holy moly it is FUN!!! We love how customizable the games can be with teams and lives, plus different “weapons” that each take different amounts of lives per hit. The recharging station is so sleek and well designed, and the battery life seems to be pretty great,” raved one Amazon customer. “We are normally exhausted after three rounds but the batteries aren’t more than halfway depleted.

The super realistic shooting sounds of this two-team laser tag set come in four modes: single shot, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket. The vests, which fit laser-tag fans of all ages, vibrate strongly when you’re hit, too. The guns’ shooting distance is up to 130 feet indoors or outdoors! Each gun and vest needs three AA batteries, and the company includes a small screwdriver to install them — nice! One more great thing to highlight is the “anti-cheating” feature, which prevents a player from saving themself; only another player can do that. “You can choose teams and it changes the color light on the guns themselves, the sounds are amazing, they vibrate, and they are pretty easy to figure out,” said one happy Amazon customer. “It takes a couple direct hits to lose the ‘lives’ on the guns. They make different sounds for hits, misses, reloads, etc. Highly recommend these. So fun and we plan to order more!”

This Nerf set has an extra cool feature: You can play laser tag with the integrated Nerf Laser Ops app! Just secure your phone in the included armband. Using the app, you can customize the blasters, track your performance, earn power-ups, and detect other players with GPS. (Whoa.) Each blaster has light and sound effects, unlimited ammo, a quick-reload button, and indicators for health, ammo, and teams. You can also choose an indoor or outdoor mode. Each blaster fires a beam up to 225 feet. “This Laser Tag set is amazing!” said one Amazon reviewer. “Even my adult children want to buy a set. Love the option to play with or without the app. Although the app adds a lot to the experience. Long range, I think 250 foot and great at reflecting through mirror and windows, ect. All the thrill of laser tag without the drive and cost. Great purchase for youth groups as you can link a whole lot of guns and play.

Best Laser Gun Toys

For those who are looking to get right into the action without having to don all of the gear, this set of laser tag guns from Kidzlane is all you need to start blasting away. Begin by choosing your team color and then your ammo type. These guns let you choose from four different ammo types: pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket. You can also switch between weapon modes mid-game! This set of laser tag guns have received nearly 3,000 reviews on Amazon and have earned an average 4.6 star rating.

Everyone loves a classic Nerf gun battle, but with these laser tag guns, there’s no need to clean up a million foam darts. For a more authentic feel, these taggers “recoil” when they’re fired and vibrate when shot, so there’s no need for bulky vests. They’re compatible and interchangeable with other Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX blasters, so more than two players can join in on the epic fun. These blasters have earned a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, and parents love the fact that they don’t look like actual guns. “I really like these for my boy because I’m pretty anti-gun but felt ok with this model. It looks more like a science fiction laser blaster than a real gun,” one reviewer noted. “The sounds are great and they are put together really well. Super solid build means they will take serious abuse.”

Looking for a great set you can play with right away? Laser X Revolution comes with all of the required batteries you need, meaning it’d be a great gift for those who simply can’t wait another moment to play. Plenty of parents love how versatile it is, in that it’s a game set that young kids and older kids will appreciate. But, other parents love that it’s a great way for kids to get a little bit of exercise. “This is a great gift for any family,” one Amazon reviewer stated. “Crosses many ages & actually gets kids running!”

Laser Tag For Kids

For a true arcade-style laser tag match, this two-player set from Sharper Image truly delivers. With two blasters and vests, you’ll have everything you need to engage in a 1v1 or team battles if you pair up multiple sets. Each blaster and vest comes with built-in sounds, lights, and authentic vibrations to give the player an authentic laser tag experience.

Now your backyard or basement can feel just like a laser tag arena, thanks to this set of laser tag guns and vests. These vests and blasters are the best of the best by offering cool features such as invisibility mode, night vision flashlight, and voice-guided directions. And you don’t have to worry about sticking to close-quarters combat; this laser tag set has a 150-ft shooting range and up to two hours of game time. It’s no secret this is the best laser tag set on the market, having earned a 4.6-star rating and over 3,400 reviews on Amazon. One happy customer said “got this for my 11-year-old twins' birthday and it was a hit! I did a lot of research before purchasing and decided on this one based on the features. Best decision! Plus it is very sturdy and well made. My boys had a blast and we can’t wait to use it again! Highly recommend!”

This laser tag set truly grows with your kids over the years. This set lets you “switch” between weapon types so that kids will be able to add a bit more creativity to their laser tag game. Each weapon option will change the game in a certain way — some are less accurate than others and have a greater damage level. Parents state these are good for a various range of ages, with many claiming this set was a Christmas hit.

If you’re not looking to spend a ton on laser tag guns and vests, this set of four may be a great choice for your family or friend group — just make sure you stock up on AA batteries before playing. These give off a vibration once you’ve been hit, and with the realistic noises of the shots, you’ll truly feel like you’re in the game. This set is recommended for ages six and up.

Laser Tag Sets For Adults

This set from Vatos will guarantee hours of fun for either two or four teams, and with four shot modes: single shot, laser gun, machine gun, and plasma gun. All have super realistic shooting sounds, plus flickering lights — and a vibration when you’re hit. (It even wishes you good luck before you start playing!) The shooting distance reaches up to 60 meters (196 feet), and even if you’re hit multiple times, the game won’t end; the vest will just restart for you to select your team again. “Out of the box, these were easy to set up, are well constructed, and provided immediate fun for the kids (and the adults who spent longer than expected “testing” them out),” stated one happy Amazon customer.

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