Kids' Lawn Mowers That Are Totally *Kick-Grass*

by Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
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Lawn mower toys? Yes. Lawn mower toys. If there’s one thing kids love, it’s pretend play — especially when it mimics the grown ups in their lives. (We’ve all seen the viral videos of kiddos obsessed with their local mail carrier or delivery people.) That’s why, in addition to more magical options like castle playsets and solar system sets, toys modeled after more “everyday” activities —relatively speaking, of course — like tool kits, shopping carts, and yes, lawn mowers, are perennially popular.

The benefits of buying a toy lawn mower for your little are multifold: It gets them out into the fresh air to enjoy some screen-free playtime, as well as teaches them about the importance of chores. By “mowing” the grass with their own kid-size version, children feel like contributing members of the family and depending on age, further develop walking skills, motor skills, and their imaginations. (Plus, getting that photo of your little “mowing” the lawn alongside mom or dad will be utterly priceless.) Not too bad for an “appliance” that doesn’t actually trim the grass.

The options for kids’ lawnmowers range from simple wooden push toys to plastic bubble mowers to electronic riding mowers with sound effects, lights, and even swirling faux grass clippings. Here, we’ve collected the best of what’s available now for your little landscaper. No matter who you’re shopping for, you’ll find a toy mower for your tike ahead.

Best Kids’ Lawn Mower Toys:

Best Kids’ Riding Lawn Mowers:


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