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Why Your Legs Shake After Sex (Don't Worry; You Aren't Allergic To Orgasms)

Coming down is different for everyone.

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Sex can result in many bodily reactions, including legs shaking after sex.
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Sex has some fantastic benefits: improved cardio, glowy skin, elevated mood, to name a few. But orgasms can also do some weird stuff to your body, from splitting headaches to sneezing to legs shaking after sex. Yep, shaking legs (IYKYK). If you’ve ever gone from that delicious toe-curling feeling to post-coital quivering in your lower body, you’ve probably wondered if that’s normal. The good news? It is. Many people have reported their legs shaking after hitting the big O, whether through self-pleasure or partner stimulation. So, call off the WebMD diagnosis; you don’t have some super-rare sex allergy.

Although the sensation might seem scary at first, there’s a perfectly good reason for experiencing it. Why is this happening? Well, it’s all about the individual and how your body responds to orgasm. Let’s take a deeper look into why your legs are shaking after sex.

What do legs shaking after sex mean?

Sometimes sex feels like a marathon, so it makes sense your legs get a little shaky-waky after a sweat session. What does it mean, though? Well, it’s simple. You know how you experience a release when you orgasm? As you’re experiencing that euphoric moment, your body is undergoing a ton of physical responses, including an increase in blood pressure and heart rate as well as myotonia, which is basically just a muscle contraction. But this twitch or spasm doesn’t just affect your vulvar area and vaginal walls — it can also affect most muscles of the body, like your legs.

As your body is undergoing this intense release and pleasure, there’s a lot of tension being built up throughout your body, especially your legs (because, let’s face it, they can be an integral part of your lovemaking). So, once you’ve recovered from your orgasm, released all that pent-up tension, and start to relax again, voila! Your legs begin to shake.

And don’t forget; your leg positioning might have something to do with your muscle tension, too. The more you clench or the longer you stand up (or are held) in a particular position might affect any sort of uncomfortable feeling post-coital. You can cut the chances of that happening by switching positions up throughout sex (as best as you can while in the moment).

Is it a cause for concern?

Experiencing legs shaking after sex might feel weird, but is it a cause for concern? More often than not, a little cramping or shaking after sex is a pretty typical response. Most people will experience shaking or other bodily reactions from 10 minutes to a few hours after sex. Your legs will most likely stop shaking within 30 minutes. However, excessive cramping or pain can be a cause for concern. If that doesn’t go away within a few hours, you should definitely follow up with your physician.

What should you do about your legs shaking after sex?

The good news is that you can help treat your shaking legs after sex with some simple home remedies. If you experience shaking or cramping after reaching orgasm, try the following.

  • Grab some water or coconut water and/or snack on potassium-rich foods, like a banana, avocado, or yogurt before and/or after sex. The more hydrated your muscles, the less pain you will experience during the muscle contraction post-orgasm. So, now you have even more reason to get your eight glasses of water in while also snuggling up together for a post-sex snack.
  • Another good tip? Stretching. Your legs might feel better after some gentle stretching. Try some calf or quad stretches after eating and drinking.
  • If you experience legs shaking after sex, you will also want to pay attention to how you sleep afterward. You should find a comfortable sleeping position that doesn’t add any additional pressure to your legs.

Ultimately, if your legs shake after sex, shake it off! Everyone experiences orgasms and sex differently. By understanding why your legs do what they do while also ensuring you’re adequately hydrated and fuelled, you will, ahem, get a leg up on your next sex session.

What else may happen to my body after sex?

Sex is an acitivty that can take a lot of you. But, it can also cause your body to do weird things post coitus. So, here are a few things some people deal with after sex, and leg shaking is hardly the strangest one on the list.

  • You may cry
  • Sneezing
  • Euphoria
  • Nasal congestion

*Remember, you're not alone if you experience these symptoms because they’re quite common.

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