17 Natural Mood Boosters For When You Need A Pick-Me-Up

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We all have good and bad days — but have you ever been in a mood you can’t shake? It could be caused by a lot of different things — your kids acting up, not getting enough sleep, stress from [waves around at everything], or just having an off day. Being in a bad mood is not only exhausting, but it can also make you overly irritable at best, or ruin your whole day at worst. And the longer you sit in a bad mood, the harder it is to get yourself out of it, and your to-do list is already long enough as it is.

Unfortunately, you can’t always remove every stressor in your life, but if you find yourself less than chipper, there are many natural ways to boost your mood that are easy, quick, and don’t require much effort or disruption to your life. Things like aromatherapy, a quick cardio session, drinking some herbal tea, or mindful journaling can all be done in the few minutes you manage to sneak for yourself here and there, and even when you’re on the go.

Ahead, you’ll find 17 natural mood boosters, from essential oils to capsules that support a balanced mood to a journal literally designed to be wrecked, to get you out of that funk and into better spirits.


A Diffuser To Create The Perfect Ambiance In Any Room

Make any, or every, room in your house more spa-like with this oil diffuser. It has a large 500-milliliter tank that can be used either for aromatherapy or humidifying the air and can run up to 16 hours with a weak mist, or 10 with a strong mist. It has seven LED lights with dim and bright modes, four different timers, and an automatic shut-off feature when the water runs out so you can let it run for hours, worry-free. Just add 5 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil, and sit back and relax.


A Set Of Essential Oils That’ll Help You Chill Out

Whether you want to prepare yourself for the day or wind down at night, this set of three essential oils has you covered. Fill your diffuser with the refreshing blends of geranium, vetiver, and grapefruit (Calmness); doze off to lavender (Asleep); or chill out to a blend of lavender, rosemary, and sage (Relax). If you want something custom, you can even blend them together and DIY your own scent.


Some Aromatherapy Tablets For A Spa-Like Shower

It’s hard to deny the soothing effect of a nice, hot shower, and you can add even more to that experience by adding some aromatherapy. This set of shower tablets has six different scents that are activated by splashes of water and can help energize, de-stress, provide sinus relief, and more.


A 2-Pack Of Epsom Salts That’ll Soothe All Aches & Pains

After a long day or workout, soothe achy, tired muscles by soaking in some Epsom salts. You can also use the salts to exfoliate your skin in the bath or mix them with warm water and apply them as a paste directly to your muscles, if baths aren’t your thing. This set comes with a eucalyptus and spearmint scent for relaxation, and a lavender scent that might help you catch better ZZZ’s if used right before bedtime.


A Lightbulb That’ll Give You Your Daily Dose Of Sunshine

Not getting enough sunlight can be a real mood ruiner, and if you’re not able to get the real thing (i.e. anyone stuck inside with a desk job), this “sun-like” light bulb is a great alternative. It’s designed to mimic natural sunshine to help regulate your circadian rhythm, so you feel more energized throughout the day.


An Aromatherapy Stick You Can Use On-The-Go

Bring some aromatherapy with you wherever you go. This handy nasal inhaler can easily be tossed in a bag or a pocket and includes an organic lavender that’s known for helping to decrease stress and increase calm. Whenever you’re feeling a little anxious or weary, take a deep breath (and a sniff). As a bonus, it’s also safe for kids.


A Hand Sanitizer That Doesn’t Smell Like Hand Sanitizer

At this point, we all have a bottle of sanitizer in every bag and nook and drawer in the house, because you know what’s not a mood booster? Germs and getting sick. Restock your stash of hand sanitizer bottles with a set of 12 travel-size bottles that are infused with essential oils (mint, mandarin, and lavender), so you can destroy 99.99% of germs while also smelling a little less alcohol-y.


Aromatherapy Balms That’ll Help You Rub Away Your Stress

Find your zen quickly with these aromatherapy balm sticks, which you can rub on your pulse points (temples, neck, or wrists) whenever you need a little de-stressing. The De-Stress scent has chamomile, neroli, and mandarin, while the Escape scent is a warm blend of oud, frankincense, and sandalwood. There are several variety packs to choose from that hit each mood.


A Cordless Rope That’ll Help You Jump Towards Positivity

Exercise is an extremely effective natural mood booster, and this cordless jump rope will get you moving and your endorphins flowing in no time. There are weighted balls on the ends of each handle, so you get the feel of jumping rope without having to deal with the rope hitting your shins or making loud noises on the floor.


A Himalayan Salt Lamp To Create Warm Mood Lighting

Himalayan salt lamps look cool on any shelf, but they’re more than just decorative. Sitting next to one can help you feel calmer, but at the very least, the amber glow can help focus your attention and set some warm mood lighting in your room. This lamp has proven its worth, with well over 20,000 five-star ratings.


A Mindfulness Journal That Keeps It Real

There’s no rule that boosting your spirits can’t have a few (or many) swear words along the way. This journal has prompts to help you work through your thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative. It also gives you a few laughs and lets you drop some f-bombs along the way.


A Cult-Favorite Journal Built For You To Destroy

Sometimes you just need to release some energy in order to feel better, and this journal has plenty of opportunities to do just that. Inside, you’ll find pages you can tear, poke holes in, scribble on, draw outside the lines, and more, all in the name of productive creativity. Plus, it’s got an impressive 4.7-star rating after more than 19,000 reviews, meaning plenty of people found it more than helpful in boosting their mood.


These Capsules To Help Balance You From The Inside Out

Add these capsules to your morning regime along with your daily multivitamin. These mellow vegan capsules have botanical extracts and are formulated to support women’s natural hormonal cycles throughout the month, keeping you feeling even and balanced. Key ingredients include chasteberry to help with mood swings, and isoflavones and dong quai to help maintain hormone levels and balance.


Or, These Healing Capsules For A Gentle Mood Lift

There may be no such thing as a happiness pill, but these plant-based capsules might be able to at least help temporarily ease your worrying mind. They have seven different herbs, including St. John’s wort, ashwagandha, ginkgo biloba, lemon balm leaf, and more to help reduce mental and physical tension and fatigue, and help uplift your mood.


A Happiness Tea That’ll Add Brightness To Your Day

Warm your body and soul with a soothing cuppa. This tea, aptly named Get Happy, is made from caffeine-free rooibos tea and tastes delightfully fruity, with lemon and peach flavor notes. Its bright flavors will likely put a smile on your face. If you become a fan, they make other blends also worth checking out.


A Scented Mist That’ll Spray Away Bad Vibes

Made from citrus and eucalyptus essential oils, this mist is the pick-me-up you need anytime your energy is dragging. Spray it in a room, on your clothes, or even directly on your skin for a refresh to help you get through the rest of the day.


An Experience That’ll Kick Off Your Self-Care Routine

Take an hour for yourself and practice some self-care. Led by a professional yoga instructor, this interactive wellness experience will teach you breathing methods, self-massage techniques, hand positions to reduce anxiety, visualizations for emotional stability, and more, putting you on a better path towards improved mood and wellness. Plus, the session is set in a luscious Mexican jungle backdrop, so you can do a little virtual escape, no passport needed. Up to seven people can join you on your digital retreat. But, if you prefer a solo adventure, you can also get a private session for slightly more money.