42 Best Gifts For Stress Relief When You Need A Reminder That Everything Is Temporary

by Jenny Altman
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We’re all feeling a little extra stressed this year (oh my god, is it STILL 2020?!?) which means we’re certified experts at choosing the best relaxation gifts for stressed out moms, sisters, teachers and friends. Since the best relaxation and self-care presents are off the table for now— we mean spa trips, girlfriend getaways and anything that involves a weekend and wine— we’re sending the gift of relaxation direct to our girlfriends‘ front door.

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If you want to make their lives easier, give the gift of ready-made dinners and tea subscriptions. If they need a good laugh during a sh*t day— send over a Dammit Doll or Calma Llama Stress Toy. Surprise them with self care gifts like matcha masks, essential oil diffusers and cozy pajamas. There is nobody, man or woman, who doesn’t need something to make them forget the daily grind of life these days— not to mention the news cycle.

And if you need a moment of de-stressing yourself, just ask your new work-wife, Google Assistant, to help out. While it can’t officially babysit or pack you for a beach vacation, it can remind your husband to take out the trash, play you soothing spa music, find a step by step recipe video and even help with nightly story time. Yes! It will read to your kids so they can leave. you. alone.

Best Stress Relief Gifts

Don’t let gift-giving stress you out— we’ve got mom approved gift guides for all your family and friends.


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