16 Affordable Finds That’ll Turn Your Patio Into Your Pied-à-Terre

Accessories to make your outdoor space — however small — shine.

by Emma Coburn
Wooden patio stairs with a couple of plants on them lit up at night

You move into a new home or apartment, spend countless hours unpacking and rearranging, and buy everything from a new couch to those multi-colored wineglasses you saw on Instagram. And then, if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, you remember that there’s a whole other category of things you need: patio decor.

When you want to make your outdoor space as comfortable as possible without breaking the bank, these patio accessories — from cute lighting options to planters and a hammock — will come in handy. No matter how small your patio is, you’ll find something on this list that can make it shine. Soon, you’ll feel like you’ve added a whole new room to the house. Ahead, 16 affordable patio decor options to turn your outdoor space into an oasis.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Scary Mommy’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


An Umbrella That’s Easy To Open & Close

Create your own shade with this nine-foot umbrella that’s significantly cheaper than many others you’ll see on the market — but still durable enough to last multiple summers. It’s also easy to customize for your space since it comes in 12 different colors. Note: The base for this umbrella is sold separately (you can also find a bundle of the two items).

User review: “For ANY price, a great umbrella. It's sturdy, easy to open and close, and I love the red...looks wonderful with all the colors in my gardens. If it is windy, I close it. When I go in for the night, I close it. It has a tie to secure it when closed. It's survived many windy days and nights. It's a really good umbrella!”


A Tablecloth That Withstands The Elements

You don’t *need* a tablecloth for your outdoor table, but as soon as you put one on, the whole space will feel that much more put together. You can get this summery design as a table runner, tablecloth (with or without a hole for your umbrella), or set of placemats, all of which come in an outdoor-ready waterproof polyester material that can be thrown in the laundry.

User review: “I wanted a tablecloth for my (rusting) outdoor table, saw this and knew it would be ideal. The zip has a flap of fabric that covers it, and the umbrella hole is finished with a little 'collar' — a nice touch. The colours are really nice and the design is lovely. It's also a good diameter of fabric: not too much, not too little (if I ever get a slightly bigger table, this would still fit, but it's perfect for the standard size I have). Happy with my purchase!”


An Umbrella Light You Can Clamp Right On

That patio umbrella is perfect for making sunny days shadier, but for nighttime get-togethers, you may need an extra lighting boost. This extremely affordable clip-on light (which takes four AA batteries you’ll need to buy separately) offers three different levels of illumination for post-sunset meals, snacks, or family card games.

User review: “This light is very bright if you face the LEDs toward the table. And it gently illuminates the underside of a patio umbrella if the LEDs are faced up and at its highest power. Holds well to a wooden umbrella pole and is very easy to operate the latch that allows you to remove or install the light onto the pole. Batteries last a good long time in this light. Highly recommended.”


DIY Lighting For Stairs, Railings, Or Fences

For floor or fence lighting that looks more expensive than it is, install these little solar lights using the included tape or screws. After charging in the sun all day, they’ll light up when it gets dark, helping your guests see where they’re going.

User review: “These were the greatest simple little invention created for your deck! They are super easy to install with the tape. One set [illuminates] my rails around my deck and the stairs leading down to the yard. I highly recommend!”


A Hammock That Isn’t A Total Hassle

This cute hammock is ideal for those with limited space because it requires very little commitment: It’s easy to take down and put back up, either on a hammock stand (not included) or between trees. Still, reviewers note it’s well-made and comfortable, especially for the price. It comes with the hardware you need for setup, plus a travel bag — in case you decide you want to tote it along to someone else’s patio.

User review: “I've had this hammock for almost a year, and I have to say, I LOVE it! Not only is it pretty and sturdy, it's comfortable and easy to put up. I don't leave it out when I'm not using it, because I know the sun and the rain can cause it to deteriorate sooner, but since it's so easy to hang up, that is not a problem. I plan to take it on my next camping trip because it is so portable and easy to use. I highly recommend it.”


A Multi-Tiered Stand For Your Plant Bébés

Make your patio look like a garden center with this seven-platform plant stand — essentially a bookshelf for your plants. Not only is it eye-catching, but it’s great for small spaces where you don’t have room to put tons of pots on the ground.

User review: “I love this stand!!!! It was easy to put together. Lightweight but sturdy and holds so many of my pretties. You are limited in height on the lower shelves but it just gives room for creativity. If you're running out of room for your plants, this is a great solution.”


A Hanging Planter To Free Up Floor Space

Another great item for those with limited outdoor floor space. Know that these cotton plant hangers do not come with the pots pictured — but that leaves room for you to get creative when designing your patio decor. While they’re designed to hold plant pots, and can be hung against a wall or from the ceiling, reviewers note that you can also hang other accessories, like colored glass bottles, if you’re going for a different vibe.

User review: “Absolutely gorgeous! I was skeptical as to how well these could be made considering how moderately priced they are but when they arrived my jaw dropped. They are perfect:)”


String Lights To Illuminate & Add Charm

These waterproof outdoor string lights have almost 50,000 satisfied Amazon customers, who rave about everything from their warm light to the fact that one bulb going out won’t ruin the rest of the string. The glass bulbs are packed separately from the cable, and reviewers recommend waiting to add them back in until the cable is set up, to avoid breaking any during installation.

User review: “For cheapies these have held up very well outdoors. We live in FL, so baking under hot sun and getting rained on a ton. These still work like brand new. We've had the commercial grade, unbreakable bulb style strands and those are heavy and have fewer bulbs. I actually prefer these, and haven't broken a single bulb all year long. One strand is moved through our deck rail, and the other is installed under our shade structure. The light from these two strands is more than enough to illuminate our deck. It's a soft orange light, Edison-style bulbs.”


An Outdoor Rug For Under $40

If you’ve just finished decorating the inside of your house, maybe the word “rug” makes you want to hide your credit card. But for less than $40, this one isn’t too pricey, and it adds some homeyness to your outdoor space. Plus, it comes in four different sizes and gets extra points from reviewers for being easy to clean.

User review: “I have 2 of these for our camper and wanted to spruce up our home patio without a lot of effort. This. Is. It. Super cute, easy to sweep the dropping pine needles from our neighbors trees. Water runs straight through.”


Flameless Candles To Keep Things Cozy

Make your patio feel and look cozier, even when the weather’s bad, with these water-resistant, remote-controlled, or timer-operated candles. Safer than an open flame, they’re also great if you have kids running around. They’re perfect for the holidays, or anytime you want to maximize the Hocus Pocus vibes. Note that each candle will need two AA batteries.

User review: “What a pleasant surprise! We had record heat of 114 degree, then rain and thunderstorms and rain showers. The candles all passed the test. We have them on slate stepping stones, and in a beautiful hurricane lamp. All are doing beautifully. LOVE these candles. I had to lose 3 battery timer candles before finding these. Highly highly recommend”


A Doormat With 27,000 Reviews

This one’s boring but important. You may not receive cascades of compliments on this thing, but that’s because it’ll blend in so well people will barely notice it — and more importantly, it will protect your home from water and dirt that might otherwise be tracked in. Available in five sizes and a wide variety of colors and patterns, this mat is popular because it’s just that good at doing its job. It can also be vacuumed, swept, or washed with a hose.

User review: “This is a beautifully made mat — perfect size for my side door. The pattern/color choices make it look like part of the room, rather than just a "wipe your feet" addition. Heavy-weight rubber keeps it from slipping and curling. I deliberately waited 6 weeks before reviewing because so many times it takes a while to see whether a product lives up to the description. It certainly has! Seller sent a follow-up email which was very informative. Thank you.” (Note: this review was for a different design than the one pictured)


A Table That’s Both A Bar Top & Drink Cooler

This is outdoor furniture that pulls its weight: You can either use it as a simple side table or pull up the top to open the bonus 7.5-gallon cooler. A plug at the bottom helps you drain excess water/ice at the end of the night.

User review: “Looks fantastic for the price point. I wanted a makeshift lounge area to relax in while grilling at my beach home and since it's just a garage I wasn't looking to spend an arm and leg. Put together, this looks like I paid 5x what I did.”


Pillows That Won’t Get Waterlogged

Make your outdoor chairs or couches that much more comfortable with pillows that can withstand a little weather. Pick whichever outdoor pillowcases fit in with the rest of your patio decor, then slip these micro-polyester inserts inside. Note: some users say that for a fuller-feeling pillow, they preferred the 20” insert from the same brand for an 18” cover.

User review: “Great value! They fluff up pretty quickly and fit into pillow covers well. They are soft/comfy, perfect for decoration, and easy to stack together to provide additional support on your chair or porch swing. We like [them] so much that we purchased more for indoor pillow covers on the bed. We recommend them!”


An Outdoor Throw That’s Cute & Under $20

Technically, any throw is an “outdoor throw” if you just use it outside. But the price point on this one is what makes it an appealing patio decor choice. While reviewers praise the way it looks and feels, for under $20, it’s also not something you’ll stress too much about accidentally leaving outside all night (and if it does get dirty, you can just throw it in the washer and dryer).

User review: “Very soft. Pretty. Very lightweight. I actually use mine outdoors. I bring them in so they don’t get wet but they are perfect for when you have a slight chill on a summer night. Way too light to provide much warmth but they are soft and very pretty. Great decor accent piece.”


A Minimalist Side Table To Hold Your Stuff

This simple side table is more than adequate for all your drink- and book-holding needs, and comes in colors ranging from basic black to bright red and yellow. With over 5,000 reviews, it’s also a fan favorite.

User review: “This table is PERFECT!! We wanted a splash of yellow for our outside pool area, and this did it. We get heavy winds here in Texas and the table has gone NOWHERE. Perfect for the two of us to set out drinks and phones on! It had been outside for at least 20 good storms and no rust or damage. Love this!!!”


A Faux Ivy Hedge For Privacy & Aesthetics

Could you grow your own ivy, instead of putting up fake ivy made from plastic and polyester? Of course. But this is an affordable way to quickly add greenery to your outdoor space, either just for the sake of it, or because you need more shade or privacy.

User review: “I am a perfectionist. I researched these products for over a year. Finally decided to pull the trigger on this one from Amazon since the price had dropped to under $32. OUTSTANDING product. Easy to work with, I'd say about 75% privacy, which is what I wanted so the dogs could still see out somewhat. ... A friend of mine came by when I was finishing up and asked me if I was trimming the hedge. Didn't realize I had just put it up and that it was FAKE! That's how real it looks!”

It’s easy to let your outdoor space become a decorative afterthought—but when you put some time into making that area comfortable, it can feel like a whole extra room. These affordable and easy patio decor options will help you make your backyard or balcony a place you’re proud to show off to guests... and more importantly, happy to just hang out in by yourself.