25+ Pet Peeves Sure To Make Your Twitch At Just Their Mention

So annoying.

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We all have pet peeves. They’re the things that other people do that set our teeth on edge and make us irrationally angry. The thought of someone double-dipping their chip in the queso might make you crack your neck uncomfortably to keep from lunging across the table at them. That sound of you cracking your neck might make your partner shudder in disgust. Even the nicest, most rational people you know still have things that drive them bonkers. Perhaps you’ve never thought about it, but we guarantee you have at least one pet peeve. This list of the most popular pet peeves might trigger some annoyance that are not fun to experience. Which ones can you relate to?

1. Loud Eating/Drinking

Loud eating or drinking is a pet peeve of tons of people and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people actually just chew loudly and that can drive a person mad. Other people hate when you use your straw to slurp at the bottom of an empty glass. Others, still, get twitchy at the sound of teeth scraping on a fork.

2. Double dipping

THIS IS SO GROSS! Even when you’re sharing salsa with someone you love, there’s still something so cringe-worthy about seeing them double-dip. That chip was in their mouth. Then it came back out. Now it’s in the same dip that you’re eating. To avoid being grossed out, I almost immediately divvy up salsa, queso and other dips onto individual plates, so everyone can eat how they want. Bonus: I get through dinner without feeling like a total B.

3. Cracking gum

You know those people who can fold over their gum in their mouth, create little air pockets and them pop them between their teeth? Many people really hate that. You may not even notice it… until you’re sitting next to you gum-cracking aunt during a funeral.

4. Cracking Knuckles/Other Body Parts

It might help to be less bothered by this if you know that the sound you hear when someone “cracks” a joint isn’t body parts grinding together. Just like when people crack their gum, it’s a way to get rid of air bubbles that form in your joints. Is it necessary? That’s debatable. Does it make you want to vomit? Probably.

5. Fanatics

Listen: It’s okay to be a fan. It starts to become annoying when your “fandom” is your entire personality. Know a person who’s entire decor and fashion sense revolves around the fact that they like the Atlanta Braves? Or maybe any conversation you have with a co-worker comes back to how many times they’ve seen Dave Mathews Band? Those are fanatics… and they’re obnoxious.

6. The Chronically Late

Have a friend who, the only way to be sure they’ll show up on time is to tell them to be there 30 minutes early? Girl, we all have that friend. (Or maybe we are that friend.) For the chronically early, this is especially frustrating.

7. People Stealing Your Food

This comes in two forms. Sometimes you both get your own meals, but your friend/date/future nemesis tries to fork a bite to try your food. Other times, this can look like a person who says they’re not hungry… but then eats all your fries. Either way, it’s unacceptable, kinda gross and worth losing a friend over.


8. No Turn Signals

Unpopular opinion time: If you’re in a turn lane a turn signal is redundant. But, for any other time, seeing someone turning or switching lanes without a signal is just down right infuriating.

9. Strangers Standing Too Close

This was annoying to many people even before a global pandemic struck. Now, however, when people stand too close in line at the grocery store, it’s not just annoying but feels like a personal affront to your health and safety. Back. That. Ass. Up.

10. Staring

Some people just zone out and you end up in their line of sight. Some people, though, have no tact. Staring feels especially frustrating when you’re already uncomfortable. For instance, if you’re disabled or trying to help a disabled person, it’s common to be stared at… but that doesn’t make it any less annoying, hurtful or just plain rude.

11. Interrupting

We all interrupt each other sometimes because we’re excited to add our own contribution. People who grew up in big families don’t even notice when everyone is talking on top of each other. A more sensitive person, though, will take your interruptions as a clear sign you think your point is more important than theirs.

12. Negativity

“That’s a terrible idea.” “That will never work.” “I’ve heard them — I didn’t like his vocal style.” Is there anything worse than being excited about something new and then having someone crap all over it?

13. Cell Phone Obsession

Nothing makes a person feel more inconsequential than watching their partner or date pick up their phone during a conversation. Or maybe you’re giving someone a ride and they immediately start playing games on their phone, instead of engaging with you. Remember the good old days before cell phones when everyone just stared out the window, instead of talking?

14. Third-Person Person

“Deirdre’s writing an article about pet peeves,” Deirdre types in her article about pet peeves. “Dada is going to the bathroom,” Dada says before making a quick escape to the loo, where he’ll spend twenty minutes playing games on his phone. *twitch*

15. Foot tapping/knee bouncing/pen clicking

While this can be super frustrating to see or hear, it’s actually a nervous tick. In other words, pointing it out can often intensify the inclination to keep tapping/clicking.

Some Slightly Less Common Peeves

16. Leaving Hair In The Drain

Listen, I’m not touching it. If it bothers you, you fix it.

17. Paying For Shipping

Apparently a lot of people will refuse to order something if they have to pay shipping.

18. Selfie obsessed

Is our culture currently a bit more self-obsessed than previous generations? Possibly. Or maybe we just like to have things well documented for when our memories fail.

19. Not picking up after your dog

Guys, there’s a sign nearly everywhere you turn. Pick up after your dog.

20. Passive aggressive tone

If you can’t be nice, don’t speak at all.

21. Sidewalk Etiquette

When pedestrians or groups of people take up the whole sidewalk or don’t move to the right to let others pass.

22. Public Grooming

Is anything more gross than someone biting their nails during a meeting, cutting their toenails next to you on the couch or picking their teeth while sitting across the table?

23. Blocking Entrances/Exits

Boarding an elevator or a subway and then standing in front of the door is immensely annoying for those around you who need to enter or exit after you. A bonus: People who try to get into an elevator (or the train!) before letting everyone off, first.

24. Saving Gum

Gum is cheap. Really cheap. Please stop sticking it to your plate or the lid of your drink when you’re eating. Just throw it away and get a new piece after lunch.

25. “Literally”

Did you “literally” eat a ton of chips last night? Did you?

26. The One Upper

Everyone has met this person at some point in their life. You know, the one around the office or school who always had a better weekend than you, is busier than you, more tired than you, and has a worse headache than you. Bet their pet peeve list is longer than yours.

How To Overcome Your Pet Peeve

You know what annoys you. You also know that sometimes the things that drive you crazy aren’t things you can change. What do you do when confronting your pet peeves with other people? PsychCentral offered a ton of great advice. This is our favorite.

1. Acknowledge what you do like

“I love when I can just talk and ramble and you take time to really listen to me.” (Instead of, “I wish you wouldn’t interrupt me.”)

2.. Look for solutions

Buy extra snacks. Set your clock ahead. Dedicate a space in your home for all their fanatic memorabilia.

3. Talk it out

Do this privately and use number two to your advantage, as well. “I love how you’re so smart and offer such a unique perspective. Did you know, though, that sometimes you get so excited that you interrupt me to tell me your thoughts?”

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