Confession: I Really Dislike My BFF’s Kid

by Chloe Summers
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Little blonde girl dressed up in a golden dress with a crown on her head

I promise I’m not a horrible monster. But deep down (way past my bubbly exterior), I really dislike my BFF’s kid.

Too far? Oops. Well, stay tuned — I’m fixin’ to push it a tad bit further.

Before I’m deemed some monstrous kid-hater, let’s get one thing straight. She doesn’t have any behavioral issues, developmental delays or special needs in any way, shape or form.

That said, this little girl never smiles — NEVER. It’s like the freakin’ Shining in that household. Now, I could understand this sad, little flaw if she had a crappy upbringing. But that’s not the case… at all.

This is a peek into her life: She has access to any TV show, movie or YouTube channel. In addition, her room encompasses her Mom and Dad’s by a massive landslide.

Not to mention, her iPhone is nicer than mine, she has the newest gadgets and toys, and she is dearly loved by my wonderful BFF and her husband. Sure, everyone has their “stuff,” but from an outsider’s perspective, she doesn’t have it rough.

So now I’ve just come to the most logical explanation… my BFF’s kid is an entitled little BRAT.

The first time I realized this was when she threw a hard-covered school book at the back of her mom’s head — all because she wouldn’t buy her a toy that very moment. To reiterate, the little hooligan chucked it at the base of her head so hard that it made her mom cry.

Naturally, in a blind rage, my BFF stopped the car to establish some much-needed consequences. And in that moment, I thought I was finally about to witness the discipline I believed this girl so desperately needed. But nope, the fight was won with small head-bobs and condescending grins from the back seat. Meanwhile, Mama just shouted meaningless threats.

It’s not just this one incidence which defines my dislike either. My BFF’s kid is ungrateful beyond all compare. Instead of thanking her parents for the newest and coolest gadget (excuse me if I’m not up to date on the slang), she arises immediate complaints about the color. THE COLOR. There are no thank you’s on birthdays, Christmas or other holidays that I’ve seen thus far. And honestly, it makes me absolutely dread her presence.

My BFF’s kid is the champion of eye-rolls, and the queen of drawn-out, high-pitched, complaining — and this annoyance that she outwardly displays is something I seriously dislike.

If she were a toddler, maybe I could somewhat understand this type of behavior. After all, toddlers can be assholes. But she’s long past the toddler stage. It’s not cute anymore, and she needs to quit being an asshole.

As per the usual parent norm, her parents give and give and give to her. But in the process of doing so, their daughter has forgotten how to show even an inch of gratitude. And it breaks my heart for my friend.

Ever since we were kids, my BFF’s been a giving heart by nature. So naturally, she strives for the above and beyond version of parenthood. She and her husband do everything for their daughter. And in doing so, they’ve given her no real sense of responsibility. And I’m starting to think right there lies the very root of the problem.

I approach these problems with caution out of respect and love for my BFF, because I know that no one likes to hear anything negative about their kid. (Me included.) Not to mention, I’d hate to damage our friendship by criticizing. But anytime I do bring it up, she confronts me with the same evil glare her daughter has perfected.

So, out of respect, my mouth stays shut. I buy the birthday presents that only my BFF will thank me for (not her daughter), and I engage in conversations she will roll her eyes at. I hate that I don’t have the type of relationship with my BFF’s daughter I once hoped for, but she is not her Mom whom I adore. She is her own person.

I love my friend, so I will always love her daughter.

But no, I don’t like my BFF’s kid. And truthfully, I hate it.

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