Say It Ain't So!

Ronzoni Discontinues Beloved Star-Shaped Pastina Pasta

Foodies are not happy about the company's choice to say goodbye to those delicious little stars.

Ronzoni announced it's discontinuing the pastina pasta.

Arrivederci, pastina! That’s right. Last week, Ronzoni announced that it would be discontinuing the tiny, star-shaped pasta due to a supplier issue — and foodies and toddlers everywhere are devastated.

In a social media post, Ronzoni explained that “this wasn’t a decision that we wanted to make.”

“Unfortunately, our long-term supplier informed us that they would no longer be making Ronzoni Pastina as of January 2023,” the announcement read. “We searched extensively for an alternative solution but were unable to identify a viable option to make Pastina in the same beloved small shape, size and standards you have come to expect from Ronzoni.”

Ronzoni’s statement on the loss of pastina.

The brand said that they will never give up delivering delicious pasta to consumers, but that pastina would no longer be one of the shapes available.

The stars went out in many Ronzoni fans’ eyes, particularly those of Italian Americans:

At this time, a handful of petitions to save the pasta have popped up on, and pastina lovers are hoarding boxes in grocery stores.

Why are people so outraged, you may ask? Well, pastina is comfort food, according to Nonnas everywhere. It's commonly cooked into soup or prepared like rice and risotto — with chicken broth, butter, Parmesan cheese, and sometimes even egg for extra creaminess.

It cures all colds, lessens all pains. It’s pastina!

“Italian for ‘tiny dough,’ Pastina is the smallest shape we make; if you look closely, they're in the shape of a five-pointed star,” Ronzoni writes on their website. “Pastina works best in light soups. It is often made in single servings for one of toddler's first foods.”

Now, a first food is gone forever. Straziante.