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TikTok Grandma Babs Costello Shares Incredible Pumpkin Carving Tips

Whip out those hand mixers, and be amazed!

Barbara Costello shared key pumpkin carving tips on TikTok.
TikTok/Barbara Costello

As with her dishwasher tricks, Barbara “Babs” Costello (@BrunchWithBabs) is back again with life-changing tips for spooky season. The TikTok grandma shared incredible ideas for making pumpkin carving a whole lot easier — and her video is going viral on the social media platform.

Now with 23 million views, the 73-year-old’s tutorial features the “Dos and Don’ts of Pumpkin Carving” so that you can make the best, and cleanest, Jack O’Lantern in town. Thanks to Babs, say goodbye to the yuck and mess and hello to happy, inspired arts and crafters this Halloween.

She truly is “everyone’s grandmother.”

Babs is a pumpkin carving master!

In her description of the video, Babs shares her tips in writing:

1. Carve from bottom. That way you have the stem to hold onto and you can easily slip the pumpkin right over a candle or flashlight.

2. Hold pumpkin in your lap to carve. You will have a much steadier pumpkin to cut.

3. Use a red dry erase marker to sketch your design. It erases easily and if you miss a spot, it blends in.

4. Use a hand mixer to clean out your pumpkin.

5. Use cookie cutters and a rubber mallet to carve your design.

6. Cover all cut surfaces with Vaseline to keep the pumpkin moist after carving. Pumpkins should last 1-2 weeks carved!

7. Sprinkle some cinnamon on the inside top of your pumpkin for festive pumpkin spice smell when a candle is lit inside the pumpkin.

Babs with the tips!


With 2.5 million followers and over 28 million likes, Babs’ bio reads, “grandma of 8 + mom of 4 sharing my wisdom & making easy family tradition recipes.” She exploded on social media with her “Did your mom ever tell you?” line during the pandemic, and consistently dishes out sage advice.

As she told ABC News, she doesn’t want “to let her kids down.”

Last month, Babs’ “Do’s and Don’ts for Loading the Dishwasher” earned 7.7 million views as she detailed how to get the best results with each wash. Since then, her TikTok recipes and hacks have continued to captivate and wow fans.

Even celebrity mom extraordinaire Jennifer Garner is a follower of Babs, and tried the hand mixer trick on her own Jack O’Lantern. “Spoiler alert: the hand mixer hack works! 🎃. Hi, @brunchwithbabs,” Garner wrote.

Jennifer Garner + Babs = gold.

Babs is a must follow! Tips galore, happy grandma vibes only.