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This Young Fan’s Reaction To NFL Player Trey McBride Being Raised By Same-Sex Parents Is So Pure

Representation really matters, y’all.

A dad describes his son getting to FaceTime with NFL player Trey McBride about being raised by same-...

How cool would it be to get a signed jersey from your favorite football player with a note specifically addressed to you? Arizona Cardinals tight end Trey McBride just made that happen for one very excited and dedicated new fan, Forge. This amazing "big brother"-like friendship sparked over something normal but often overlooked in the sports industry: McBride and Forge were both raised by same-sex parents.

During a recent podcast interview, McBride talked with pride about his experience growing up with two moms in Colorado. Soon afterward, the video made its way to Forge, a devoted Buffalo Bills fan who just happens to be raised by two amazing dads.

"It says, 'Forge, follow your dreams; the world is yours,'" Forge's dad emotionally reads from the back of the brand new McBride jersey. "Don't make me cry," Forge responds. "I'm gonna cry."

The encounter didn't just stop at a signed jersey, though. McBride wrote a touching note, included some more football goodies, chatted on the phone with Forge (the purest conversation!), and even offered future hangouts and counsel.

Um, we all have a new favorite football player, right?

While it's not uncommon for kids to be raised by same-sex parents, McBride is the first football player in the NFL with same-sex parents. And it proved immensely meaningful for Forge, an avid football fan and football player, to hear about McBride's upbringing, know he's not alone, and find someone he can truly relate to who has "made it."

With almost a million followers behind them, Forge's dads are already working to put same-sex parenting at the forefront of parenting conversations. Their posts about dual-dad fatherhood to their sweet, sincere kiddo are fun to watch in their own right. But this newest moment between Forge, his dads, and McBride took things to an even deeper, more personal, and more public level.

Right off the bat, it's hard not to be utterly floored by the emotional transparency from the teary-eyed dad and his son. It's not every day that you see boys and men allowed to express their emotions in such a way. It immediately gave insight into the emotionally healthy life Forge and his dads live together.

In addition to the Cards swag, McBride included a note about how impactful it was for both of them to come from such a cool, underrepresented background. "I just hope I can be a bright spot for you, man, 'cause this is something that we're both going through, and this is important for both of us," McBride tells the boy during their phone call. "So, if you ever need anything, I'm here for you, dude — all the time. You can reach out to me. Call me. Whatever you need, I'm always here for you."

Of course, what Forge and McBride are "going through" is less about their actual home life and more about the world's opinions of it. So, it's wonderful to see McBride step up so proudly to share his story and be an advocate for kids growing up in families like his — as well as an example for other pro athletes who may be fearful of sharing their own experiences.

The comments on the video are just as uplifting as Forge and McBride's interaction.

"Are we all gonna become Trey McBride fans now?" asked Julian.

"IK this is healing Trey McBride, too. Most likely needed someone like him at that age, and now he can be that person," commented Gia.

"Trey McBride and I went to Colorado State at the same time, and he had a reputation for being SUCH a good guy. Looove to see kids looking up to guys like him," wrote Baileybjuhl.

"As a gay man who played football in junior high and high school, and who is still a fan, this really is the most adorable thing I've seen on TikTok in quite some time," shared Cloudedsnail.

"Representation matters. So happy he has someone to look up to," commented 2live4thehopeofitall.

"Listening to Trey McBride was like listening to someone who was healing his inner self and feeling so prideful! Representation matters; seeing people who experience the same as you gives you strength," wrote Mia.

Forge got off his Facetime call with McBride and excitedly shared that he now felt like he had a big brother. Rest assured, McBride also now has about a million moms (and dads) rooting for him this year.

The Cardinals player joins a growing list of pro ballers who are proving to little fans everywhere that emotional vulnerability is cool and that families come in all kinds of forms.

A few years ago, during the NFL's "My Cleats, My Cause" campaign, current Broncos running back Samaje Perine chose a nonprofit that aids young mothers since he was raised by one. Carolina Panthers tight end Hayden Hurst runs a youth mental health foundation with his mom after almost taking his own life.

NFL players suit up and lace up to entertain us with their athleticism, but there’s genuine substance under that padding, along with families and histories that make them who they are. Let's hear it for more stories like McBride's (and his new buddy Forge), more stories about the Perines and Hursts of the league, and just more heart alongside the crashing of helmets.