10 Things Your Vagina Really Needs You To Know

by Melissa Guida-Richards
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A woman sitting on a toilet seat with her blue sweatpants pulled down around her feet

Listen up gals and people with vaginas, you need to stop treating your vagina like some side chick you just check in on once in a while.

Your vagina is the literal core of your body and deserves the best.

So please, for the love of God…

1. Stop douching.

Just stop putting things up your hoo-ha. A little soap and water on the outside goes a long way. Preferably non-scented or just warm water will do the trick.

2. Stop buying bleached tampons and pads.

Open your wallet. There should be certain things you don’t skimp on buying. Organic cotton tampons or pads are just a couple of those items.

3. Try a reusable cup or period panties.

Your vag deserves the best. Invest a few bucks into quality items that you will literally use for years.

4. Knowledge is power.

Don’t invite just anybody into your vagina without knowing them well enough, or at least pack some protection. Before having sex with anyone, you should have a talk about STIs and birth control, and at the very least, use protection against STIs.

5. Everybody’s is different.

Shave/wax if you want, but remember that it’s also okay to have hair. Whatever your preference is, just stay clean.

6. Discharge is normal.

Unless its green, smelly, or completely different from what you normally experience, it’s okay. Don’t be ashamed of a normal bodily function.

7. Kegels are a vagina’s best friend.

Exercise is an important part of your health. Try clenching your pelvic muscles a few times a day to keep your vagina fit.

8. Childbirth will not ruin your vagina.

It’s a myth that your vagina will not go back to normal. It will take about six weeks of downtime, and kegeling, but most vaginas are (pretty much) the same afterward.

9. You should have a healthy, long-term relationship with a gynecologist.

Whether you identify as female or not, as long as you have a vagina, yearly exams are important. Schedule your appointment and just get in the damn stirrups. It will be over with quickly.

10. Masturbation is healthy.

It will help keep everything right and tight, and can help reduce stress. Sex with a partner is great, but unless you know how to please yourself, you are putting your pleasure in the hands of someone else. Nobody should know your vagina better than yourself.

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