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22 Witchcore Items To Bring Your Kid’s Room A Darkly Enchanting Vibe

The spooky season aesthetic can last all year round.

by Amber Guetebier
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If the idea of decorating your kid’s room in pastel pinks and blues has you feeling a little less than excited, you’ve come to the right place. With the turning of the seasons, we turn to our inner woodland witch to help with home decor — but spooky season isn’t the only time of year to get those moody vibes. Inspire your little would-be wizards (and yourself!) with a room that invokes the spirit of magic: freedom, harmony with nature, and a little streak of mischief.

Here’s the best witchcore decor for the little sorcerer in your house.


Removable Wall Decals To Keep Little Witches On Track With Moon Phases

Temporary wall decals are a quick way to create a mood in any room, and Tempaper & Co Mystic Moon Phases Wall Decals give off witchy vibes without being too Halloween-y — if you believe that could be a thing. They are easy to apply and stay in place, but you can peel them off without peeling your paint. Add snakes for Medusa feels, or keep it celestial with the phases of the moon (in silver or gold).


A Moody Botanical Rug With A Magical Pattern

A rug can set the mood and tone of any room, and this beautiful handmade botanical rug blends the right amount of whimsy and witchy. The dark background is offset with a mix of warm tones like mustard and red with white in a pattern of moths and wildflowers. Available in three sizes: 2 x 3, 3 x 5, and 4 x 6.


Black Floating Shelves To Display All Your Baby Grimoires

Why go bland wood when you can go black? Add these floating shelves at kiddo height and stock the shelves with a display of perfectly witchy titles, like Room on the Broom, Strega Nona, and The Witches of Benevento.


Celestial Blackout Curtains With A Mystical Touch

Black-out curtains are a nursery staple, but these top-rated curtains with more than 3,200 5-star reviews on Amazon have an added feature that takes them from mundane to magical. Tiny little cutouts of the moon and stars let pinpoints of light in, creating an atmosphere worthy of Hagatha.


A Gothic Convertible Crib You’ll Wish Was Your Own Bed

Start bébé off right with a black rod iron crib that converts to a toddler bed, twin bed, and full bed. Crib and toddler mattresses are the same size, but you’ll need to upgrade when it comes time to get a little bigger kid. And, of course, you’ll need some woodland witchcore bedding.


Organic Crib Sheets To Help Them Live Among The Star

Trick out that gothic crib with a set of organic crib sheets in neutral colors. The set includes four sheets (because you need at least that many with a leaking baby), including two different moon-and-star patterns in black, white, and gray, along with two other solid-colored sheets.


Set Of Woodland Fairy Tale Sheets To Match Their Next Growth Spurt

When the child expands into a twin bed, nab a set of these sheets featuring a pattern of wild plants, mushrooms, snails, and acorns against a black background. Sure to make your little Smurfs (or Gargamels) feel right at home. The sheets come in twin, full, queen, and king.


Wall Art With A Prophetic Twist

Perfect for little ones, the message is clear: The future is in your hands! This little tin sign has two hands with stylized palm reading patterns offset by softly colored flowers. At just 8-by-12 inches, it’s easy to hang on any wall or nook.


A Mirror That Even The Wicked Queen Would Approve Of

Mirror, mirror, on the wall! No proper witchy nursery is complete without a beautiful mirror for your little ones to reflect on their own inner power. This vintage-style mirror has an oval-shaped, black and gold frame. It’s a little over 14 inches high by 12 inches wide, so it’s not too heavy or large.


A Miniature Apothecary Dresser To Stash Potions

This small dresser is a little bit ancient medicine and a little bit dark-academia-secret-library. It sits at 14 inches wide by 11 inches high and has ten small drawers perfect for stashing diaper cream, lotion, pacifiers, or other small items you want to keep handy for the baby. As they grow older, they can use it to hide all those magical treasures (rocks, sticks, tiny dinosaurs) they find on their walks.


An Herbalist Throw Blanket That Reminds Us All That Witches Heal

Witches get a bad rap for throwing hexes and eating children, but that’s only a few of the coven. Real witches have serious plant knowledge and use their medicine to heal, and this blanket represents that healing plant part of all of us. It comes in a deep green with an apothecary’s worth of herbs and bottles on the design, and at 60 inches long by 50 inches wide, it’s big enough to wrap you and Baby up in.


An Emerald Velvet Chair To Rock Your Little Witches To Sleep

Every witch, no matter how small, needs a velvet rocking chair. Since your nursery is probably in need of a pop of color, go rich emerald to invoke the deep dark forest of your dreams. This inexpensive chair cleans up surprisingly well with a damp cloth. It also comes in other fabrics and colors, including black, ivory, rose, and blue velvet.


A Pillow That Represents The Forager In Us All

Toss this lumbar-style throw pillow on that velvet rocking chair and use it to keep your arm or neck propped up when you’re reading all those spellbooks.


A Dramatic Dresser That Won’t Swallow The Room

The Camille Bombay has that “Yeah, I hang with vampires, so what?” feel without being too over-the-top. It’s a statement piece, but one that will stand the test of time and lots of sticky fingers. Perfect for displaying magical goods like this moon lamp.


Decorative Bookends That Will Keep Watch At Night

Prop up those witchy reads on top of a shelf or the Camille dresser with these wise owl bookends that infuse any room with some very gothic-but-nerdy glam. They’re also heavy enough to use as a doorstop.


Remote Controlled Candles To Keep Midnight Hour Feels No Matter The Time

As an alternative to the traditional nightlight, these faux candles cast a warm glow in the room. They are remote-operated, so you can turn them on and off on command, and they even have a timer so you can have them shut off automatically. You can turn the flicker mode on or off, depending on your mood. The candles take AA batteries.


A Cauldron-Like Wooden Bowl To Stash Diapers & Burp Cloths

This big, beautiful mango wood bowl comes in cauldron black, and at 15 inches wide, it’s plenty big to keep burp cloths, diapers, and wipes handy near the changing table. When they outgrow diapers, the piece is versatile enough to be used in other areas of the house. It’s also food safe, in case, you know, you want to use it for gruel one day.


Toy Storage That Looks Like You’ve Captured Something In Your Trap

Hang this net in the corner of the room to wrangle all those stuffed animals into one place and get them off the floor. The cream-colored version of this looks like a snag trap a witch might lay in the forest, or perhaps one a fisherman may catch a mermaid in. It also comes in black, pink, and purple.


A Fuzzy Rug That Invokes Forest Friends

Don’t be afraid of the white color: It’s washable and durable, and if you really can’t do it, there are 15 other hues to choose from. The rug features plush, 2-inch “fur,” and because of the slip-resistant rubber backing, it’s a great spot to dance barefoot.


A Diaper Caddy That Can Be Used Later To Gather Flowers and Herbs

This beautiful basket includes a removable divider, so you can use it to keep diapers, wipes, ointment, and rattles now, then remove it to use later for toys, stuffed animals, or to gather ingredients for a potion.


A Book Of Fairies That Will Remind Them They Have The Second Sight

The “second sight” is said to be the ability to see ghosts, fairies, and creatures from other realms. Keep baby’s imagination and psychic intuition engaged with this beautiful jacketed edition of the 1920s classic work in fairy documentation — full of whimsical illustrations by the author herself.


A Mobile To Invoke Their Inner Bohemian

This beautiful cotton macrame mobile features neutral colors and is attractive enough that they might just leave it up until they turn 18. The “rainbows” in black, white, and gold provide contrast to stimulate your little spellcaster’s eyes.

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