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Namast-ay... In Bed! 10+ Yoga Sex Poses To Help You Reach The Big 'Om'

These stretches are yogasmic.

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We know that yoga has a ton of healthy benefits, including everything from decreasing stress and anxiety to improving digestion and flexibility. And we also know that sex does a body good, helping boost our immune system and giving us a well-rested sleep, among other bonuses (wink, wink!). So, what do you get when you put these two amazing pastimes together? Yoga sex, and it’s one heck of a workout. Luckily, you don’t have to be a master yogi to get down with this type of downward dog, either.

The concept of yoga sex is pretty simple. You and your partner are using traditional yoga positions during sexual activity. Typically, one person holds the pose, while the other stimulates or penetrates them. However, both of you might also hold the same yoga pose or a different one, depending on what, uh, fits best. Besides yoga sex being a great way to spice things up in the bedroom, it also helps to increase flexibility, strength, or balance. And when you consider that yoga has been known to improve several aspects of sexual function in women, including desire, arousal, orgasm, and overall satisfaction, it’s really a no-brainer.

Interested in trying out yoga sex tonight? Check out these 10 yoga poses that will make you better and more bendy in bed.

Yoga Sex Positions to Increase Flexibility and Satisfaction

1. Plow Pose

  • How to do it: In this pose, one partner lies on their back with their knees bent and pulled into their chest. They straighten their legs, bracing their lower back with their hands at their hips, bringing their legs straight up and then overhead, feet together. Your partner can kneel or stand behind you to penetrate.
  • Why you want to do it: Allows for deep penetration and great for a cervical orgasm.

2. Downward Facing Dog

  • How to do it: One partner starts on all fours, hands in front of shoulders and knees under their hips. They slowly raise hips to an upside-down V as head hangs down. Your partner stands behind you to enter.
  • Why you want to do it: It allows vaginal stimulation.

3. Standing Straddle Forward Bend

  • How to do it: Stand with feet just outside of hip-width apart and fold over your upper body towards your legs. Your partner can penetrate from behind.
  • Why you want to do it: Your partner can reach the vaginal wall, which is right near the G-spot.

4. Bridge Pose

  • How to do it: One partner lies on their back with their knees bent and feet at least hip-width apart. Keeping neck straight, they raise their hips to form a straight line between their knees and shoulders. Your partner can enter on top a la missionary-like.
  • Why you want to do it: This poses engages the pelvic floor, which is pleasurable for both partners.

5. Three-Legged Downward Dog

  • How to do it: Similar to Downward Facing Dog, the three-legged dog kicks it up a notch by lifting one leg in the air towards the ceiling.
  • Why you want to do it: It allows for a deeper penetration and gives your partner an easier angle to position themselves.

6. Cobra Pose

  • How to do it: One partner lies face down with their palm outside their shoulders with their elbows tucked in near their torso. As they press down their hands, they lift their upper body. Legs should remain far enough apart to give partner enough space to enter from behind.
  • Why you want to do it: It gives your partner deeper access to your vaginal wall and G-spot.

7. Child’s Pose

  • How to do it: One partner sits on their heels and lowers their upper body onto the floor or bed. Arms are extended out straight with forehead down. Partner can kneel behind to enter.
  • Why you want to do it: It offers a more relaxed position when you’re feeling a little tired.

8. Savasana

  • How to do it: Corpse pose just got a whole lot livelier with this configuration. One partner lies down face up with legs and arms slightly spread apart. Partner can then kneel over and straddle themselves on top.
  • Why you want to do it: Similar to missionary position, this pose helps improve connection and precision.

9. Happy Baby

  • How to do it: One partner lies on their back, lifting both legs towards the ceiling. Bring knees closer to armpits as you grasp each foot (or ankle) to spread legs apart. Partner can kneel or straddle on top.
  • Why you want to do it: Similar to missionary style, this position allows deeper penetration and the opportunity to wrap legs around partner.

10. Reclining Butterfly Pose

  • How to do it: One partner reclines on their back, bringing the soles of their feet together in a diamond pose. The other partner can then straddle or kneel themselves on top.
  • Why you want to do it: Similar to child’s pose, this is a more relaxed position that allows deeper connection and penetration.

11. Lizard Pose

  • How to do it: Start off in a downward dog and pull your right foot forward to your right hand. Hold this lunge-like position. Your partner can position themselves behind you to enter.
  • Why you want to do it: This is perfect for increasing flexibility and opening your hips wide, which allows your partner to penetrate deeply. They can also use your bent leg for thrust support.

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