Little Girl's Reaction To Toy's Lack Of Touchscreen Will Make You LOL

by Mike Julianelle
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image via Reddit/YouTube

Want to feel old? Watch this little girl’s flabbergasted reaction to a Game Boy

Kids these days grow up in a world loaded with hot new technology, things that we could only dream of when we were kids. There are apps and gadgets that make every aspect of life easier, but in this constant march of progress, some things get lost.

One dad posted a video of his daughter attempting to play a Game Boy and it’s hilarious and sad at the same time. The little girl is lost without a touchscreen. Technology, amiright?

The little girl is trying to use a Game Boy the only way she knows how: by touching the screen.

As her dad watches, his daughter pokes and pinches the screen, hilariously oblivious to the control pad and buttons directly below the display. She can probably navigate an iPad with the speed and dexterity of Steve Jobs, but hand her something from the 90s that requires actual thumbs, and she’s totally at a loss.

Of course, despite her confusion, she’s confident she’ll figure it out, quickly pivoting away with the toy when her father asks if she needs help.

The reddit community responded with glee to the video, which has 29,000 upvotes and over 250,000 views on YouTube.

This guy lays out the challenge for today’s youth:

One commenter describes how it could be even worse:

Sometimes, using a Gameboy skips a generation:

One user pointed out the flip-side of the equation, one with which many of us are surely familiar:

This generation of kids have never known a world without streaming Netflix, playing on iPads, or FaceTiming with Grandma. We’ve all seen the videos where a parent tries to explain some outdated technology to their kids and laughed our butts off.

Technology shifts for every generation, it’s just a fact of life. Of course some of our favorite toys and gadgets will seem slow and bulky and just plain bizarre to our children. But that doesn’t make it any easier to watch your own child struggle with a toy that you loved when you were their age.

I’m pretty sure if someone handed me a Game Boy right now, I’d feel pure, unadulterated glee. But hand one to my son and you’ll get nothing but confusion, disappointment, and a quick request to play Zelda on his handheld Nintendo Switch while he asks Alexa to order him some Seamless before streaming Captain Underpants on his iWatch.

Which is actually fine. Let him melt his brain with the latest whatchamacallit, I’ll be hiding in the garage playing Tetris.

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