18 Lessons From The Little Mermaid That Helped Us Become Better Parents


Most of what we know about parenting we’ve learned from our own experiences, or gleaned from watching those around us — like the Disney princesses. We may not be able to summon woodland creatures to help us clean up after the kids, but we’ve definitely learned a lot from those ladies. And, as it turns out, many of those lessons have totally come in handy as we navigate the rough waters of parenthood.

We asked Scary Mommies to tell us a parenting lesson they learned from watching the The Little Mermaid, and here’s what you shared.

1. Sebastian Is a Wise Crab

2. You Are Their Safe Place

3. Dinglehopper, Fork. Tomato, Tomato.

4. There’s a Fine Line Between Junk and Treasure

5. Your Voice Is More Powerful Than You Know

6. Ah, Yes, Finding the Delicate Balance of Firm Yet Gentle


8. OK, Someone Should Really Tell Grandma This


10. Whosit or Whatsit Is Also Acceptable

11. No One Is Worth Losing Yourself

12. Maybe Not Easier, But Definitely More Fun!

13. Yeah, That Just Seems Sketchy

14. Always Be True to Yourself

15. Thanks, Ursula

16. No Crab-Sitters, Write That Down

17. Man’s, Err, Mermaid’s Best Friend

18. Communication Is Key, And Also Keeps Kids From Making Deals With Sea Witches

So, maybe there’s no such thing as perfect when it comes to raising babies, but kindness, patience, and love can sure go a long way. Thanks for all you’ve taught us, Ariel!

On February 26, you can learn all these lessons for yourself AND sing them at the top of your lungs by watching the 30th Anniversary Edition of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Nope, this anniversary isn’t making you feel old at all. But young at heart? OF COURSE.