The Problem with Too Much Togetherness


The Problem with Too Much Togetherness

by Alison Bucalo
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The pandemic has caused many families to rethink their activities. Parenting while working from home with children who are learning from home some or all of the time is impossible. This has many of us, especially moms, nearing our breaking point. Here are some coping skills for kids, partners and ourselves.

We’ve been creative in ways we haven’t imagined and we’re making it through. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we aren’t still getting frustrated and in need of some “me” time. Remember that?

In this session of Live.Work.Thrive, moderator, Micaela Birmingham, gets to what it means to be together too much and some suggestions on how to handle it with tips from experts. Our guests include Supernanny Jo Frost, Global Parenting Expert, Bestselling Author, and Television Personality, Dr. TJ Gold, Pediatrician and Podcast Host, Tribeca Pediatrics. We also have a special appearance by: Eve Rodsky, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Fair Play and

Dr. Lexx Brown-James, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

At the start of the lockdown, it was pajamas all day, learning how to bake bread and gathering around the TV to watch movies together. After a few months of lockdown, even the best of us got sick of another homemade loaf of bread. You can only bake so much.

We are in the midst of new challenges. Parents are putting on new hats — not just parenting 24 hours a day, but also acting as a teacher to their kids. Add to that Zoom classes. Not all kids are great students over Zoom and not all parents are great teachers. There will be meltdowns and not just the kids in this case. The best we can do in these moments is give ourselves a break and know that we will have meltdowns. Additionally, we have to be understanding when our kids have them too.

Main take away – don’t be so hard on yourself. Find moments to yourselves and make sure to split up the household duties because moms shouldn’t have to do it all!

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