Lizzo Brought Rescue Pups Onstage And Got Them Adopted

Lizzo Brought Rescue Puppies On Stage And We Do Not Deserve Her


Of course, Lizzo managed to get them all adopted

If you’re thinking to yourself, “the only thing that could top watching Lizzo in concert is if she brought a bunch of adorable, adoptable puppies on stage with her,” today is your lucky day. The “Truth Hurts” signer did just that, delighting fans and dog-lovers across the land.

On Wednesday, Lizzo performed in Washington D.C. and was visited by a gaggle of canines from Wolf Trap Animal Rescue. The rescue, located in Merrifield, VA, brought the puppies backstage for the singer and her crew to snuggle to their heart’s content but she did the organization one better, bringing them out on stage with her and asking the audience to consider adopting one of the pups themselves.

“From rags to riches! Our rescue team and these puppies were lucky enough to meet Lizzo and provide her and her team puppy therapy last night at The Anthem!” Wolf Trap wrote on their Facebook page. “Thank you so much to all the staff, crew and team members for making last night unforgettable!”

According to their Facebook page, “Wolf Trap Animal Rescue’s primary mission is to support a life-saving foster, transport, and adoption program which was developed in order to rescue young animals in danger of being euthanized in Mississippi from overpopulation” and Lizzo certainly did her part to help get their message out.

Obviously, fans (so, everyone) could not get over the sight of Lizzo and puppies on the same stage: